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Is my 8 month old boy too big??? Rss

Hi i have a 8 month old boy that weighs just over 12kg and is 78cm im not sure if that size is ok for his age.. does anyone know? He was born pretty big at 54cm and 4.36kg..
Well to me, your little one does sound 'big' - our bub is almost 10 months and only weighs 8.2kg. He was born 2.3kg, so I guess there's a difference there, but if you are worried, seek professional advice. I've chosen not to (I work with early childhood nurses anyway), as I know he eats well, is thriving, happy and a good sleeper. Plus myself and my husband aren't overly tall. DOnt stress too much.
Hi there, I have an almost 10 month old and he weighs around 10.5 kgs and is 75cm long, so to my DS your DS is on the bigger side, but do not worry, if hes happy most of the time and doing things that most 8 months olds do, then I would say hes fine. Any way chubby bubs are very cute!!!
my DD is 8 mths old and weighs exactly 8 kg and is 69cm tall. she was born 51cm and 3.77kg. Hepefully this helps but keep in mind girls are usually slightly smaller than boys

My son is one week off 8 months and weighs exactly 10kg's. He was born 3.8kg's.
hi, i dont think he is too big!! As long he is happy! My boy born 10 and half pound is now 9 months and weighs 13.4 kg!! he is completly off the growth chart but as long as his is happy
Phew! Relieved that my boomba is not the only extra cuddly one out there! lol

Not sure how long DS is(he's asleep so can't check at the mo) but he is about 11kgs..
He was born at just under 8pds.
He's been huge since about 3months I reckon.. much bigger than DD ever was..
DD is about 14kgs, so it's scary to think that my little man is not much lighter than his sister who has 2years on him!

But he is happy and healthy so I figure he'll work off the excess when he's crawling and walking properly..
[Edited on 01/12/2008]
my 10.5 month old is 11.5kg and is 74.5cm. She is slightly over the chart but I am not concerned cause she has just started to pull up and is not putting on as much weight as before she started crawling and pulling up. She only eats my cooking (chicken rice and vege, meat and vege and tuna pasta and vege), yoghurt with fruit and egg custards, rice cakes, teething rusks. Never any choc/caramel or fruit custard, no biscuits or any junk food at all. Don't worry as long as he is happy and eating good food, he will probably start to gain less when he crawls more.

my 1 year old is 14 kilos. He was born big (10pd 10 and 55cm) and has continued to stay big. He is happy and healthy and in the end, that is all that matters. I am looking forward to him starting to walk though cos he does hurt my back lugging him around everywhere :0).
hi, just got my 8 month old weighed yesterday and he's 11.3 kg. He started out at 4.2 kgs. The doctor did say he was pretty big and asked out he's eating, activities and husbands size and said 'he is a big boy, he's doing great'. Over 12kg is definately on the big side, but my DS2 was 11.7 at the same age - he is now a skinny 4 year old. I assume you are taking bubs to the clinic / doctors from time to time, i'd sure they would say something if there was any concern... not that i'm saying there is.
I don't think he's too big, no baby can be too big... they are babies, growing, exploring, playing and eating everything... I'd much rather my big baby then a skinny little baby...

My boy was born... 55cm long and 4.4kgs born.... At 7 months he was 11.5kgs and 92cm long, and so course so so cute !!!
He sounds fine to me. A bit heavy but he's been a big bubba from the get go so it is probably just his normal. I wouldn't worry too much unless he is missing milestones because of his size (which I doubt).

My lil man is 7 months today and I have no idea how big he is now but he was 71.5cm and 8.05 kg at his 6 month check.

To EJ85FD92CM at 7 months?!!!! wow that is one big tall bubba!
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