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11 week old HATES THE CAR!! - Does it get better??? Rss

Hi all,
My 11 wk old son screams when we go in the car. If we go longer than 5-10 minutes or if i have to idle it makes him start screaming. He will scream until i take him out. I have tried to stop and calm him down then continue my drive but he starts screaming again so i just continue on to my destination now. I have got toys hanging near him to 'hit' out at and to look at, made sure his seat is comfy, play nice music in the car but nothing seams to help. If anyone else has dealt with this and has any ideas, i would appreciate your input, Its driving me crazy smile


Hi jacknajay,
Our 5 month old daughter did the same as your son and still does so now, although it is getting better. Our daughter is a very social little girl, she loves people and we figured out that she hated the car because her carseat has to face the back and she can't see anyone else in the car. When my partner's boys are in the back, she is fine most of the time. Night time is especially bad because she is in the dark, even if the boys are in the car. We have toys and music for her too, but it only works for the first 10 mins. I don't have any answers for you, just wanted to let you know that our daughter doesn't like it because she can't see me. We are just holding on until we can turn her car seat around. It will get better.
Have you checked it is comfortable for your little one, we needed to add the padding for our little one and that helped also check the straps are in no way irrating. Have a specialist like litlles check it My sister ended up getting a dvd player to keep her little one entertained or else she screamed whenever she went in the car but that was because she lived in the country and every car trip was a real journey and it did her head in.
thanks, it is always nice to know your not the only one going through certain things. i guessed that it was because he couldn't see me but have to wait for a few months yet smile Will just have to keep on going with the crying i suppose, thanks for replying


Hi there,

I was watching some day time show with a baby whisperer (not sure how accurate her advice is but will share what she said) and this is her opinion:

The car will generally send a baby to sleep and usually when a baby will scream there usually is other sleep problems. She said that usually the baby will only fall to sleep in the arms of mother/father and does not have the ability to fall asleep on their own. So the child needs to learn to self settle outside of the car environment and then falling asleep without being in the arms of the parent (ie in the car) is not scary for them. As I said - not sure if this is your DS situation (or how accurate the advice is) - but thought I would share what I heard. The only other information I have heard is car sickness - but I think you would notice this?

Hopefully he will settle down.

We had the same problem with our son, he hated the car seat and also the pram (these things i thought they were supposed to love), I asked the health nurse about it, and she suggested a chiropractor check up which showed his back and neck were out from the birth, therefore he was probably uncomfortable in the car and pram. He had about 6 adjustment and now loves the car and pram which is lovely. Give it a go, it is well worth the check!
My daugher also HATED the car. She came right at around the 4 month mark. But it's interesting because that did co-incide with when we decided to "teach" her to self-settle, and this is what a PP mentioned. Now (at 7 & 1/2 months) she's really good in the car. Hardly grizzles at all, and in fact I think she likes it. So I hope that yes, it will get better for you.
I have really heard great things about the baby whisperer and mostly i agree except in this instance - my bub is pretty good at self settling already as i am able to pop him in the cot and off he goes to sleep!! He is only 12 weeks now and i know that will change but might check out the chiropractor situation as he is also unsettled in his pram! Thanks everyone for your ideas and suggestions, appreciated


Hi Sarah

My little one was the same, he is now nearly 9months and is so much better. He started to improve when we turned the carseat around. You can by those mirrors to put so they can see you. I know Toys r us have them, most baby shops would. We also put a DVD player in for bubs. Now we can travel alot more with him. So it does get better.
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