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Hi, I have a 10 month old baby boy who is not crawling yet and is not really showing much interest but he can push himself backwards and can spin himself around. I am really worried about it but everyone tells me not to be. It is really hard when you see your friends child the same age walking!
Hi Hez,

My son is almost 10 and a half months and is doing the exact same as your little one ...

Its true when people say he will do it , but you cant help but worry . Or you get the other comments like oh he isnt crawling yet like its really bad .

I guess they all do it in there own time . It is concerning though when everyone elses bubs are and yours isnt .

But your not alone as my DS is the same !!

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I agree, it is hard when you compare and of course, every-one tells you not to worry, but its perfectly normal to do so.

If it helps any, this time around with DS I am not worried at all. Once DD finally crawled and walked, I realised that it didn't matter when she did it or how she compared to other kids. It didn't mean she was any less smarter or capable, in fact, quite the opposite in a lot of cases.

Anyway, I will join the band wagon and say don't worry, 10 months is still young and your bub may well just decide to walk instead of crawling. Next week he could decide its time to crawl - you never know what they are gonna do.

Best of luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I'll be another to say don;t worry!! lol

My eldest didn;t crawl until 11mths and didn't walk at all til nearly 19 mths and he was & still is perfectly fine,

DD1 was 10 mths also before even attmpting to crawl and 15 mths before she walked.

DD2 on the other hand is 8 mths and has been commando crawling since 5mths and proper crawling for about 2 weeks! So very different to my others!
My son wasnt crawling at 10 months. He is now 1 year and crawls like a champ.
Every baby develops in there own time.
i know someone whose bub didn't crawl until 3 days before their first birthday, so don't stress, he will do it in his own time!

just try persisting with putting toys in front of him out of his reach and hopefully that will entice him forward!

i have to try very hard not to compare my DS to my 3 nephews who all did everything really early. DS seems a bit behind them milestone wise, he just learnt to roll the other day back to front, where my nephews were all doing it by 3 or 4 months. all babies do things at different times, when they are ready!

Sounds like your boy is doing great with what he is doing so far. My DS didn't crawl to 11.5 months and walked about 4 months later... he seems ok now and is 4. So like the other say, don't worry about it.
as above,

and most importantly, the rate at which babies reach these first milestones is not an indicator of future intelligence.
Don't worry too much, my DS has just turned 10 months the other day, he has been rolling over both ways, spinning aroung on his tummy and stretching to reach his toys and sitting by himself for a long time. Then two days after he turned 10 months he got himself co-ordinated and pushes with his toes and arms so finally has forward movement, not a full-on crawl as still has tummy on floor but it is something.
I wasn't worried that he was not crawling yet as was quite happy to not have the extra worry of what is he doing everytime I left the room - not anymore!!
But all babies do it in their own time so your boy will get there soon, he probably does things that your friends baby doesn't do yet.

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