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:( Rss

It's just how i feel.



really i hope your ok!
Happy Birthday for Sunday Krazy Daddy? =)


~GBH~ hope you feel better soon smile
Hmmmm, is it because you had to go back to work today after having a long weekend.....? Actually, maybe you didn't have a long weekend.... just ignore me....

Is OVER rude people

You just need to hit 1 more key over and you can turn this sad into this smile!!! See all better now...

Alternatively chocolate perhaps? Or does that only work on the womenfolk?!
Is fact: A sad can only ever turn into a smile

If you were a mummy I would be saying "A big Hug and a big kiss to you"

is it politically correct to say it to a dadda as well?
If so then A BIG HUG AND A BIG KISS TO YOU things can only get better

(((((GBSH)))))) That's a Great Big SIDE Hug! I don't hug men full frontal!

ohhh krazy daddy u have been upset lately.. its hard when bubz is not feeling the best.. last week my boy was really sick.. and i felt so depressed..

Big Hugs-i hope you feel better real soon.

Happy Birthday for sunday.
Hi and thanks, again. I didn't know i could feel this low. I'm aching so much for KrazyMummy, she's trying so hard and it all seems so unfair. She just aint winning. Sorry, but i'm finding it hard to crack a smile...

:| getting there..

Hope Holly had a fantastic birthday!!!! My day was lovely, got to spend it with all my favourite ladies, all of whom are quite Krazy.

Thanks for all the hugs, i'm feeling quite warm and fuzzy.

((((GBH)))) KD hope you and KM are feeling uplifted soon

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

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