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babies who dont crawl but go straight to walking Rss

just wondering if anyone out there has a baby who never REALLY crawled, and prefers to stand and tries to walk? i have heard that babies should be encouraged to crawl first. i know that some babies skip crawling altogether. i have read (could be completely unreliable source) that babies who dont crawl may have a learning disability later in life.
hoping to hear from others experiences
thanks in advance
Crawling is important is the movement is crossing the babies midline which helps with their brain development. It helps to make connections in the brain between the left and right brain. BUT I do know children who never crawled (Some of them are now parents where i work) and they are fine. If you are really worried then google 'Brain gym exercises' and do some of those with your baby. They do the same thing.
My brother never crawled and has dislexia exactly one of the things that is said to be effected by not crawling but i'm sure not all babies that don't crawl have anything wrong.
My baby always tried to stand before she could crawl and then after a couple of months she started crawling.

With the learning disability / not crawling it possible that they don't crawl - because they have the problem before hand?

I think we tend to go a bit overboard with what we think we need to teach our kids. They can hit all these developmental milestones regardless of whether we spend hours coaching them and trying to get them to do things to encourage it. It almost feels as though people think if we don't teach them to eat, sleep, crawl, walk etc that they will spend their life laying on the floor having other people do it for them. Babies learn from watching and trying what we do. Giving them toys and equipment to replicate real life activities is really just a commercial venture.

By spending lots of time with your baby in lots of different situations (such as indoor playtime, outdoor playtime, exposing them to different textures, smells, songs, sounds and movements) this is all they need.

We just need a bit more trust in ourselves as humans to believe we can develop naturally.
If your baby is not showing interest in crawling, its nothing to worry about. They may just start later...or they may skip it. They will do whatever they are meant to do. If they don't crawl - its not because you didn't do the right exercises at the right age. Its because they are not a crawling baby for whatever reason. Half of the stuff they have only invented in the last 20 years. Humans managed to hit the walking stage without the "correct" training......

All the best!
Posted by: OC1246

With the learning disability / not crawling it possible that they don't crawl - because they have the problem before hand?

Yes it is possible.

There is a book called 'baby moves' which suggests exactly what you said.. give your baby tummy time etc and they will develop in their own time, including sitting up, crawling etc.
Thanks Bekahsmummy!

I haven't heard anything about it, but I find it very hard to believe that if your baby doesn't do the right things in the right order - that it will lead to a learning disability.
It is much more logical to suggest they already have a condition that led to them not crawling in the first place.
she does get on her tummy, but hates it and cries. she tries to move, gets in the position, but she just ends up sticking her bum in the air and then gets frustrated. she lunges forward, gets back up again, tries to pull herself up and holds onto stuff. admittedly, i have only started spending lots of time on the floor in the last month (she is now 8 months), not sure if i am expecting too much from her trying to make up for lost time and pushing her a bit too much. i feel guilty because i didnt give her the opportunity earlier. my hubby says not to worry, he is not concerned at all.
Actually he's right, you have nothing to worry about so dn't feel guilty, some babies don't crawl at all and it has no effect on their development. Others just prefer to get walking. My DD has been crawling for just over a month and is now quite adamant that she is going to walk.(She's 10 months) She is more interested in it. If bubs isn't crawling (Or moving some how) by 12 months and/or is not walking by 18 months then you can start to worry.
Have to agree. Often learning difficulties are not derived from a child not doing things in the right order, unless they are severly neglected. They are in the child's make up and are more than likely going to happen anyway. Not all children who do not crawl have learning difficulties
thanks everyone. will just wait and see how she goes and try to ease off a bit.
If it helps, I rarely gave my dd tumy time in the early months because she hated it. She was quite a few months old before she actually started to enjoy it and that was well after she had full head control. The second dd said she didn't like it anymore, I turned her over. I think by trying to make them have tummy time when they don't want to would be very stressful on them. Your bubs may eventually enjoy it, so I would just follow her lead.
All the best!
Don't stress about the tummy time issue. A bub in our mothers group hated it, so never did it, and he was the first to crawl and walk.

Nothing you can do will quicken up the process. It is all to do with the nerve endings, just as toilet training will be down the track. When their bodies are ready, it will happen.


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