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How big was your Baby and how tall are you? Rss

Hey there,

So Im just wondering how big your babies were? and How tall you and your partener were?

Im 5'3 and my Partner is 6'3-6'4 I think...

My partner was 9 pound 7 1/2 Ounce baby when he was born..

My mum doesnt think im going to be able to deliver my baby as she thinks its going to be huge and I have a very small frame..

So yeah Just curious to know how big your babies were!


I think I am of "average" height at 5'8, DP is about 6'2. I was 6ish lbs born, my sister was about 7.5lb (or might have been the other way around I get confused sometimes); no idea what DP was, might have to ask his mum at some point. LOL My mum and dad, and DPs mum and dad are all about the same height as us...funny thing that now that I think about it. LOL

DS1= 7lb, 50cm, 35cm head circumference(hc)

DS2= 8lb 7oz, 55cm, 37cm hc

Sometimes well meaning relatives aren't very helpful! I am not a medical professional, but women rarely grow babies that they can't birth vaginally and unless there is some serious abnormality in your pelvis, it should all be fine. If you are worried, discuss your concerns with your care provider. The pelvis is not a static structure, it flexes and changes shape/position in labour (and so does the baby), there are plenty of things that you can do to help this by being active for example so moving around alot, changing positions and finding ones that are comfortable for you.

DS2 was bigger than DS1, but his birth was by far the easier of the 2 and I think a number of factors contributed to the ease of it.

So not sure that helps, but that's my 2 cents worth! I am now off to bed. LOL Good luck, enjoy the pregnancy and try not to worry unless (or until) there is something to worry about! smile]


Iam 5"1 and around 48ish kgs (when not pregnant lol) My DH is 5"7 and about 75kgs.
We were both premmie babies.

Our babies:

DS1, full term, 8lbs 3, 51 cms, HC 36cms
DS2, 2 weeks early, 7lbs 7, 50 cms, HC 33cms (ventous)
DD, full term, 7lbs 6, 51cms, HC 35cms.

PS, The quickest and least painful labour was with my biggest baby.

Goodluck and don't stress.

[Edited on 04/10/2008]

Yeah I agree. I was only 6oz something soo lets hope that my genes even out the size! haha

I am 6' tall and both my babies were 7lbs 10.

When you go in for your appointments closer to your due date the Dr and midwives will be able to tell if your baby will be big. Althought they are not always right they might be able to give you a better idea.
btw, they said my second son would be 10 pounds at full term, so I was induced two weeks early and he was nowhere near it, just had alot of amniotic fluid.
My sisters DH is 6"5, their kids were both within 7-7.5 pounds.
Sorry I'm rambling, hope it helped............

i was
8 1/2 pounds when i was born not sure on the head or length for me but i know i was short born. i am only just on 5ft. i was 2 weeks early.

dp was 4120g 9lb 1 oz 55cm along and 33cm hc. 4 days date
call me crazy but i even all the weights of all his brothers and sisters

bil1 7lb 14oz 1 week early
bil2 7lb 12oz 3 weeks early
sil1 9lb 4oz 4 days late
sil2 8lb 13oz 2 week early
sil3 and sil4 Twins 5lb 12oz and 6lb 12oz they were born 5 weeks early and had no on going problems

my sisters were
sister1 was 7lb 8oz 2 weeks early
sister2 was 7lb 6oz 2 weeks early

anyways the stats for my babies

DD1 47.2cm 35.8cm and 3675g 8lb 1 3/4oz 2days early
DS1 54 cm 35cm and 4100g 9lb 1oz 6 days late or either 2 days late depending on the date that you go by.

[Edited on 04/10/2008]

DS was 53cm and 8p 3oz
DF was 52cm now 6"2, DF was same weight as DS
Me was 49cm now 5"4 and 6p 4oz

I agree the docs arent always right about babies being big. I was sent for an extra u/s 5 days before my due date because they thought DS was going to be overly huge and were going to induce me if i hadnt gone into labour before the 15th. Well he was born on the 15th lol.
[Edited on 04/10/2008]
i'm 5'5 and my DP is 6'2 and lil olivia came out at 8pound 2. I was quite small before pregnancy, i weighed 50kgs and i delivered naturally. They say the smaller build you are the better the labour!
I was born 7 pound 3. my DP is a twin and he was 5 pound 3 (so may have been big if it was only him)
I got the whole 'your small, not sure how you'll labour' from family, but my mid wife wasn't the slightest bit concerned!
I'm sure you will do fine!

I wouldn't worry about it at all!!!!

My mum was 11lb 8oz when born and her 4'9" mother (who was skinny as a rake) gave birth to her naturally with absolutely no problems at all. She didn't even need a single stitch!

My brother was 10lb 7oz at birth and mum gave birth to him naturally, no issues at all. Yet, she needed a c-section with me and I was, although still big at 9lb 2oz, far smaller than my brother!

I'm 1mm off 6 foot and I needed an emergency c-section with my son, 9lb 4oz.

DP was born slightly over 5 pounds and he's now 6'4".

There is just no way of knowing what size your baby will be nor the shape of your pelvis and the orientation of the baby's head etc.

Try not to worry about it. You can always request an ultrasound near the end of your pregnancy to TRY to establish whether the baby's head will fit through your pelvis etc.

Here are our stats.

Partner was 9lb 10oz, hc of 38cm's and is now 6 foot 5 inches approx 100kg's.

Me = born weight of 9lb 6 oz's and length of 52cm'snow 165 cm's long and weight of 55 kg's before pregnancy.

Son= weight 8lb 8oz's, hc of 37cm's, length of 53cm's and he was 2 weeks early.

DD was 50cm & only 2.3 kgs - born at 38 weeks & 6 days

me 5'3 .. hubby is 6'1 ..

OB says this baby will be more around 3kg
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