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June babes 2011 Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

My little man Tatum was born 29th June at 12.26am, he came 2 weeks early and was actually due 14th July. He was just a little bubba at birth weighing 2.7kgs. Since then he has been packing on the weight.

He has been a good baby so far, feeding every 3-4 hours and sleeping well day and night.

It will be good to keep in touch with mums with bubs the same age, my mothers group starts in 2 weeks so im looking forward to that.

Also just wondering how people put the cute age lines at the bottom of their posts??

Well little man over his first cold which is great. He happy to sleep back in his bed. He 6 weeks old now 2 more weeks and he goes and get his needles sad. Might get hubby to take him. I cried so much when my first son had his that hubby came with me next time to hold my hand.
We starting a rountine with little man, he a easy baby, so it him showing me what rountine he likes.
I've already got his name down for kindy to make sure he goes to the same place has his brother will be attending and we being told that they will be attending there since their names where put down so early.
I already done the kids Christmas shopping and got ideas for my first sons birthday party and his presents. Plus making plans for little man christing type day. I just have to plan the 2 cakes that i be making for them.
Little man only wakes up onces on a good night 2 or 3 times when it's a really bad night. But his big smiles makes it all worth it.

Anyone got plans for Xmas? We planning to go to Brisbane since hubby auntie lives there and i've never being there.

You are so organised!!! I haven't even thought about Christmas!

Has anyone put there bubs in there own rooms yet?

Claire-bear77- welcome! Mothers group is really good I loved mine from DS and we still see each other fortnightly. Sorry I can't remember how to put the age line things in sad but I'm sure someone else will remember smile
my little blessings I have started the layby for xmas, Mikayla is totally done, but cheyenne still needs a few things, it is her Bithday on the 27/12 so we have to be organised early for xmas/birthday other wise it can get out of hand. I also usually start buying everyone elses gifts from now also, to spread the cost.

this year we are going to Adelaide for xmas. we ulternate with my family and Dh family. we have worked it well with our siblings, cause we are spread all over the country + Korea, we are all at the same our parents the same year then with partners parents the next year. so this year is DH parents. we are going to need to be in SA (we live in Melbourne) for the whole week efore xmas because my niece's are being christened the sunday before xmas. because my little Bro is the Godfather, and he lives in WA. this will be the first time he sees any of his new Nieces (he has 3 born in June 2011).

wow sorry for the essay short answer = yes we are getting organised for xmas. tongue

Declan&Miasmummy - Mikayla has been in her own room since she was 1 week old, we tried her in our room in her portacot, but she would not settle so we would end up with her in our bed, mellow we didn't like this, so we tried her in her own room and we have never looked back. Mikayla is 9 weeks old today and has slept through the last 6 out of 7 nights. grin grin

Claire-bear 77 welcome, I loved my mothers group also. it was a great way to make new friends. although we have split into those who returned to work and those who formed a playgroup (we all started playgroup but 5 of us worked and so had to stop going) we try to organsie weekend get together every 6 months or so, but as I left the area (moved house) I mostly keep touch with a few girls by email.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

We too are starting to get ready for Xmas or at least discussing it. We are from Melbourne too but my family is in Tassie and DH family is in NSW. This year we are going to NSW for Xmas but will have to go to Tassie sometime in Jan to see my family.
And shopping well i have done way too much!!!! With shopping on the net and then the midyear sales, everything for DS is too cute and i have to have it. tongue
Also i find i am so tempted because we didnt find out the sex of DS before birth so didnt buy much when i was pregnant, but i am definately making up for it now.

We haven't put Tatum into his room overnight yet, he sleeps in his bassinet in his room during the day then wheel it to our room for overnight. It is so nice and easy having him in our room, but DH and i discussed it and i think after this weekend he will go into his own room. unsure

We knew what we where having and that how i could do the shopping for him. Plus hubby did some running around for me since i can't drive yet. I do most of my shopping online, so that was easy. Hubby wants video games and he got them all pre-ordered and we just have to wait to they release.
I don't know how we go driving down to brisbane. Alittle worried about that.

