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June babes 2011 Lock Rss

Afternoon ladies. smile

Took bubba in for his jabs this morning. Poor guy cried do hard. Plus he was pretty wound up before hand since his appt was at 10:15 and he usually has a feed at 10:30, so 10:30 comes and goes and he loses it. It was 11 by the time the CHN had done them and I'd put him on for some comfort and food. Poor little guy was so distressed it took a good 5 mins to get him to suck. But then he slept for about 2 hours which is a miracle during the day these days. He does about 8 hours over night though so can't really complain.

I tried tummy time the other day. He was so excited to be in a new position that he was flailing arms and legs and looking around with a big grin. Then he cracked his face into the carpet. A few seconds of stunned silence then it was the end of the world. He hates tummy time now. I tried dong it on the couch, on our bed. Nope, won't have a bar of it. Oh well. DD was the same, until she learnt to roll at 3 months then it was a struggle to keep her on her back. smile

Anyone else struggling to fit their bubbas into their clothes? Eric is already in 000 and even some of them are getting too tight. I have a feeling he'll be in size 1 by Christmas at this rate. Time to go and buy more clothes. If only it was summer, then he could just stay in a nappy and singlet.

I took maddison for her jabs today aswell, she screamed the clinic down, and has only just really settled after about 2.5hours, she is also growing out of her 000 clothes and she hasnt even worn half of them.
Good thing I bought heaps of clothes ranging from 0000 to 0 while I was pregnant!

I took madd
Georgie grew out of 0000 before she was born!! She is almost out of 000 now as well. Ah well, she did have a bit of a head start being so huge smile
I have to take her in to get her second round of jabs next week, I'm not looking forward to it sad
I had lots to say but it has all gone poof out of my brain... I think I'll go to bed now... smile
I have to take Tatum for his needles today and i am not looking forward to it at all!!!!

We are also moving to a new house this weekend so the house is a shambles, lucky we are getting a removalist so we dont have to worry about it too much but packing all the boxes is a pain in the butt. And then i will have all the unpacking. I also hope it doesnt unsettle the little man because he is a very good baby. smile

Nessco sorry to hear that Nina is giving you a bit of a hard time at the moment hope she settles down soon and the dr helps you out.

Skubala i love the sound of the lavender oil in the bath, im going to try that one.

Thanks for the review of the MCN's girls i think i might have to get some.

Ok back to packing..... sad

Hi Ladies,

Eeeeek: just came back from the supermarket where DS1 had his first massive public melt down! Screaming, crying, wailing....
Nope, he didn't want lollies or anything. He was tired, wanted to go home and I stopped to buy milk and recycle some plastic bags. Should have waited until tomorrow! I actually expected someone to stop me in case he was being abducted! The strange thing was, that the more upset he became, the calmer and more rational I got. Thank god, because if I hadn't, I'm not sure I could have got back to the car.

On a brighter note, DS2 rolled from his back 3/4 over during a nappy change!

Nessco, I hope things have worked out with the BFeeding and that Nina is letting you get a little more sleep? DS1 didn't sleep in long bursts at night and struggled to nap during the day. I ended up wearing him in a hugabub most of the time and that really seemed to help to soothe him. I also found giving him LOTS of boob during the day helped to stretch him out a bit at night.

Skubala: hope the last week has been better?

Claire: how did the move go?

Brooke: When do you make your move to Bairnsdale?

Tahra & Nodrog: I still can't believe I have a chubby-ish baby! We have even started using some OO bonds baby suits for bedtime and they don't look too big!

oh gabesmama you poor thing. I remember Cheyenne's first PMD. at least you were able to stay calm. I think it is easier when it is because of being tired rather than not getting own way.

we have had 3 parties look at the property on saturdy. it only went online of friday night. the first open is this sat coming. I won't be moving until the house has sold/settled. I'm hoping to be down there b4 xmas.

Mikayla is doing well. every time I think I have the eczema under control it comes back. so now she is not wearing the target towliing onesies (like bonds suits) as they are cotton and nylon. from memory with Cheyenne the bonds brand is all cotton so I will have to try to find some. (should have some packed away somewhere) but that seems to be helping ATM. the poor thing her skin is so dry, so is Cheyenne's. must be something in the weather.

i can't believe how fast these bubs are growing, already starting to roll.

hope all the daddies had a good fathers day.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

Oh Nessco, sounds like you guys are doing it tough! What did the doctor say? Are you sure there isn't anything else going on like little teeth or illness? I hope whatever is going on settles down soon!

Those of you who are moving, yuk! We moved when I was 34 wks pregnant and that was bad enough but with a little one as well, I can't imagine how stressful that would be! I'm hoping we can stay put for a few years at least!!

Charlotte is 11 weeks today. The last week was so much better! What a relief! Her crying has settled down heaps, usually only when she is tired or feels like having a sook because she's bored and wants attention. She giggled for the first time on Friday, but is a cheeky little thing and making me wait to hear it again! She's in 000 at the moment. She's quite long and lean, so she could almost wear 00 for length but the pants would fall off!

I'm getting a mirena put in tomorrow because I'm terrible at remembering the mini pill. Does anyone else have one of these? Was it worth it?

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Hi everyone. smile

Claire - how did the needles go? And the move?

Gabesmama - I've yet to experience a PMD. Poor you have to go through one! And yay for DS rolling!! How exciting!

