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June babes 2011 Lock Rss

We don't have Nina in a seperate bedroom yet (although I wish we did). She will be sharing room with her brother for the next few years so we don't want her moving in there until she is sleeping through the night on a regular basis (I did get 2 nights in a row last week but it hasn't happened since). She is also difficult to get to sleep most nights so I really don't want to subject DS to that as he is a good sleeper. Our room is big enough to have her in there so no problems.

She woke the whole house up at 6.30am this morning. Was horrible.

We're hoping to have her moved as soon as possible but wont do it whilst we still have these issues.

Just wondering with those people saying their bubs are sleeping through the night. What time are they going down and what time are they waking in the morning? Are they formula or breast fed? Are they in their own room?

Hi all
I heaven't been here in ages, its great to read everyones posts I think this is more active forum than our Due in June posts.

Nodrog: I too lost a friend recently found out on my birthday on Faccebook it was awful, she died in a car accident. She is a mum and I think I have found it hard to come to terms with it after I have become a new mum. I just keeping thinking of her little girl and husband.

Skubala: I am the same as u, Willow sleeps in our room and I love it. I am in tuned with her waking patterns and wake when she does. Her little sounds dont wake me up and bc I am breast feeding and we live in a freezing house I like that we can snuggle up for a feed instead of getting out of bed. Willow is a great sleeper only waking up at around 5 or 7 for a feed.

Nessco: Willow sleeps through often up to 7-10 hour stretches. Our routine is quiet playtime around 730, bath time at 830, little massage after that, BF then wrap and put in bed. If she wakes we let her cry for about 5 minutes then go in to settle her but try to avoid picking her up bc she gets too over stimulated. I guess if u have other kids its probably a difficult routine to follow. The only down side is she is not a great sleeper through the day so I never get anything done. I would love some tips on how to get her to sleep longer in the day.

I am certainly no expert as I am new to motherhood but it's what works for us. I am amazed that she is such a good baby, so many people have said the first 6 weeks will be the toughest of your life but bc she rarely cries it has been a breeze. I guess I am still waiting for it to all go pear shape.

I read some earlier posts about green poos, block feeding and oversupply. Willow has had green poos but what u read on the interent and in books contradicts itself, some say its oversupply of fore milk and some said it's nothing to worry about. I did try block bleeding but not sure it did anything. I did ask the pediatrician at Willows 6 week check up and he said it's nothing to worry about as its the bacteria in her gut that causes it and bc she is not in distress with wind it;s fine.

I hope everyone has a lovely day!
Good morning everyone,

I'm just going to pick some brains in regards to breast feeding/ sleeping etc. DS has been a very placid baby, barely ever crying but he is not sleeping through the night yet. Do other mums demand feed or establish their own routines?
Also do most mums BF when bubs first wakes up or just before the next sleep?
Tatum feeds roughly every 3 hours during the day and at night goes approx every 5-6 hours. I feed him when he wakes, then he has some playtime, then he goes to sleep again. (Obviously no playtime at night. lol.)
Also the babies that are sleeping through the night are they in their own rooms? I was going to put DS in his own room tonight but don't think i am quite ready yet..... sad

Hope everyone has a lovely day today with their precious bubs. grin

hi girls to those mummy's who asked about the sleeping thru
Mikayla is in her own room and has been since about 2 weeks old. as in earlier post this was following her lead, she wouldn't settle in our room. originally she was waking for one feed a night at about 3-5 am. she has been on formula since 4 weeks old, and has been sleeping thru since about 8 weeks old (1.5 weeks and counting) she has a feed at about 7pm (a little nap) then a top up feed at about 9:30 - 10pm (demand) then usually falls asleep while I'm burping her. I wrap her and put her into bed, and she doesn't wake up 'til 6-7 am. she is feeding every 4 hrs in the day having 150-200ml of formula top up feed is usually 100-150mls.

thanks Nessco the photo is of the first cuddles between my girls. I just love it.

Nodrog I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. (how long had it been since she had seen her parents?) I find being interstate hard enough, it is often 4-5 months between visits.

girls don't stress about getting bubs in there own room, we did it for Mikayla's sake I spent most of the night getting up to check on her. but she was so settled we agreed it was what we needed to do. Cheyenne was in our room until 8 weeks.

Gabesmamma I hope Gids eye is better. is he getting better in the car?

I went shopping on Sat to but some not maternity clothes. I have gone up 4 jeans size sad (2 normal sizes) so depressing. I still weigh the same as pre pregnancy but my belly is soft (got muffin top even with tummy tucker jeans)
and my hips have just not gone back after birth. oh well, I don't think you can notice the change jsut by looking at me, I guess the change happened slowly during pregnancy. I am giving my old jeans to red cross, if I ever go down a size I will buy myself some new jeans.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

With little man i do demand feeds and it keeps him happy. We starting to get into a routine. I normally let the baby start showing me his routine and i work from there. Each baby different so when you find something that works go with it. I finding it easier this way. He starting to put himself to sleep during the day.

Little man getting so big, we about to put him in the next size nappies. He growing up so fast.

