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Babies hair loss Lock Rss

My little girl is 4 months old and is losing all her hair on the top of her head, i was told it was normal for them to lose hair where they sleep.
when i run my hands over the top of her head i get hair on my hands!
Im worried because she doesnt have much hair anyway!

Yvonne, Sadie 31/10/05 Jorjah 08/07/07

Hi sadie,

Is she losing her baby hair? Brayden was born with very dark brown hair and it had curls. We knew he was getting his 'real' hair when his baby hair started to fall out... to the point where he was almost bald and then the new hair was a light brown and straight.

If you are worried, I'd take her to the doctor. Trust your instincts because a happy mum = a happy baby and if a simple trip to the docs will make you feel better, it's worth it!

All the best.

Bye for now.

my daughter is going through the same thing all her baby hair was really light except a patch at the back that was dark brown over the last couple of weeks she lost all her light hair and it is comming bwack through much darker and matching the dark patch

so i think it is fairly normal but if you are worried i would get her checked out

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