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January 2012 Rss

Hi guys,
well im so tired, and im sure you guys can all relate.. Ive been feeding every two hrs and eating like a horse.. Glad to see jan mums ova here and congrats Olivia`s mum on yr birth.. Well William is beautiful, im so in love.. he is a great baby, he is 5.18 kl now and 3.5 weeks .. I just hired a safety carrier and it has made life so much easier.. He has a cold atm and is very grizzly so i cant wait till he is better but i have been snuggling him, a lot more :-)feeding is good but he is a fussy one, he gets on and off about six times before he starts to guzzle and then of course chokes so ive been pulling him away every couple of seconds till the milk slows.. any way ive got to run, so many things to do. talk soon.
Hi, I had my baby boy Mac on the 25.01.12, he is three weeks old today. He was an Ivf pregnancy born by planned c- section 10 days early and weighed 9pd 2ounces. My husband and I also have a little girl who will be 4 in May. Mac is doing really well so far.
Finally get around too posting, hve been reading every few days but my phone is painful with huggies website, anyway...

Our little Miss Matilda (aka Tilly) was born 24.1.12 smile mostly she has been a fantastic sleeper andfeeder, think she must be going through some kind of growth spurt atm, she has fed allll day, constantly, not even hourly, just constant, and did basically the same last night, falls asleep at boob copntinues sucking and when she does finally stop she seems fast asleep until i put her dwn then shes wide awake n wanting more boob :-S hoping its over soon and she goes back to being a super sleeper because i neeed a break, feel like a dairy cow!

Hi girls,

Well things are going really well with Crystal now, she still co-sleeps with me half the night but she is spending a few hours in her own bed first (now I just need to go to bed earlier) she is sleeping between 3-4 hours through the day which is great and hasn't been too fussed with the school drop off and pick up. She does have terrible hormone rash all over her face and down her neck sad

I cant believe she is already 1 month old, time is flying by too fast. She is still in 0000 so that is ok but I am sure she will be out of them soon, I am making them fit as long as possible 000's seem to be so big, not all of them but a lot, must be the make.

I find it hard to put her down, I want cuddles all the time, she is just way too beautiful

I hope you are all starting to get some sleep.


hi ladies,
how are we all going, busy of course with our newborns... William is doing well but we have a big cold, . we are still feeding frequently and mummy doesn't get much sleep but i love every bit of him and im excited to get up all night with my precious one. i got mastitis last week, no good but better now.William is becoming a lot more aware of his surroundings following us with his head, big big smiles and he loves staring at me. the school drop off and pick up was an absolute nightmare but i hired a safety strider car seat and got a pram base and my life is 100 times easier although im finding myself late for school and preschool but i don't care... it wont be for long. i want to start to exercise, has anybody started yet. has anybody had hooping cough injection yet.. am typing with one hand so i cant manage question marks lol.. im from the central coast, is any other Jan mums,, talk soon
Hi ladies, hope everyone is enjoying bubs and getting as much rest as you can! wink
Talia will be 5 weeks on Wednesday, it's flying past so quickly! We've been super busy as my parents stayed with us from the UK for a month, it was fantastic having my mum and dh with me at her birth and afterwards my parents have been such a great help! Dd1 is just starting to adjust properly now they've gone home, but only a 3 week break and then dh parents arrive! So we'll have to wait till the end of march before we can get into a proper routine again!
I also got mastitis around the 2 week mark! My god the worst pain ever, I never had it before and it really crept up on me, I was so emotional, feverinsh and just in agony! Course of antibiotics and a whole day in bed (mum just brought talia in when she needed food!) and it cleared up, but wouldnt wishit upon anyone!
Talias just starting to come out in what I'm hoping is just a hormone/milk rash has anyone else got this? If so are you using anything special on bubs?
But other than that's she's settled in really well feeding every 3-4 hrs during the day and I have a couple of 6-7 hours breaks at night! (how lucky am I!)
We also got our first awake smile yesterday! Just melted my heart, we all love her so much!
I'm for SE Melbourne, anyone else down this way?
Zoe x
Hey everyone! Pretty quiet on here, guess we are all busy smile
Matilda is doing great, getting pretty chubby cheeks n rolly polly thighs, love it haha and not suprising considering how miuch she feeds! Does one good long stretch at night but usually 2 hourly after that and during the day 2-3 hourly...sometimes more often, depends on the weather when its hot she feeds more of course smile
She is such a loud sleeper n grunts n groans alot in the early hours of the morning, seems to be getting a bit better the older she gets,..i hope lol

DS has been impossible this last week, loves his sister to bits but his behaviour os appaling! Feel like all i do is yell at him, its horrible..hoping he will be back to his normal self soon! Df is working away mon-fri so pretty full on for me and i think DS misses his daddy which makes him play up more! Luckily mum is close by and i see her daily or id probably go insane!! I also had mastitis when Tilly was 2weeks, horrible borrible experience and it had to be on a weekend that DF had to work and my mum was away, i felt like total crap!

