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Travelling overseas with 1yr old Lock Rss

So I am looking at travelling with my mum from aus to Ireland in March.....very long trip so I'm getting very nervous. My son was 1 in jan. Does anyone know if he would be served food or do I take my own? I could call if no ones knows but I thought I would ask while I'm on here.

Also for others that have travelled long trips in a plane, what things did u do to keep them occupied?
Ive travelled to England a few times with my baby. It depends on the airline on weather they supply food but most do, check out the airlines website, but I would still take a supply of biscuts and crakers ect. although they wont supply milk or formular. is your baby brestfeeding or using formular at all? with regards to keeping them occupied I used stickers and cryons, small toys and iphone apps. also they have kids chanels on the tv screens for them to watch. its quiet hard at 1 because they are expected to sit on your lap the whole time so I would suggest you speak with the air hostess when you get on the plan and asked to be moved if their are 2 spare sesats togeather so your baby can have their own seat.
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