Flynn is 6 weeks and i also demand feed(breastfeeding). He usually feeds every 2.5-3hr during the day, sometimes more sometimes less. I feed him as soon as he wakes but he is such a terrible day sleeper that we struggle to get a routine of any sort. I dont think me doing kindy drop off/pick ups, dancing lessons, swimmings lessons etc etc with the other 2 has helped though so he just has to go with the flow and no routine suits us atm. Of a night time though i do wake him at approx 6pm if he is sleeping so he can be bathed with the other 2. Then we try to settle him for the night around 7-8pm. He will then sleep through til 1am approx for a feed and again around 5am for a feed. Then wake up around 730am for the day. I am happy to wake and feed him twice during the night as he is still so young and i dont think we should expect them to be sleeping through the night yet. I was still feeding my 11 month dd once a night when she was younger. Flynn was weighed and measured at his 6 week check up and was 5.5kg and 57cm. He is already in infant size nappies and is starting to fit into some 00 suits but mostly in 000. They grow up way toooo fast. Oh and the smiles are just gorgeous, so much more fun when they interact with you!!!
Hi Mums,

We've got a bit of sunshine here so I'm trying to get some washing done. TTing Gabe at the moment, so we have more pants to wash than usual! I have MCN's for Gideon but haven't put him in them yet as the weather has been so crappy.

Claire-Beare: As far as I'm aware, "sleeping through" for bubs is a 5-6 hour stretch. Sounds like Tatum is doing great! Gideon is a bit up and down still, some 8 hour stretches, mostly 5-6 hours and on those couple of oh-so-painful growth spurt nights, 2-3 hour stretches! But this time really does go so fast, even the night wakings are precious! I'm the same as MyLittleBlessings, I try to follow my bubs lead with a routine. I add a bit of structure in as time goes on, with active play and book times etc around feeds.

Danni: My goodness Flynn is growing well! He already weighs more than Gideon at his 8wk checkup!

Brook: We just had the 'jeans' talk at my Mother's Grp! I went to buy some, thinking I've probably gone up to size14.....tried some on....the 14's didn't fit! Ouch!! Hence, my new fitness regime!

Ibu: You sound like you have motherhood down pat!! What a lovely way to start this amazing time with your much-wanted baby!!

Well Charlotte demand feeds (BF)and boy does she DEMAND it. About every 2 - 3 hours during the day. Has a bath and play then a feed at 7:30 and I put her to bed then. I usually try and gently wake her for a top up before I go to bed, sometimes she'll feed, if not I don't push her. Then she sleeps between 3 - 5 hours, depending on the night! Will then wake early in the AM for another feed. Sometimes she squeezes a third o/n feed in. It's tiring but she usually goes back to sleep in her cot without a fuss after her night feeds and at this age (8 weeks) I don't think it's reasonable to EXPECT a baby to go without food or cuddles for that long if they don't want to. I find sometimes she wakes and has only a few minutes, but what she is really after is the cuddles and I generally don't mind.

I'm kind of upset today. Have not stopped bleeding since the birth and went to doc on Friday. She said my uterus not back to normal, stitches (from episiotomy) not dissolved. So had an u/s today and have retained placenta or products of conception. Waiting to find out tomorrow what they are going to do about it. The u/s technician was brutal and Charlotte was screaming the whole time. It's not been a good day. Thankfully DH is on his way home from work with chocolate and a promise to do child minding tonight!

Follow my blog "Bed Rest for Baby" at

Oh skubala you poor thing that sounds terrible,. How nice that DH is bringing you choccies and going to give you a bit of a break. Hope it all turns out ok. smile

Thanks for the advice on what some of you are doing with your bubs, sometimes a bit of advice or encouragement of what we are already doing is what we need. I wasnt really expecting him to sleep through as yet and yes all the extra time and cuddles are just precious. I enjoy talking over issues with other mums, my mothers group is starting next week, can't wait.

GabesMama how do you find the MCN? I have been looking into them a bit but im unsure. Is it just the lining you replace each change or the whole nappy?

Dani09 i take my hat off to you, it must be hard work running around with the other kids and having a newborn. I always have to really plan it when im going out.

hi mums

I'm feeling really lonely tonight, DH is away for work again, the whole week this week. so I took the girls to see him last night, but leaving this morning was so hard. if not for the dogs i would have stayed longer. on top of the Mikayla is quite unsettled. probably sensing my mood mellow

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

I know how you feel, i have a two moth old daughter, and my bf leaves for work at about 8:30 am and doesnt usualy get home until between 11pm and 1 am! it gets very lonly sometimes and i think she can sence it sometimes.
Hi Ladies.

Didn't have much to report til now.
Bubba is doing well. He sleeps from about 8 or 9 to anywhere from midnight to 4-5am, so that's nice. Decided to stop breast feeding him on sunday as his apparent thrush wasn't clearing up. I say apparent because the Dr I saw yesterday says he doesn't have it. Makes me think the other one didn't have a clue what she was talking about.
Anyway, I have mastitis and boy does it suck! I was so sick, tired and sore yesterday. Better today though which is good coz DP's work are aholes and told him he'd need a Dr's certificate for having 2 days off and that they were getting sick of the 'wife this, wife that' issues. I'm so sorry me having mastitis is so hard on them. And how dare DP put family first. So, so sick of their attitude. DP is too, he spent this morning typing up job applications. Fingers crossed he gets a new job soon and his current employer doesn't do anything to jeopardise that. They are vengeful so I wouldn't put it past them.

Anyway, taking bub for his jabs next week. My Dr wouldn't do them at 6 weeks, he wanted to wait til 2 months, which will be next friday but I'll get them done on thursday while DD is at daycare.
We've also had some good things happen! Out of the blue DD decides she wants to use the toilet now. So for the last week she's been in knickers while we're home and pull ups while we're out. smile Very proud of her. She's only had 5 accidents, 3 wees and 2 poops which I think is awesome! It'll be nice to finally get her out of nappies.

Hope you're all well and your bubs are thriving. smile

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