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June babes 2011 Lock Rss

I thought I'd lost the ability to express (I used to with DD#1 for baby sitting purposes etc) as I was having no luck at all!! But I bought a new breast pump this morning, sterilized it and got 150ml in 10 minutes!!! Goes to show it wasn't me after all, but the dodgy old breast pump smile
This means that maybe I'll be able to do the occasional relief day after all...
Thats great news Nodrog, it is definately stressful to be worrying about finances. Things will be a bit tight for us when my PPL finishes.

What brand breast pump did you buy? I have one but its an unknown brand and i dont think it does a very good job. It also stings while expressing, is this normal? I'd like to have some milk on hand so DH can feed Tatum or for babysitters.

Jessiej, i can not believe the bed broke on you that is terrible, that was all you needed with all the other worrying stuff.

I hope all mums are having a good week with their bubs, Tatum has really got the hang of breastfeeding this week he was feeding pretty well before, but now he latches on really well and has a real decent feed. I can now understand why they say it takes a good 6-8 weeks to really establish the feeding. smile

I've got an Avent Manual one, (it is actually the same as my old one but new with better seals and isn't cracked). As for stinging, it definitely is different to breastfeeding and I find it makes my boob a bit sensitive afterwards, but I don't think it stings at the time.
I have an avent manual, I think it's really good. I find I get best results if I pump on the other side whilst feeding bub. I also have some photos of me feeding her and I find that is good to get the let down happening, otherwise I could be pumping forever and get nothing!

Charlotte is 9.5 wks old now, gee time has flown! She's so smiley and making the most adorable noises and I think she'll be rolling pretty soon, she's got the right idea but not quite enough strength to do it yet!

I had D&C yesterday, so glad that little drama is all over. Was feeling pretty miserable afterwards but today feel as good as new! I'm starting mummy pilates & baby massage class on Tuesday, can't wait!

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Claire-bear77, yeah I could have done without it lol, by the way i love the name tatum, that was the name we chose if bub was a boy.

Speaking about breast feeding, I havent breastfed for about 2 months, and my milk supply is coming back, if I started breastfeeding again after so long what are the chances of it upsetting bubs tummy?

I havent breastfed for about 2 months, and my milk supply is coming back, if I started breastfeeding again after so long what are the chances of it upsetting bubs tummy?

It shouldn't upset her tummy at all! She might find it 'annoying' to feed at first as the flow from a bottle is much faster but the milk itself will be perfect. How lucky that you have a milk supply if you are still hoping to breastfeed. Good luck with it!

Claire: The MCN's are going great! I have the cheap Babyland MCN's and they have been brilliant. I am using the same ones for Gabe (2.5) at naptime as for Gideon all day. One size fits all. Leaks aren't an issue if you change before 3 hours and the washing is nothing: One load every two days! I was more worried about nappyrash but hasn't been an issue. I'm still using a disposable at night for both boys as they sleep longer and I don't feel like changing bedding during the night! I could try the double liners but I still have disposables to use up so I'm not pressed.

Nodrog: That's great about the expressing! We haven't given Gids a bottle yet but I plan to get onto it quick smart. I have a non battery Aveeda one and MOST of an Avent one! (Bought it second hand, hardly used but something is missing!)

Skubala: can't believe Charlotte is almost rolling! Gideon is smiling and chatting away but not much on the movement front.

Last night Gideon slept from 8ish to 4ish. The night before he did 8ish to 6.15am!! Can't believe how lucky we are! Not too many naps during the day (one short one and another in the arvo of a few hours) but I'm certainly not complaining.

Hope all bubs and mums are healthy and happy.

