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I've never really been concerned about this, until everybody started to comment on how small my little girl is. She is 7 months old and weighs 6.7kg and is 69cm tall. Especially the in-laws seem to be hinting that i am doing something wrong. Even people at the shops are amazed when i say she is 7 months, they are like 'oh my god 7 months? but she is so small'. I'm really starting to worry. Should i be worried?
It is very frustrating when people say things like that...i believe that unless your doctor or chcn has said anything then she is more than likely perfectly normal! Just like there are tall or short people, large and small...babies are no different! We are in the opposite position, my baby girl is 5 months old and is well over 8kgs...people are always expecting her to be older and think she should be more advanced than she is because she is bigger than other babies her age. I just had a look at the weight-for-age percentiles for girls in my blue book and for a 7month old anywhere from 6kg up to 9kg is considered normal...
I don't think you should be worried if doctors are not conerned and are happy then no problem...
My ds is 7 months and is 10kg ang 72cm he was born 8pound 10 so always had been big..
What has your Dr or Child health nurse said about it?
Was she born small?
If they're not worried then I dont think you have a reason to be. If its been a while since bub's has had a check up maybe a quick trip to ask those questions to alleviate your concerns might help?
I wouldn't be too worried, DD2 is 9 1/2 months and 63cm! Keep seeing your MACH nurses regularly and go see your GP if you have any real concerns but as long as she is happy healthy and following her curve it should all be fine.
DS is 26months old & I still get comments like this sad Drives me mental!! He's just gone 10kgs & is only 82cms tall, so very petite. He still easily fits in size 1 clothes (though they're finally getting a little short for him!). I used to stress heaps, but then I figured no doctor or MCHN is concerned with him - he's healthy, eats reasonably well (for a toddler wink ) & his skin is clear & has bright eyes. He's meeting all his milestones, often beating them, talks really well & rarely gets sick. I figure if he's too small or malnourished, none of that other stuff would be happening. Adults are all different sizes, why can't kids be? If you're DD is otherwise healthy, ignore it - tell people to mind their own business!!! smile

thanks everyone. Last time I went to MCHN she said her growth was fine, a little on the smaller end but nothing to be concerned about. Dr. isn't concerned at all. It's just everyone else. She was 2.8kg when she was born, a smaller baby and she was 3 weeks early. She is healthy and alert and is developing well. It's just driving me insane when people say things like 'i don't think your feeding her enough.' or 'if the baby is small it impacts their brain development' grrrrr. i really need to tell ppl to bugger off. smile
thanks for all the replies smile
Hi there. A wise man once said "good things come in small packages"

I understand the pressure you are under due to a 'small' bub. I too went through absloute hell with my first born DD. I attended dietician, pediatrician appointments after appointments, was even hospitalised with her because she wasn't putting on enough weight according to text book. I was forced to give up breast feeding and put her on formula made up to extra strength, blah blah blah... like i say hell and back.

But you know what, my dd is now nearly 3, (still only 11kgs and tall) has reached all her developmental milestones, talking heaps, and looking back on it all now i think all that heart ache for nothing.

I had a DS just 8months ago, born 5pound 15oz, and now he weighs just 6.2kg, and I'm at dietician again, pediatrician appointments, but this time it's different cause i just say 'what eva' and just go with it.

So my advice to you is please just enjoy your wee one, and ignore all the 'crap' about weight gain and small bub's, cause your children will be what they will be, and as long as he/she is happy, healthy, meeting all developmental milestones, who cares how small they are.

Can't fatten a thoroughbred i say!

xxx M
i hear ya! my little guy is nearly 2 years old and he weighs 10kg and about 85cm tall. Some clothes are still size 0's pants are a 1 but have to put a belt on him or they fall down.
i worried so much because he was so small..he wasnt that small at birth he was 8 pound 3. People comment on how little he is. i had blood test done to make sure he was fine.( he was) he eats 2 weet-bix for breakfast with a tub of yoghurt and a tup of fruit. He eats more than me!!
But a doctor did tell me as adults come in different sizes so do babies/children. They also have to take into account genetics, what size the parents are etc. I am only 5ft 2 and i was a tiny child and very skinny when i was his age, my husband is tall 6ft 2 but when i first met him he weighed only 65kg!! he was a bag of bones.
So as long as your little one is healthy, reaching milestones and a happy little bub..who cares what others say.
Just remember your mothers intution..its there for a reason!
Same as all the other mums have said. People all come in different sizes.

My baby is little but he sleeps well, eats a truckload of healthy and good range of food, breastfeeds, is very alert and developing skills at the normal rate and he's the happiest and most settled of all his baby friends, so just because he's not chubby or fat, we're not worried. We just have appointments to weigh-in every couple of months to keep an eye that he is increasing. But he seems to consistently only put on a little bit of weight.

DH and I are average height and slim so we were never going to have big babies. He might have inherited my super fast metabolism.

If your gut tells you your baby is fine, all the developmental milestones are being met and baby is eating/sleeping well... relax. If not, then go see the nurse or doctor.
My twins are 21 months and still in a size 00 - weighing about 8.5kg's. everyone always asks how much they eat etc as they are so small.

I have learnt to ignore the weight charts and comments and trust that they are eating good food everyday and my doctor is happy with them.

Just like adults we are not all the same and health is more important than size.
If your daughter is a contented baby then she is fine. Both my children were 'underweight'. DD was born 8pound 13 ounces and DS 10 pound 6 ounces. However around 4 months old both of them (they are about 15mnths apart) simply stopped gaining weight. Everyone commented, everyone thought they must be starving. But these were happy kids who ate well- more than most their age as a matter of fact. We were referred to paediatricians, allergists, given special diets, put the kids through blood tests and scans. All of which were completely unecessary- they couldn't find a thing wrong with my happy healthy babies other than their weight- they eventually completely dropped off the weight 'graph' although they continued to grow taller then around 7 mnths old after countless wasted dollars and time they both starting gaining weight again. The fact that both my childrens weight did the exact same thing leads me to suspect that when I have my next baby (due June next year) the same thing will probably happen again. I wonder if I will be guilted into dragging him/her from appointment to appointment just-in-case something really is wrong. After all this though I think every baby grows differently. Sure theres an average but if your baby is happy don't let other peoples comparisons worry you. She is fine, regardless of her size, and most likely her size is completely and perfectly normal- for her!
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