I used the traditional cloth nappies with all 3 of my kids - DS & DD1 had them until they were being toilet trained and DD2 was in them for 18mths.
Everyone around my age or younger told me not to bother, it'd be too much work, and all that kind of stuff. But, I was determined to do it, and I actually found the whole washing, hanging, folding routine therapeutic in a way!
We didn't and still don't own a dryer, we'd always hung them on the line on nice days, and on the clotheshorse in winter - they don't take that long to dry.
Like "OC1246", you don't have to buy liners, if you would like a liner you can use chux cloths which wash better, and "snappi's" are great, so quick and easy.

Ultimately it's your decision, go with whatever you feel is right for you smile