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Any 5 month babies "growling" Lock Rss

Hello, my 5 month old makes this growling noise, almost like the deep throat sound one makes when their frustrated. I'm not sure if its a new sound he's learnt and keeps on doing or if he is frustrated, sounds funny. Any one else's bub do this, just curious. Kaz
My 7 month old DS is doing the same and it's driving me up the wall. He seems to do it when he's bored and wants to be entertained, but there's only so much I can amuse him before he gets bored with that as well. I've started taking fingers of bread out and when he starts grumbling while shopping, I give him those. It seems to distract him (for a little while anyway). I'm praying this 'phase' will ed quickly!
Hi there, my little guy does this also but i think he got it off his dad they play this game and my 6 month old thinks it's funny when my other half makes growling noises at him, but my son does it also. he also does it when he is frustrated or waiting for food or something but it kinda changes a littl when he does it when he is playing, I don't think you have anything to worry about, or mayby our children are part wolverreen, hahaha just kidding.
Darling son is 10 months and has been doing the Darth Vader impersonation for some time. It seems to mean different things at different times. Doing it back sometimes gets quite amusing.
Thanks everyone, I've noticed today he's been doing it when he's almost due for a bottle and I think when he's had enough of playing. I did it back to him and he laughed.
Thats cool that he's laughing along with you now, see we can all play whooky games with our children but i defiately agree that the growling can mean different things at different times whether it's because they are bored or, playing with you or even directed at a toy at some times, it's some secret way of communication i'm sure!
My DD does this too, started with DP saying roar goes the tiger or lion and she copied him. She does it for different reasons too.
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