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My Baby wont keep his blanket on.
Its winter its cold. And he is now pulling off his pants too.
Any suggestions on how to keep him warm.
Hi there
Those little sleeping bag pjs - im sorry i dont know the exact name of them lol.. but there good!
Yep as the above poster said, definitley get a sleeping bag.They will keep bubs really warm.
I know you can get merino ones for up to preschool age but I'm not sure where to get those from.We use a fleece one for ds.I got it from JK.

Sleeping bags are fantastic and are really safe. Snugtime make great ones which you can buy to suit different climates.
Yup, get a sleeping bag.
You can get them from Best and Less and Big W..
yes you def need to invest in a couple of warm sleeping bags.

we have got 2 so there is one ready in case there are any nappy accidents or spews etc.

i love DS's ones - we got the 2.5 tog (weight of fabric) from The Dream Bag website, they are very similar to the original grobags but half the price. DS sleeps wonderfully in it, and we don't have to worry about him getting cold or getting his face under a blanket.

the bags are sleeveless though, so on really cold nights (it has been 2 degrees a few nights here recently) we have just put him in his longsleeved jumpsuit, and 2 pj tops. he slept in for ages the mornings we had him in that!

We LOVE our Grow Bags their Sids approved and my DD wont sleep wtih out them. she knows its bed time when we put it on her. has them as well as selected stores.

Good luck

i have heaps of these little sleeping bags, from size 0000-2. i had to get them when my daughter started kicking her blankie off at a couple weeks old, it was a nightmare. i have her in one every night and i know i can go to sleep safe in the knowledge that she is going to be safe and warm all night smile im hoping once she gets past the size 2 that they will make bigger ones so i can keep her in them ,hehe.

yep deffinetly a sleeping bag! my 7 month old started waking during the night when it got colder because she was getting out of her covers, was not so much fun when she started doing it 3 or 4 times a night! then got her a sleeping bag and was back to normal sleep, they're great!
the one i got was that brand 'Oh oh Pajamas' i think it is, they have them at babies galore and a few other baby shops. bit expensive but deffinetly worth it.
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