Zpunkette I have started walking but want to up the ante soon...hve a cross trainer buried in the spare room i think i should dig out..would really like to do some tummy exercises too but not sure which ones r recommended so u dnt cause a bigger gap in ur tummy muscles...need to call the physio i think!

Zoe, Tilly has that milk rash too, quiet bad on her forehead and i think its combined with a bit of heat rash too..the chemist reccomended Alpha Keri oil for bath and to rub some in her hair after to stop it turning into cradle cap...DS had SHOCKING cradle cap which caused all his hair too fall out so really hoping to avoid tht with little miss!

Feeling so very lucky, generally Tilly is such a happy content baby, likes to cuddle up against your chest like a little koala, after DS being a baby tht didnt like cuddles at all im really enjoying them smile shes a very alert bub like to check everything out!

Hope everyones doing well and look forward to everyone talking more as bubs settle in smile x

hey ladies hope everyone n bubs are doing great!
Mia is now 3 wks and was weighed today and has hit 10lb! couldnt beleive it shes put on a lb in 2 wks! but not too surprising as most evening she snack feeds on and off for bout 3 hrs!

Mia also has the hormone rash on her cheeks and chin and a lil bit on her chest hope it goes soon, my MW said just wash in plain water as soaps can make it worse

shes been such a good lil girl her cry is rather pathetic nothing much at all just a wah wah sigh rather cute lol think shes going to start smiling soon as shes giving me lil smirks which i work rather hard for! so cant wait for that tongue

still only really getting up 1 time a night then up again round 6-7 so am very happy! she loves her cuddles buries her cheek against your face so nice wink

DD1 has been so good hasnt really made her blink a eye lid at the adjustment just loves her lil sis,

bubone i know how u feel, i feel like im yelling al the time at her at the moment shes just decided that shes got selective hearing and ignores me when im telling not to do something, just pushing her limits at the moment but hope it passes quickly, hate raisning my voice feel bad but its the only way to get her attention blink

im just straight expressing my milk at the moment and giving it to her in a bottle but will keep trying with her on the boob when they feel better.
im going to start doing regular walks soon and maybe some tummy excersises if i feel up to it! hopefully this time round il loose weight easier.

anyway hope evreyone doing well smile
Hi everyone!!

Well my little guy is 3 and a half weeks old! he is doing well! i had him weighed last week and he was 4.1kg's but need to have him weighed early next week cause i'm sure he has gained heaps as we are now edging into the 000 smile

I was holding DS this morning and my DH was behind me talking to him and oh my god DS gave DH the biggest smile i have ever seen...not just once but about 5 times.....Yep...loves his daddy smile

I'm getting up twice at night still....i would expect i would be though...but a tad jealous of those getting 6/7 hours of straight sleep tongue but DS has a snuffly nose, so he's a bit restless sad

I went and brought DS one of the zip up cacoon things today (similar to a baby sleeping bag but their arms are inside...stops them startling themselves awake) and will try it out tonight!!
I find the muslin wraps aren't holding him in tight enough and he gets his arms free and wakes fingers crossed this makes a difference!!!

Hello all
William is 6 weeks tomorrow and growing beautifully . Mummy is very tired because we have had a few unsettled days and nights, last night he woke every hr and half for feeds and maybe uncomfortable, anyway im thinking its a growth spurt. He is now going into oo and we have our check tomorrow so ill have him weighed. He has just found his fists and enjoys guiding them to his mouth.. funny to watch.. Breastfeeding is going well. well im making this one short because i need to lay down for 10 till my little man is up again.
hi girls congrates,

I have James aniel born 24th jan 7lb 11oz at 5:09 am in emergancy room. Long story but ended up pushing in the car on the way to hospital only just made it to emergancy an 2 pushes later there he was. scary. I also got 3rd degree cuts nasty.

James is little bro to Breanna who is 5 and is in pre-prep this year. Things are crazy druing week days.

hope all is going well for you and your bubs
hi everyone,
Noah Thomas Jorey, Born 20th Jan 2012 weighing 7pd11.
Natural birth with NO pain relief! Yay! Hes now just over 6 weeks and is doing great! have his injections tomorrow, so really nervous for that! He is such a good baby and is smailing more and more everyday! I cant believe how fast they grow!
Hope everyones doing well and same to the precious little ones!
Sarah =)
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