Brooke - I must have missed it, where are you moving to? And is there any way of getting rid of eczema? Or is it a recurring thing that can't be cured?

Skubala - How did you go with getting the Mirena put in?

As for us, Eric is a full formula baby now. He refused to take either boob since his last feed right after his jabs. So over the last week I've been reducing my milk. It's nearly almost gone. Kinda sad about it. He wouldn't even take EMB. Must have been something about the smell or taste he didn't like. sad Oh well, not much I can do about it. He's happy on formula and I'm happy not having to whip my boob out or express so often. I'll be able to pack my expressor away now. Not sure if I'll sell it or keep hold of it til either of my sisters have a baby, which could be another 10 years off for all I know.
Also went for a pap on the weekend and my Dr said there cyst the MW saw after I had bub is still there and there's another one as well. So he sent me off for a u/s. The lady couldn't see anything so she did an internal one and sure enough there they are. I won't know the results til this weekend though when hopefully the pap results will be in as well. I was surprised how quickly I got in for an appointment. Called up on monday and got one for that afternoon. When I rang during my pregnancy there was a two month wait for an u/s. Makes me think cysts are higher up on the risk list then pregnancy, for which I'm sure many people are thankful for. So fingers crossed everything comes back all clear. smile

Little man had his needles last week. He was amazing, he slept threw getting the oral he opened his eyes for less than a minute and when he got his needles he cried for a minute then went back to sleep the whole time. He was totally different from our first son who let the whole place know what was going on. Little man had a bit of a temp but we gave him some panadol and he was right. He slept 2 night straight threw but he back to having a feed during the night.
I'm enjoying BF alot more this time around, first time i had alot of hard days but this time i'm just relax about it all.

We decided to go back and have a 3rd baby, so in a year and a half time we hope we be bless with another healthy pregnancy. Fingers cross we get our girl. Hubby really wants me to have a girl plus i think he wants a princess in the house too.

I got low iron still but my doctor said my body will recover by itself and watching what i eat and i have no problem. He said pregnancy,c-section and bf drains your body alot.

I hope everyone enjoying their little ones.
I'm so in love with little man and little master

Good afternoon ladies,

The move went well but there are still boxes everywhere, just trying to unpack a bit at a time each day along with looking after Tatum. DH couldnt take any time off work so its been a bit hard, hes great on the weekends though. Tatum was a little unsettled to go to sleep on the first 2 nights, i think he realised he was somewhere different but once asleep he was fine.

He wasnt too bad with the needles, he did cry but it was just a little bit but i cried too.... Im such a big sook with him.

Tatum has been wearing some 000's for about 2 weeks now but some are still too big on him, depends on the brand. He is still a smallish bub. He was in 00000's at birth and for the first few weeks.

Gabesmumma thats great about DS rolling, Tatum doesnt seem quite there yet, but definately enjoys playing under his play gym and hitting the toys hanging over him.

All the bubs and mums seem to be going really well and having lots of fun.... smile

Mikayla is so cute, she has discovered her hands. she lays there holding her hand, playing with her fingers and if i place something in her hand she puts it to her mouth. awww my baby girl is growing up.

okay whine alert !!!

my brother & SIL had twins in june, and my parents live about 2hrs away. so I'm jealous that my brother is away this weekend so my mum is going to help out with the twins (she sees them every 3-4 weeks) mean while my DH is away for work all week for the last 9 weeks, and I'm doing it on my own. (not by choice). I get that my mum has to work and I live 8 hrs away. but they have only seen Mikayla twice she is 13 weeks old now. just really feeling the distance, I didn't notice it so much with Cheyenne but she was the only grandchild, I guess I'm jealous for my girls that the twins will become closer to my parents than my girls, simply because they see them more. I would love to go and visit them but it is too far to drive on my own.

thanks girls whine over.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

It's good to hear all the bubs are doing well.
Maddison is trying to roll, and play with her feet, and hardly sleeping

Claire- I moved about a months b4 maddison was born and iv only just get everything away lol

Brooke- i know how you feel with the grandparents, my dad lives 2 hours away and works out of state alot so he doesn't get to see maddison a lot, but he gets to see his stepdaughters kids all the time, it really brings out the green eyed monster in me.

No other new... Only that DP and I are now engaged XD
Hi ladies
What do you do with your little ones when they are awake. Flynn is awake for about 1.5 hrs now and i struggle to keep him entertained. He only feeds for approx 10-15 mins now and only catnaps during the day so we have alot of awake time. When he is awake we do
lying on floor under his mobile
time in the swing
sitting on my lap watching ABC kids with the older kids.
Older 2 kids hold him
Sing a few songs
Time in his rocker

This seems like a lot but 1.5 hrs seems to drag by and i end up carrying him around the house as he doesnt enjoy doing the same thing for long. So what do you do and how long are your bubbas awake for these days?

Flynn is now going into 00 all in one suits as he is getting to long but he is also very round. He is one big baby. He feeds anywhere from 2.5hrs to 4 hrs during the day and is going 7pm til 3am at night, quick feed and back down til 7am.

Visited the doctor on Tuesday as my milk supply was dropping and she put me on Maxalon. Anyone had it? It made me soooo tired and a little depressed so im not taking it anymore. It did up my supply though so i think if it drops again ill take a couple and stop again. It only took 12 hrs and my supply was increased.

Sorry i havent replied to anyone elses reply. Hope everyone is well and all the June bubs are treating you all nicely.
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