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June babes 2011 Lock Rss

Just got Nina weighed and measured today. At 4.5 weeks, she is 4.95kg (3.82 at birth), 57 cm (51cm when born) and a head circumference of 39cm (34cm at birth).

So she's growing really well. Very happy with this.

Hi all
Well life sure is busy now with 3. Flynn is growing like a weed, 1kg weight gain in 4 weeks so is now 4.5kgs. He is feeding every 3hrs around the clock which is starting to make me bonkers, i seriously am in need of a good sleep. He also has silent reflux and is at its worst from 4am-6am each morning and then i finally settle him only to have the other 2 kids awake so my days at beginning at 4am and ending around 11pm with a few feeds in there too. I have also been blessed with another child (yes all 3 are similiar)that fight sleep. Once they are asleep they are out to it but just trying to get them there in the first place is hard work. It is not unusual for Flynn to be awake for periods up to 5 hrs before he zonks it at the boob only to wake 1hr later because he is hungry, grrrrr!!

Sorry i havent read everyones posts but i hope all the bubbas are doing really well. Will try and get on more often.
Afternoon ladies. smile

Took Eric for his 1 month check up. Little tubba has put on almost 1.6kgs since birth. No wonder he was getting heavy! He's only grown 2cms apparently which seems odd... Anyway, he's doing fine. His boils went away pretty quickly after they popped themselves. Now it's just a slight red mark to show anything was there. He's also sleeping decently well too. He'll have a last feed at 10-10:30 and be asleep by 11 and sleep through til 4 or 5am. First time he did it shocked me as I'd woken at 3 to feed him but he didn't wake til 5. My poor boobs were rock solid, I had to express coz putting him on would have been agony. He feeds two hourly after his first morning feed and pretty much 3 hourly from 10am-ish. I feel like all I ever do is have my top down. But he doesn't feed for long, maybe 10-15mins and crashes for a little while.

Do any of you let your bub sleep on their tummy during the day? I do coz he seems to sleep better and doesn't jolt awake unlike when I lay him on his back from leaning forward on me. I check him so often though, so he might get a good sleep but I don't get any rest. smile

Hope all bubs and kids are being good to you all. grin

Little man is 1 month old and he becoming a real pro at having his photo taken.
He not sleeping on his back, i don't feel comfortable with that until he can hold his head up without any problem. My first son started to show me that he loved sleeping on his stomach when he was 4 months old, it freak me out.
Little man got his first cold which is upsetting. The doctor said he be fine and that little man will want to be held alot which is fine by me i love the extra cuddles. And i got the cold, it true when they say that once 1 person gets sick the rest of the family does.

Sounds like everyones bubs are fattening up nicely! Tahra&Kate, I let the little miss sleep on her tummy on my lap during the day while I read a book or watch TV or post on the huggies forum. Sometimes I let her sleep on her tummy for a little while on a rug when I'm folding washing etc, basically only when I'm watching closely. The tummy time is good for helping her pass wind as well.

declan&miasmummy - has the family flu passed over? I'm feeling yucky today, sore throat and sniffly, I really hope Charlotte doesn't get it.

Charlotte is putting on lots of weight and doing well despite our early feeding problems. Although she is still very unsettled, I went to a website on reflux and she ticks almost all the boxes, so today am giving her infant gaviscon before her feeds and seeing if that improves... so far so good! It's 10:30am and by this time for the last week she has already cried non stop for 3 or 4 hours and today there has not been any crying. It's strange, she is so unsettled and teary (with wet tears, oh that tugs at the heart strings) all day and then come night, she has a big long feed at about 7 or 8, sleeps for 5 hours, has another long feed then goes back to sleep until about 4am, when she wakes up full of smiles... that lasts an hour or two and then the tears start. Praying the gaviscon works!

Do any of your bubs have a strong preference for lying on one side of their head? Little miss loves turning her head to the right. Whenever I put her to bed I turn it to the left, come back later and she has usually moved it. Last night I put her under her blanket with feet at the bottom of the cot, her head on the left, came back an hour later and she was sideways in cot with head on the right... I didn't even realise she was capable of moving so much, she's only 5.5 weeks old! Anyway, I'm trying to encourage her to put her head to the other side with pretty toys to look at and putting her at the other end of the cot as the cot is at the foot of our bed, that way she is looking at us. It's not working too well, maybe she will just get a flat head!

