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My gorgeous babe will be 6 calender months on the 20 of Feb. and he almost weighs 10 kg!! Also 70 cm long and he is a good eater.

Elle James

Hi Elle
My little man is 5 month and he weighs 8 1/2kg and 66cm long. Is he on solids, if so how long has he been on it.
My "little" man turned 4 months old on the 10th and was weighed and measured on the 5th. He's now 9.14kg and 70cm long!!!! He's a monster! He has 5 x 210ml bottles a day and just started on a couple little farex feeds a day (yes, I have consulted my GP and her midwife/nurse). he was born 4.33kg and 56cm long. Think he's going to be a giant!!! LOL!!

Kel, WA Jebediah 18/7/05, Balendin 10/10/07

Wow good on you guys sounds like you have healthy big bubbas. My little one is 11 months on Saturday and has only just made it over the 8kg mark.
hi my ds is 5months old and weighs 9.3kg and is 70cm. he is on the 95% + line for his age and has been since he was born. he's very healthy and happy just big. i always worry that more will be expected of him because he is bigger than other babies.
he was fully breast fed up until a few weeks ago when i had to start topping him up with formual.

my dd is 7mths old. weighed her couple of weeks ago. she weighed in at 10.82kgs and is 77cms long.. she has been on solids since around 4mths and is a very good eater tongue as for that scale she is complete off it for her age group lol

Hi there

I also have a BIG baby Kyran was 6 months old on 15th Feb had him weighed at 5 months and he was 9.7kgs and 70cm long so im guessing he is either close to 10kg or over he has 3 solid meals a day and i have had to put him on the bottle in the last 2 weeks as my milk is obviously not enough for him he is also crawling but isn't sure what crawl to do as he does all 3 the commando, the spider crawl, and the normal crawl lol he also id a great sleeper 12-13 hours through the night.

Take Care,

I have a big bubby too. Even though he's been sick recently, at 6 months he was 10.1kgs and 76cms tall. Hubby and I are both over 6 ft so it makes sense that he is big too.
I love when strangers ask how old he is - the looks on their faces is priceless!!!!
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