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***FEBRUARY 2010 BABIES*** Rss

Hi Ladies,

My DD2 was born on 8th February after a somewhat hectic and problem loaded pregnancy. She is all fine and is now close to 16 weeks and boy the time has flown. I have another DD who is 18 months older than my 2nd - they are exactly 18 months apart.

Life here is very busy with 2 under 2 but I look forward to getting to know you all.

Hi everyone, this is my first time logging in since my son, Tait Cameron's arrival on 22nd Feb 2010. He weighed 3.65 kg (8lb 1oz) and was 50 cm long. At his 8 week immunisations he was 59 cm long and 5.5 kg. He is now 15 weeks old and weighs 7.5 kg and is 67cm long. Everyone thinks he is 6 months old when he is so not. His 2 and a half yr old sister loves him to bits sometime too much.

Look forward to talking to you all.
Hi ladies, Well I havn't been on here for a few months so thought I would come check things out.
I had my daughter Britney(baby #3) 19th feb day before my scan date and she weighed 7lb 1oz. When she came out my Midwife said my dates would have been right as she looked 2 weeks over cooked and my period date was 3 week different to scan date. I also have 2 boys 5 and 19months so have my hands pretty full these days but at least I got my girl hehe

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tongue Hi everyone

We welcomed our little man Kade into the world on Feb 26th via emergency c-section, as bubs got extremly distressed and never engaged even though I made it to 6 cms. I actually went in for an induction the day before but my waters broke that morning anyways. Kade was born at 40 + 9 at 8lb 14oz. Congrats to everyone on the arrival of your little ones. I'm also a first time mum and loving every moment! Looking forward to getting to know you all! xx

Hi there,
My bub Jorja was born the same day as Zoe!

Cheers, Meegan

Hi Mum's of Feb babies!

How are you all feeling? Hope your first few weeks with your babies have been fantastic and you are loving it smile

Our little girl Zoe Bella Thurston was born in Tauranga New Zealand on 27 February by emergency c-section, weighing 9 pounds on the dot. She's had a rough couple of weeks as she had to have a small operation when she was 11 days old, but she is really thriving now and I love every single second I get to spend with her (even at 4am in the morning when feeding her!!!)
Hi Mummys..

My name is Sam and im 22 yrs old and a first time Mummy. After a long 18 hour labour my hubby and i welcomed our baby boy keone Matthew into the world on the 26st of febuary at 3.45pm, hardest but happiest day of our lives.

Keone weighed 8lb 9.5oz and was 51cms. Was 4 days overdue..

Now our lil man is 19 weeks and his doing so well full of smiles and giggles his even rolling over now from back to belly and he is still happily breast feedind.

Loving being a mummy sleepless nights are worth it all.... smile
Hi there!

A bit late but I only found this post!

My boy was born on 11th Feb at 11:54am by C-Section. He was born at 36 weeks 5 days weighing 1.7kg (3lb 12oz)!

He spent a couple of weeks in hospital but now is a thriving little man weighing 5.8kg. He is now 22 weeks old and absolutely gorgeous (I may be slightly biased!!).

I love being a mum!

Hi girls,

I'm also a bit slow and just found this post.

My boy Daniel Alexander was born on Feb 10, which also happens to be my birthday! What a fantastic excuse to get a jumping castle and face painting at my birthday party grin
Daniel weighed 3.07kg and was 49cm. He was 3 weeks early.

Any mums around the St George area in Sydney? I've just moved here and looking for a local mums group.

I hope everyone's mummyhood journey has been as wonderful as they expected to be and even more.

I am extremely slow, only just found this post lol

Emily Anne was born on the 23rd February, nine days late (due 14th).

After a 17 hour natural labour (no pain relief)and 3.5 hours of pushing (she got stuck) my precious angel was finally born. She weighed 8lbs 12oz and was 54cm long. It was the happiest day of my life.

Emily is now 6 months old and is thriving. Every day I wake up to her cheeky smile I feel so blessed to have her in my life.

Hope everyone's little ones are doing well and that you are all enjoying the great ride of parenthood.
Hi other Feb mums smile, Our son was born on Feb 15th 2010 after i was induced on the 14th his actual due date, 7 hours into labour i had a emergency c section mainly due to complications and it turns out he was face us not face down and he had a big head lol. We named him Elijah and he was 9 pound 2oz and 53cms smile and he is the best part of our lives hes such a joy and such a character.
Hi Feb Mums,
I'm a Mum of 2, my 2nd DD was born 22 Feb after only 3 hours of natural labour...She was a whopping 4.8kgs the same as my first. I prefer to give birth with no one in the room at all at any time. I wasn't disturbed once and it was the best thing for me. Well actually, when the time came to push 2 nurses walked in and said yes its time go for it and 5 minutes later there she was and there I was requiring 1 hour of stitches. She is 7 months on and the happiest, giggliest baby I've ever seen. My eldest just loves to entertain which is a joy.
Cassi109 - My 3rd DD was also born 22nd Feb! Hasn't time flown! I can't believe she is 7 months old already. Mine was a littlie though, born 6 lb 10. So when people ask how old she is they get a surprise cos they think she's younger cos she's petite lol. All my girls have been like that.

re your birthing preference - I have my eyes squeezed shut, think its to try to block out the pain cos if I open them its more real! But good luck to DH if tries to leave the room - took some convincing before I'd let him go to get something to eat lol! Tried to trick me by swapping places with the midwife lol.

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