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Ear piercing Rss

Right ive tried to talk about this one before but i think someone reported me about it or something.

I really want to get Bubs ears done before shes 6months. My partner dosnt want them done at all until she can look after them herself.

I had mine done at 6 months and so did both my sisters. They both took theres out at around 5 and they healed up then wanted them around shortly after healing up. They got them done again and where totally petrified from the experience my sister still to this day dosnt like how much it hurt and wishes she just kept them in so she couldnt remember it.

So i would like to get them done when she cant remember and when it will only hurt her for a short while verse let her get them done when older and end up hating the whole experince cause of the loudness and the painfulness of it due to her most likely playing with them more.

My partner wont even hear me out about this. Im contemplating just getting them done then once there done there done and he can throw a mickey at me for it but atleast its over with. I know this isnt the best idea cause it will cause i fight between me and him but i really believe that they should be done before 6months and he wont even hear me out.

Opinions and stories of experiences you have had with getting bubs ears done or waiting please.
I think it is important to consider his feelings, it is his child as well after all. Even though you may really want to get it done maybe you should ask yourself how important is it? If he really feels that strongly about it.

I had my ears peirced at 6 years old and have no traumatic memories, actually it was quite the opposite i dont remember it at all....

I plan to do the same with my daughter, wait until she can ask.

I mean, really if you dont get them done, whats your loss?

Just my opinion obviously, hope you guys can work out something between yourselves.
Firstly you're right - it most likely will get heated in here!

Now to answer to your post, I think that if your partner doesn't want to get your daughters ears pierced, then you shouldn't - no matter how strongly you feel about it. Would you like it if he went behind your back and did something that you don't agree with?

And now for my opinion on babies getting their ears done...I think it's totally up to both parents, but I myself would never do it, as I think the child should be able to choose for themselves at an age that they can look after it themselves and can be fully aware of the consequences.
Just off topic...Skippy and Snowflake - we all posted at the same time grin !!
Thats gotta be a record for todays quickest responses to any post laugh

Great minds think alike ..... And at the same time wink
I still beat you though laugh laugh laugh

Race you to the next topic wink

The race is on... wink
LOL you guys did too

Mmmm i know it wouldnt be right and to be honest i dont think i could just go and do it, no matter how much i thought or wanted to do it.
I guess its more of thing for me that i had mine done young my mum had hers done young i would to have hers done young too. It just makes it hard when his totally against it. It frustrates me so much that he wont even hear me out about it at all. He wont hear me out why i want them done sooner rather then later. In my view its like circumsion *mind the spelling* he would like his son to be done so they look the same but its absolutly out of the question that i would like my daughter to have it done so where the same so to speak.
I didnt quite mean it like that what i sort of ment was he wants to put his future son (if we have one) through that pain just so they can look the same but its totally out of the question to even be heard out about getting her ears done so she cant remember it... I think its just a bit hipocritical... *spelling is very off tonight LOL*
my DD is 1yr old & i would love to get her ears done I always thought the same as u about getting it done young & they wont remember i even have a very cute pair of gold teddy bear studs she was given as a present when she was born, my husband said i can do it if want to but in the back of my mind i keep thinking i should wait till she can make her own mind up if she wants it done... im no help on this one causee im torn between too & not too, but if ur partner is saying NO i dodnt think u should cause as the other ladies have said it should be a joint decision agreed on!
I was just talking to a friend the other day about the whole "having a circumcision to look like daddy" theory. I just don't get it, I mean, as ladies we look very different "down there" to our daughters, plus, everyone IS different in many ways. Does that mean I should dye my daughters hair to be the same as mine? Or, make my girls' wear brown contact lenses so there eyes are the same colour? I think we should teach our kids to accept difference!!

Ok, so I've gone a little off topic as this has nothing to do with ear piercing, but circumcision was bought up.
I think, as Skippy said, it looks like there's going to have to be some big talks going on at your place in the near future...good luck!!
The more i think about it the more i think im actually more pissed off that he wont hear me out = /. I too have cute little teddy bear earings for her and i think she would look even cuter with her ears done. I think once i can stand to hold her to get her needles i should be able to get her ears done. Ive cried everytime she has gotten her needles even though she only sooked for a few minutes after. I just dont want her to remember back and hate the experience like my sisters do.

His going to have fun trying to tell her not to draw on herself when he tattoos himself LOL I reckon she will turn around say well atleast mine wash off and i will piss myself laughing...

I will be laying down the law that he wont be circ unless theres a medical reason. He can scream till his blue in the face wont be happening. I will cross that bridge when and if it comes.
My DD is 7 weeks old and i am already thinking about getting her ears peirced really soon. I had mine done when i was 3 months old and apparently i didnt even cry. I dont believe in the waiting till their old enough to decide thing, its not like a tattoo that is permanent and cannot be removed if my DD decides when shes older that she doesnt like how she looks with earings then she can take them out then. i think little girls look very cute with peirced ears so i will be getting my DD's ears peirced before she is 6 months old.

Though your situtation is a little different because my partner doesnt mind whether i get them done or not. I would really sit him down and talk about it with him and bring up the whole circumcision thing to make him see where yoru comoing from. but if he still says no he doesnt want it done then i wouldnt do it because in my opinion he has just as much say over her as you smile
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