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September 2013 babies Lock Rss

Hi there!
Just wondering if there's any other September 2013 babies out there? I couldn't find any other threads so excuse me if there's already one haha. I have my gorgeous 10 week old daughter who was born on the 2nd smile
my son was born 30/01/13 if that helps
my daughter was born 6.9.13, we did start a thread but majority of the ladies chose to start a FB group so we moved to that. there is a lot of us in there if you wanted to join smile

I was thinking that there may be a FB group! Lol. I would love to join if that's okay? I know it's just a little bit late haha smile
laugh My bub was born on 23rd of Sept 2013... I wouldn't mind joining a september bubs group either! happy
Yay! Another newbie wink haha.
Another sept 13 baby -Kayla. Teething. gasp
Teething is horrible! I feel so sorry for my poor girl sad
cool just put your email in and I will add you guys that way.

my baby boy was born the 26.09.2013
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