Georgie has been in her own room since she came home. I slept in there with her for the first 2 weeks (her room was the spare room so there is a bed in there) mainly as I had terrible asthma and kept DH awake all night with my coughing and wheezing. She has been in there ever since. We tried to have Hazel in our room when she was first born, only to discover that I am super aware when the baby is in the room and wake up at EVERY sound, it started to drive me crazy through sleep deprivation and we moved her into her own room. I still wake up when Georgie makes noise, but not at every grunt and sigh. I don't know if it is related, but she has slept through for 6 out of the 8 last nights.
Wow I'm actually surprised at the amount of bubs in there own rooms! I think I might try Mia in her room tonight smile DPs a bit hesitant but she's been sleeping through the night so I'm sure she'll be fine smile
Charlotte will be 8 wks on Monday and I haven't even considered putting her in her own room. Partly because our room is at the front of the house and hers is at the back, I feel like it is too far away. We have her cot at the end of our bed. I don't find that I am overly sensitive to her noises, it's kind of perfect because I'm nicely in tune with when she is about due for a feed and wake up around the same time she starts to grizzle. I like having her there. I think if she were in her own room I would wake more frequently to check on her. And sometimes during the night she wakes and will just stare at us, so I think she feels more secure being in there. I think I will probably start moving her into her own room when she drops her night feeds, or at 6 months, whichever comes first smile

I started a new mums group today. Was really good, they are all first time mummies with bubs the same age. Was nice to get out of the house. Naturally Charlotte was very vocal, just so everyone knew she was there!

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Little man will sleep in our room till he outgrows his bed. I love having him next to me at night. Plus i only BF, so it makes it easier when he in our room. Hubby likes having him in our room cause he loves waking up and see little man asleep next to us. We already got his room ready for him, he got his cot ready and the change table in there too. I'm sure i find it hard with him sleeping in another room.

Wow! So many bubs in their own rooms! Gideon doesn't even HAVE a room yet!! laugh We plan to have him share with his big brother after about 10-12months (This was when we put Gabe into his own room). We do have a 3rd bedroom/study, so just in case the sharing isn't working, we will convert it to a bedroom as a last result. Gideon is still technically in our bed (in his own little bed) but we've been sleeping fine. More 7-hour stretches lately though we haven't hit 8 hours again.

Gideon absolutely HATES the car! We never gave Gabe a dummy (being 'perfect, by-the-book' first time parents!!! laugh ) and planned that Gids wouldn't have one either. But after a one hour trip to visit my parents today, with Gideon screaming the entire way (aside from a ten-minute exhaustion-nap), I went straight to the supermarket and bought a packet of dummies! Of course, I tried him on it and he spat it straight out! roll eyes Just not meant to be I guess. Thankfully, he slept more on the way home. He truly is a gorgeous baby and is generally so calm, I should be grateful.

Skubala: I love my Mother's group!!! I did go back to work, but kept in touch and now that I'm on maternity leave I'm back with a vengeance! We still meet once a week and have all just had our second babies. The final two were born this last week, one day apart. It is so lovely to share these experiences with others at the same stage.

BrookieB: That is a gorgeous photo of your two girls!!

MyLittleBlessings: We had Gid's immunisations this week. It is pretty heartbreaking to hear them cry in pain, but worth it to keep them safer in the long run.

Hehe, our house is so tiny and the walls are so thin I haven't even bothered setting up our baby monitor! Our bedroom has two internal walls, we share a wall with Georgie and the other we share with Hazel!! If their rooms were down the other end of the house I don't think we would have shifted them into their own rooms so soon.
I'm struggling a bit at the moment coming to terms with the death of a girl that I knew through my surfclub and who was also a friend of my cousin. She died in her sleep while nannying overseas. She would have turned 20 at the end of this month, was fit and healthy and used to be a competitive swimmer. They can't figure out why she died (she's had an autopsy). I just find myself thinking about her all the time. I also think about her parents all the time too, they are here in NZ and have to try to bring their daughter home through all the red tape. Plus she was an only child which somehow makes it seem worse...
Nodrog, that's horrible! I hope she had been very happy there, and that that can bring some comfort to her friends and family. I think having children has made me even more empathetic for parents who lose a child. It makes it so much more tangible. Give your precious girls an extra cuddle today.

Gideon's got a puffy red eye this morning- trying to squirt him with a bit of breastmilk but keep getting it all over his face instead. Expression on his face is priceless! At least I have enough to do it: one benefit of oversupply!

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