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January 2012 Rss

Hi everyone,

Not sure if we are all just too busy or if it is the new layout huggies has but no one has been on for a while.

Crystal is 6 months in 2 days and I cant believe how quickly this time has gone by. She was sleeping through for a bit then stopped and now co-sleeps from the time we go to bed, I try and put her back to bed but then I am up and down every 2 hours so at least this way I get some sleep (although I sleep very lightly with her in our bed)

How is everyone going?

Hi Cheryl it's been ages since I have been on here too how time flys.. Noah is 6 months too and growing so quickly.. He has 3 teeth and cutting no4.. He is rolling around and getting up on all 4's won't be long and he will be into everything... Noah is also co sleeping as it makes things much easier through the night especially since he is teething.

Just wondering if anyone has been getting clucky?? Im super clucky again and swore when we had Noah that he would be out last... I thought this feeling would go away..

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

I decided that Crystal would be our last, with 8 that is more than enough, but over the last couple of months I find myself getting clucky so I just have to remind myself that I have 8 children and we don't need any more, lol.
I am ready to enter the next stage though, I think, lol huh

Crystal had her immunisation today and is miserable I am hoping she sleeps well tonight though as I am tired and need some sleep.
No teeth here although definitely teething.

I was certain that Noah was our last too.. 4 boys is definetely a handful at times but I still find myself romancing the idea of having one more.. I must be insane lol.. I'm also ready for the next stage of my life but it's little sad to think we are finished..

Noah is due for his immunisations too I must book them.. Good luck I hate getting them done.

Mum to 3 gorgeous boys...

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