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28 weeks pregnant, baby measuring 3 weeks ahead. Rss

Hi Ladies,

At my 20 week scan bubs belly was measuring bigger then average, at 27 weeks they sent me for a GTT and results came back normal. I saw my midwife yesterday who measured my bump and bubs is measuring 31+5 when im only supposed to be 28+4. She's sent me for an ultrasound for the 6th of Oct. I was told if baby is bigger I may be induced early but I've recently read baby's aren't full turm until 39 weeks.. is there a chance they could've gotten my EDD wrong? Im worried if being induced can cause problems or I may need a c section. Im just wanting a normal, natural birth. Is or has anyone else had the same problem with measurements?

Thanks smile
I had a dating scan around 8 weeks. All three scans I've had so far have given me the same EDD.. I think he may just be a bigger baby then average but concerned I might not be able to deliver him via natural birth. His dad was a 10 pound baby and i was 8 pound.. When the midwife was measuring me she seemed a bit concerned, she ended up measuring me 3 times.. :/
My ob doesn't measure as it's really not that accurate. It doesn't take into account, babies position, your fluid levels, your body weight, your muscle tone, or growth spurts. You might just have eaten too many donuts ????

I looked massive with my DD1 because I was wide due to a transverse lie, but she was under 3kgs at 6lbs 8oz at birth (overdue). I looked much smaller with DD2 even though she was a bigger baby.

So I wouldn't panic too much just yet.

I agree with Clax. I don't think they can really predict a baby's size accurately before it is born. All they do is cause extra stress and worry to the parents to be as well as unnecessary interventions. Your body wouldn't grow a baby too big to be born so try not to stress too much. Babies are considered full term from 37 weeks onwards and as long as your EDD isn't out by more than 7 days according to your lmp and scan then they should leave you alone, lol.
My DS measured 2 weeks behind at 28 weeks, but that was the doctor measuring my belly with a tape. He sent me for a scan at 30 weeks where all of a sudden he was 2 weeks ahead. He was born on time and was perfectly average at 3.5kg.
Best of luck for the rest of your pregnancy and hope it is very uneventful for you smile
If your talking about your fundal height measurement, with the tape measure. I got told by the dr's at the hospital after 20 weeks it isnt that accurate and doesnt necessarily match up to how many weeks pregnant you are. I wouldnt stress too much. Just wait and see how your ultrasound goes.
My first baby was 9lb9oz and I was terrified of having another of similar size. They were expecting my second to be the same or bigger! I was very nervous and was sent for a growth scan at 30 weeks. Baby measured 4 weeks ahead in the 97th percentile. Cue growing nervousness! My midwife told me that if I went overdue she wouldn't be surprised if the baby got to 10lbs!

After all that she was born 8lb4oz. 75th percentile instead of 97th. Try not to stress too much - those scans aren't vey reliable smile

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