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January 2010 Lock Rss

My little bub William Lucas was born January 12th 2010.
Anyone else have a January bub?

My little bub William Lucas was born January 12th 2010.
Anyone else have a January bub?

Hey! Our little man arrived on January 20th, 2010. He now shares our wedding anniversary with my DH and I!!!!
My little girl Aaliyah Orana arrived 01/01/10 - Happy New Year's bub!! Just missed our wedding anniversary which in New Years Eve - spent that in labour!!!

Hi, our bub Alex Charles arrived on 21/1/2010. He was 3820grams and 53cms long and is doing very well, now a very healthy 6.6kgs and 63cms. How are other bubs doing. Loving the way he is starting to communicate and smile and laugh. We alos have a DD who is 22months, we are taking her to the zoo for her 2nd birthday.
Yep, our little boy was born 6th April 2010 - Right on his due date!
6lb 13oz, 50cms long. Drug free natural birth. Couldn't be happier!
Hi, our little man Harlan barry was born Jan 25th 2010.
He was born by C section.
My twin girls were born 9 January, natural drug free delivery six minutes apart.

In keeping with the wedding anniversary theme, they were in the hospital nursery for two and a half weeks and came home on our 5th anniversary.
Another January bub here! My DS was born on the 29th of January, 4 weeks early. Weighed 4lb 10oz came home after just 5 days in hospital. He is our 3rd boy!

Doing very well at almost 3 months old. Feeding lots, smiles, cooing & rolling. He is still very little just on 4kg now!

Our handsome little prince arrived 20 January at 4.25pm, weighing 8lb and 52cm long. He arrived on our wedding anniversary (although he was late!) I was induced, but had a natural labour and can now say that I loved every minute of it!!!

Our little man is doing so well! Loves to roll over and has been for a few weeks and is always keen for a chat!!!

Along with our 2yo DD, our little family is complete!
Another January bub here!! My DS was born on the 14th January 2010(1 week late) at 11.15am, weighing 6lbs 15oz and 50cm long after a natural drug free labor and delivery.
Hi I had a gorgous baby girl on the 11/01/2010 at 6:24am. She was a week early and a very quick labour 1 hour. She weighed 8lbs and 52 cms. She has a just turned 2 year old big brother.

Our January bub was born on 15/01/10 at 10.42am, 14 days late! Our little man, Malakai Nathaniel was 7 pound 11 ounces and 52cms long. He's growing so fast!

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