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ear peircing??? anyone have an opinion on it??? Lock Rss

hi guys..
my dd is just over 11 months old and everyones telling me to pierce her ears. They keep saying that its easier to do it when theyre young.. im a bit worried.. My partner doesnt want to ne there when she gets it done coz he doesnt want to hear her cry but neither do i.
what age did everyone else get their ears pierced???

Casey, Nsw


We got our little girls ears pierced when she was just over 2yrs old. We wait until she asked for them herself.

If you do get it try and get it so that both ears are done at the same time.

After she got them done she did cry a bit but I had a fredo frog for her to have and she soon forgot about them.

Hope all goes well for you.

mum to ella and saxon

We got DD done about 3 months or a little less ago she is 22 months old, She said ouch and had a little sook but didnt cry! Try and get them done at the same time if you can! Goodluck!!!!

my 2 girls had there ears pierced at 3 and 4 weeks old, i have had another girl but she was 5 weeks early, her due date was the 20th of this month, so i am going to wait until she is 4 weeks past her actual due date, so she will be 10 weeks old roughly..
i had my DD done at 6 weeks. i was told by the hairdresser they are not supposed to do it until 12months, but she, along with myself, believe getting them done b4 they r 3 months old is a better option for most as they dont realise that they were never there and dont play with them, therefor, minimising the risk of infection. she didn' cry very much at all (actually just one short 'whah') and had them done one ear at a time. she is now 12 months old and has never pulled at her sleepers (which i put in a 12 weeks)

but it is a personal choice..........
My mum pierced my ears when i was 2 and i dont even remember it but i got my ear pierced again (i got 2 holes in each ear) when i was 14 and it KILLS it was so painful i was crying and screaming..

But i think you should get it done after 12 months just in case of infections and stuff

Gday Casey. I had my daughters ears done when she was 5 weeks old. I was told the only place that would do it to a baby under 12 months was a tattoo shop, but then i found a hairdresser who would do it. My doctor even said it is a good age to have it done. I have no regrets going through with it.


hi there... ill be waiting till my daughter asks to get them done..and if she doesnt want them done then thats fine.. i had mine done when i was 4 and i dont remember.. i have 5 in 1 ear and 4 in the other.. had them done between the ages of 10 and 13 and i dont really remember that either.. from memory just stung a little.. personal choice tho.. i dont think there is any right or wrong age. if you and your partner decide not to get it done then dont let anyone pressure you into it... good luck..

Mummys Angel Charlotte is 20 months

Hi there, I just got my little girls done last week for her 1st birthday. I thought if i get them done early she won't remember it as much as she would, if she were older, and also because she is very cluey- i think if i waited a few mores years or even months, she wouldn't want the second one done after knowing what happened. She has been really good with them- only cried for a couple of seconds after- i showed her mine and said "just like mummys" and she was fine. But geez she looks like a little girl now. Just remeber there si no going back, so you need to be sure.

Good luck.
Tasha -Kirralee is now One!
when my bubby is 1 year old im getting her ears pierced it dosnt hurt them and it looks good to
Got my DD done at 6 months.... Got it done at a beauty salon.... They numbed her ear lobes first and she didnt cry - she doesnt play with them and they havnt gotten infected or anything smile
thanx everyone for all the great advice.. my lil girl turns one on tuesday (16th october) but i still havent pierced her ears yet.. ill probably do it after her party just in case she gets them infected or something... i guess i would have gotten them done earlier but i just didnt have the time..

once again thanx for the advice

Casey, Nsw

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