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Yay were all better!! It was a rough couple of weeks though! I can't even remember how much Mia weighs now. I'll have to check and post her measurements later.. Well she's officially 6 weeks old today sad she's growing soo quick I want it to slow down so I can enjoy the newborn stage but it seems like everytime I blink she's a week older!
She's sleeping pretty good too 10pm down for the night wakes at 3am and 5am for a feed then DS wakes up at 7:30am. She doesn't seem to prefer a certain side she sleeps on both.
Hope everyone is well xx
Hi all,
Georgie is on antibiotics! Yesterday I was feeding her and noticed that she had a huge inflamed part on her left index finger. It looks like a massive burst blister and was all oozy. I freaked out and called the doctor as soon as the clinic opened but couldn't get an appointment until 3.00pm. Anyway the doctor said that it was probably from a little crack in her skin (as she has really dry skin) and that there wasn't anything that could have prevented it. The hard part about the antibiotics is that they have to be taken on an empty stomach, specifically two hours after a feed and an hour before a feed. Georgie is not used to having to wait for 3 hours! When she is hungry she wants to be fed NOW!! We are 1.5 days down and have to keep it up for a week.
I don't know how much she has grown, the Plunket nurse was sick so we missed a check up last week. She is coming on Monday instead so we will find out then. To me she seems much longer and thinner than Hazel at this age, but it has been 2.5 years so I don't know how accurate my memories are.
Tahra&Kate have you tried swaddling Eric? I wrap Georgie up tightly and she doesn't startle awake and has good long sleeps. She often sleeps on her tummy, but only when she is asleep on me or DH.
Skubala Georgie has worn all the hair off on the left side of her head! I also turn her head and come back to find her back the way she started! I'm not sure if there is anything to do about that except keep turning it the other way. Do you put Charlotte in a bouncy chair? I put Georgie in there after a feed, if I can't carry her upright, as it seems to keep the milk down in her tummy.
Anyway, I must go and try to get her to take some highlighter pink, sickly sweet smelling medicine...
Nodrog... I can't imagine trying to make miss Charlotte go on that kind of feeding routine! She likes to have 1 - 2hrly feeds from early morning until after lunch, then slows down to every 3 or 4 hours and then overnight goes for a long stretch. Last night she went 6 hours without a feed! I think she could have gone maybe half an hour or longer but my boobs were about to explode despite expressing some milk to relieve the pain TWICE lol. So good luck for the next week.

I had a little mummy breakdown a few days ago, Charlotte had been crying so much for about 5 or 6 days, starting early in the morning and not letting up until late in the arvo. I was exhausted and DH has been working at least 12 hours a day and sometimes up to 15 (he's leaving this job in the next 2 months thankfully!)I ended up putting missy on the rug on the floor and lying down and crying next to her. Then I called mum and had a cry to her also! So today mum pretty much forcefully took her and said I need to have some time out... but I don't know what to do with myself!!

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Hi Ladies,
It has been long time since I have been on. Our surprise buddle was a beautiful little Girl. June 21st we welcomed Chelsea into the world at 2.32am weighing in at 3.85kg (8lb 7oz) HC 35cm. It was extremely quick labour. We had a few complications myself and Chelsea afterwards. But are doing well now. I hope you ladies don't mind me joining in. Congrats on all of your bubbas arrivals.

hi em-aiden of course we don't mind you joining. the more the merrier.
Congratulations on the arrival of Chelsea. glad to here you are both doing fine now.

skubala we all have a melt down now and then, and by the sound of it you need a little time out. my advice is just try to rest. have a bath, a sleep watch a movie, read a book. enjoy the break while you can. it is hard being away from you bubba when they are so new, but at least you mum is there to help you. (my family is interstate)

Nodrog poor Goergie, does she pull funny faces with the taste of the med. when i had Mikayla on thrush med the faces she pulled were classic, poor little thing had never had anything with that much flavour before.

Mikayla likes laying with her head to the right most of the time but she does turn it in her sleep so I don't worry. she had a bald spot on the back of her head laugh it is totally smooth.
Mikayla is laying in her porta cot beside me gooing and garing it is so cute, she is having a big chat to her mermaid toy. she doesn't sleep a real lot during the day, so today I am wrapping her for her day sleeps (i had only been wrapping her at night) to see if this helps her sleep longer.
other wise we are well. dh is still away for 1-2 nights a week for work, so Cheyenne really misses him (so do i)

sorry to anyone I havent personally wrote to, I need to put Mikayla to bed.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

Just thought id quickly answer a question a few of you have regarding their bubs sleeping with their head to one side. It can be an issue and a very expensive one at that too.

DS slept with his head to one side and he got a very flat head. His ear pushed forward as well as his forehead and it looked as though it was a cone head. We left it til he was 4 months before we got really concerned and by then it was nearly too late. He had a stiff neck from the way he was sitting inside the womb so needed physio or chiro to loosen the muscles so he could turn the other way. Anyway we spent months and months seeing a chiro and thousands of $$ later correcting it. If it couldnt be corrected by 12 months he would have been put in a helmet for months to correct it. Thankfully it did correct itself thanks to the chiro. So i say maybe see a physio or a chiro that specialises in newborns. They dont adjust newborns like they do adults, they are very gentle and i swear by mine.

Here is a link about the problem. Its called Positional Plagiocephaly
Hey Everyone! Mia slept right through not last night the night before an only woke up once last night for a feed! Is it okay for a baby to sleep through the night so young? I wouldn't have a clue about normal sleep patterns as at this age DS only screamed at night not slept and still doesn't sleep through! Is anyone elses babes sleeping well? I'm not sure if I should wake her for a feed ?
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