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Bleeding, Told Miscarried, 3 days later Baby is fine. Rss

Hi There,
I am just wondering if anyone has been in this situation before and what the outcome was.
I am currently 9w2d with baby #2.
On Saturday 7/6 i experienced blood gushing, no clots, bright red, i panicked and went straight to ER.
I was seen immediately, i was seen by a junior doctor who said the amount of blood to me isnt that concerning ( i was horrified at the amount) but he said this is common in pregnancy and to just take it easy, i wasnt able for a scan as it was a long weekend here in the NT and wasnt able to go to the pregnancy centre. I demanded a scan as i didn't feel pregnant any more and just wanted to know what was going on with my baby.
After 7 hours of blood tests and monitoring i was finally seen by a senior doctor who had found a portable ulstrasound machine in the ward. A very basic machine at that.
He poked and prodded with the machine for a few minutes to then tell my partner and i that this pregnancy didnt look well and he can see a sac but no baby so unfortunately this baby has miscarried.
He left us alone for 30mins to process this all. As you can imagine we were devastated.
We couldnt get any reason as to why or what had happened as we couldnt go the pregnancy clinic until tuesday 10/6 when it re opened after the long weekend.
We were told to expect that i would pass the baby in a mini labour and to take pain killers to ease the pain. We grieved all weekend and i didnt bleed at all at home, just had mild period type pains.
Fast forward to today, i went to the early pregnancy centre to expect to be scheduled in for the day surgery to remove the baby to have the midwife find my baby, correct size with a strong heart beat! you can imagine my disbelief! The midwife said my uterus is rear facing so its tilted backwards so may have been hard for the doctor to see, but still telling someone their baby has died?!?!
Has anyone had a "period" type bleed to go on a have a full term healthy baby?
The midwife has told me to not get too excited as anything can still happen and im now at more risk as i have experienced bleeding.
Any one had a similar experience?

Thats awful, im sorry this happened to you i cant even imagine being told that id lost my baby start to grieve and then be told it was all a mistake and that the baby was fine. I would be making a complaint if i were you.

Anyhow i just came to reassure you, not myself but my mother had full periods each month except for the first month durring both her pregnancy and noth resulted in happy healthy babies. And i have heard of this happening to other ladies aswell. There doesnt seem to be any medical reason why it happens, it just comes on like any normal period cramping and bleeding mum found her lasted for a couple of days rather than the normal 5-10.

Good luck and my fx are crossed for you for a sticky pregnancy. smile

We are told to forgive and forget, but if we forget what we forgave then isn't forgiveness pointless?

Not myself, but a lady I used to be friends with. She had a stillborn baby and after a year or so she started trying for baby #2. They fell pregnant quickly and she started bleeding about two months into the pregnancy. Long story short, they told her she had lost the baby, but she refused a D&C, went on a holiday where she misbehaved herself quite a lot. Came home, feeling really sick (and still hadn't miscarried naturally) she went to the hospital and was told the baby was fine. Heart beat, growth was perfect. Talk about emotional roller coaster.

Her little boy is now about 2 years old, I think.

Great big hugs. Look after yourself smile
Sorry you had to go through this. Yes I had bleeding and went on to have a normal birth. It can be a scary thing to see blood, but isn't always a sign of miscarriage. I had a bleed at 19 weeks (i thought my waters had broken, but when i went to check it was blood). I was freaked out but turned out it was from the placenta being too low - baby was 100% fine. Did they give a reason for your bleed? After my bleed i was on bed rest for a few days until bleeding stopped (ie. lying down and no getting up except to go to toilet), then i was fine but just not allowed to lift anything (including my toddler) and complete pelvic rest - google for details smile for the rest of the pregnancy. Had no further bleeds either. All the best, and i know easier said than done, but try not to worry smile
So pleased you were given such good news yesterday!
I had mild spotting with my first pregnancy which I put down to implantation. No bleeds with my second pregnancy. However with this current pregnancy I had four consecutive days of real bleeds coupled with strong lower abdominal pain - as if I was having a period. Probably around 6 weeks gestation. I was absolutely sure I was miscarrying and the advice given from professionals indicated they suspected the same. Ultrasound after 2nd day of bleeds showed a heartbeat though, but then as the bleeding continued my hope dwindled again. It was the fact that I still felt nauseous that carried me through... I'm told that's one of the best indicators that a woman is still pregnant after threatened miscarriage - continued morning sickness! Now almost 20 weeks and the big ultrasound yday showed everything perfect. I can hardly believe it. The sonographer said she's seen a lot of women who have bleeding early pregnancy then go on to have healthy babies. Of course for some things don't work out which is so sad. Really glad to hear you still have your baby and hope you have a wonderful remainder of the pregnancy!
Its been so hard to deal with but probably the best result we could have hoped for.
Is it strange that the day I got the bleed coincides with the day my period was due? I only bled for 4 hours though, so not making much sense if it was my period?

Thank you all so much for the well wishes. We have another scan on 7th July, along time to wait, so hopefully everything is ok when it comes around. I don't feel nauseous though, I haven't at all this pregnancy, I only have a strong gag reflex, with my last pregnancy I had all day " morning sickness" up until 20 weeks, do some women just get lucky and not vomit?? This worries me the most.

Wow, what a stressful experience that must have been for you!
I experienced a big bleed at around 5 or 6 weeks. I had just come home from shopping and I felt some period type cramps and thought this can't be good. Went to the toilet and a huge gush of blood came out and I thought this is it. Of course it was a friday afternoon and I couldn't get to a doctor. There was no further bleeding and I just took it easy for a few days and went to my scheduled dating scan and all was perfectly normal. I now have a healthy 7 month old girl smile
It's so scary when things like that happen but it's quite common.
Not everyone gets morning sickness either, I didn't with my 1st but did with my 2nd.
Good luck and try to enjoy your pregnancy smile
Thank you
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