We used MCN's with Hazel, I still have them and am going to start using them with Georgie, I found that they were better for nappy rash than disposable. I agree about the washing being nothing, it is really easy. One tip that really helped me was to use cheap flannels instead of wipes as you can then throw the whole nappy, cloth wipe and all in the bucket then into the wash. Also Nature Baby (I don't know if they exist in OZ) sells nappy liners which are washable and flushable (they are suitable for septic tanks, although this time round we are on city sewage) they are really good for #2's as you just time the whole lot in the toilet and flush it down. Our nappies are Fuzzi Bunz (they are on about the 4th or 5th bum at the moment) they are really good, but you need different sizes. Anyway must dash, Hazel is calling me smile
Haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd come say Hi!
Mia is the best baby..I can't believe how well she sleeps! Mostly 8pm-4am feed then down until 8am (sometimes she doesn't even wake at 4am!)
How much sleep does everyones bubs have during the day?

Only stress at the moment is Mia has an extra crease in her thigh and one leg is longer than the other.. I've been to the doctor and we are going to a follow up appointment in 3 weeks to see if it's changed..

Hope everyone and thier bubs are healthy and happy! smile
hi mums

glad to hear all are doing well.

well, we have done it, our house is on the market, we are leaving Melbourne and moving to Bairnsdale. yay.

Mikayla is no where near close to rolling, she hates tummy time. we are working on that.

poor Mikayla has eczema, but at least I know what set her off, so it should clear up pretty quickly. I was hoping to have one bub with normal skin (Cheyenne has eczema) Mikayla's skin seems worse than Cheyenne's was, it is so dry and scaly. I'm oiling her every day to try to combat it.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

BrookieB - That sucks that Mikayla has eczmema. Charlotte has had a bit too. Last night I tried to put some lavender oil in her bath - apparently good for skin and also to help baby relax. I put a couple of drops into a small amount of expressed milk and put it in the bath. I don't know if it was coincidence or whether it actually worked but she was so nice and chilled out afterwards and slept 7 hours last night in a row! And it made her smell beautiful too, so will be trying that again tonight!!

Week 9 of Charlotte's life was pretty feral, everyday I cried and generally felt very rundown. Today is beginning of week 10, so far it's been a good start! We're going to have a good week.

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Hi all, been a long time since I jumped on but have been keeping up with the reading to some degree.
The last few days I feel I have reached then end of my tolerance levels. It's getting very difficult as Nina is waking 4+ times per night for a feed not to mention the constant feeding during the day. We give her a bottle each night before bed but she is still waking all the time. She's really been exercising her lungs at all hours and is driving hubby and I a bit crazy.
I've sent my doctor an email to get some drugs to help with breastfeeding as I really feel she just isn't getting anything from me anymore. At least I know this option is available. If I don't get that support in the next day or two, I'm afraid I'm going to have to switch to permanent formula feeding which I'm just not ready to do at this stage of her life.
Can't recall all the other comments I was going to make in response to what I have read. Sorry, am just way too tired and exhausted. Hoping this all sorts itself out soon.

Afternoon ladies. smile

Took bubba in for his jabs this morning. Poor guy cried do hard. Plus he was pretty wound up before hand since his appt was at 10:15 and he usually has a feed at 10:30, so 10:30 comes and goes and he loses it. It was 11 by the time the CHN had done them and I'd put him on for some comfort and food. Poor little guy was so distressed it took a good 5 mins to get him to suck. But then he slept for about 2 hours which is a miracle during the day these days. He does about 8 hours over night though so can't really complain.

I tried tummy time the other day. He was so excited to be in a new position that he was flailing arms and legs and looking around with a big grin. Then he cracked his face into the carpet. A few seconds of stunned silence then it was the end of the world. He hates tummy time now. I tried dong it on the couch, on our bed. Nope, won't have a bar of it. Oh well. DD was the same, until she learnt to roll at 3 months then it was a struggle to keep her on her back. smile

Anyone else struggling to fit their bubbas into their clothes? Eric is already in 000 and even some of them are getting too tight. I have a feeling he'll be in size 1 by Christmas at this rate. Time to go and buy more clothes. If only it was summer, then he could just stay in a nappy and singlet.

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