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MARCH 09 BUBS! Lock Rss

Ok seeing as though a few of us have had our bubs now, I thought I'd start a new thread so we can all talk babies!

xx Nic

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Thanks Nic for creating this thread.

Well Ebony does have jaundice but at this stage I just have to feed her more often and put her in the indirect sunlight and hopefully that will get rid of it. My milk seems to have come in so that will help too.
I have decided to co-sleep with her atm which I haven't done with the boys but she hasn't been settling well in her bassinette and will only sleep for 5-10 minutes and I need a little bit more sleep than that!

Thats about it from me. Hope to hear from some more mummies soon!

Jo smile
[Edited on 18/03/2009]
hey guys smile yay good we got this going the other thread is getting quite big they might delete us again like the last one haha

Jaundice is a swear word to me after Leah was under the fricken lights for nearly 3 weeks, the main reason we were not transferred from Perth back home to Albany. Her SBR just kept going up and up and they had no answer. in the end I suggested breast milk jaundice which they were not keen on but eventually after ruling out all the major offenders they put it done to that. So it could take months befor I know exactly what colour her skin really is lol she is still pretty yellow. one guy said the other day "oh she is olive" i had to laugh, maybe she is a bit olive under the yellow that would be nice lol smile

hows everyones feeding going? my milk supply is huge so Leah gets a bit much at once and often brings up part of her feed due to over feeding. Because she was premmy she demanded every 2 hours day and night which was getting full on but she is starting to demand every 3 and ocassionally every 4 as her tummygets bigger. my main problem is that she sleeps all day and is awake all night!!!! how the hell do I rectify that? I almost gave up the breast at night and changed to formula to help her sleep. Does anyone have any suggestions? during the day i change her nappy after i have fed her to try and keep her awake.

hope your ll feeling great
Kels xx

Leah Anne Gerdes born 03/02/09

oh yeah Jo forgot to ask how the co sleeping is working out? How long do you think you will do it for? I move so much in my sleep I was too scared I would squash Leah. smile

Leah Anne Gerdes born 03/02/09


Thanks for getting the thread up & running Nic!

Just wanted to hop on & say a quick hello. Of course I found this thread just before I'm about to cook dinner, so will get back on a little later when the girls have gone to bed.

Chat later

Hi Kelly,

Jaundice is a bit of a swear word and a frightening one at our house too! Cooper was rushed back to hossy with an SBR of 465 on day 3 and was under triple lights for a week. The only way we could get rid of it was to formula feed and I STILL feel guilty about it (even though I know I shouldn't). It just came on SO quickly! We left hossy and it was just on his head and the following day he was fluro! So to know that Ebony has it and they aren't checking on it everyday or taking bloods scares me a bit at this stage. I did have a girlfriend who is a paed nurse at Monash come and check it today and she has put my mind at ease a bit. It seems to be getting a bit better. I am eager to see what tomorrow brings!

So I really wont know how co-sleeping is going until I can stop feeding her every 3 hours. When we were in hossy I did it and she slept 6 hours the 2nd night so I was happy abou that! I hope she does it again when I can demand feed! I haven't decided how long I will do it for yet. Probably only 3 or 4 months but I will see how we go. If she is happy to sleep in her bassinette I will finish up earlier.
I am not worried about rolling on her or anything, I am a pretty light sleeper and I love my sleep too. It is the only reason I am doing it - so I can get more sleep!

Anyhow, better go. Have some housework to do. Thank GOd for Enjo - it makes housework SO much quicker!

Speak soon

Jo smile
shit that must of been scary with cooper, i would be a bit paranoid too. Just keep an eye on here tiredness if she hard to wake and doesnt feed much then ring the hossy, im sure they told you that anywho smile it's good you got a mate in the know she would would put your mind at ease.

What is Enjo????? my Enjo will be my mum when she gets here next week haha

oh to can dream...oh wait no i need to sleep to do that lol

Leah Anne Gerdes born 03/02/09

Hi everyone,

Thanks nic for starting up the new thread!!!

Kelly - that would have been so hard having leah under lights for 3 weeks, as i struggled with just one day!

Jo - I hope i didnt offend you with my comment on midwifes pushing formula as maybe i didnt explain very well. My 1st bub had a lot of bowel problems because as soon as i started him on formula which i feel really guilty about. And with Amber this time she was only boarderline jaundice when they decided to put her under the lights and i had a pretty good supply of clostrum so there was no need to feed formula and the male midwife made me feel really guilty for saying no even though he didnt know the circumstance. At the end of the day i would have done the same as you in that situation with cooper because it would be better to formula feed then to have a blood transfusion!!! My babies all had jaundice which was caused by me being rhese negative and they are all positive.

Jo & Michelle - how nice is it having a little bit of pink after two boys!! I cant believe how many clothes she now has everyone has gone crazy its feels weird having a whole washing line full of pink clothes.

I hope everyone is enjoying there new additions and snoozing whenever possible!! Nik

Jesse 27/03/05 Kynan 19/07/07 Amber 12/03/09

Hey girls,
No probs about starting the thread! I'm glad some of us can use it already!

Cora has been sleeping about 6hrs at night, so I can't complain about that! 1 in 4 kids sleeping that early in life is great I think!! I'm sure we will have some hiccups tho, but all I do is feed her (last feed around 9.30/10.30) and then put her in her cradle, she usually wakes around 3 or 4 for another feed and then I fall asleep with her beside me usually. Works for us now and it means I get some sleep too.

Jo, hope the co sleeoing goes well for you! I guess I am doing a bit of it, but I don't really trust Scott in bed cause he's such a heavy sleeper and doesn't know she's there.

Nik, Glad to hear that bub only had to be under the lights for one night! Are you still bf?

What about everyone else?

Anyway I have to go get Alex soon, so I'll come back and do a better post! Sorry if I missed you, but I'll come back and psot to everyone soon!
Hugs to the bubs!
xx Nic

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hi again everyone!

Sounds like most of us had a problem with jaundice. Emily was looking yellow in the hospital, I was starting to worry that she would need treatment. My second daughter had to be treated with the billy blanket, poor thing looked like a glow worm. Luckily Emily's jaundice was mild & she is nice & pink now!

Emily is sleeping & feeding well. She is sleeping for 4-5 hours at night. The last couple of nights though she has decided that 1am is a nice time to stay awake. Hopefully that will change soon, my eyes are starting to hang out of my head!

My husband heads back to work next Wednesday so reality will hit then when I have to start the school drop off & pick up again. We are either going to be really early or very late. Interesting times ahead!

How is everyone recovering after the birth? I had an elective caesar & the recovery was pretty good. My only concern now is my deflated looking stomach, I don't think any amount of sit ups is going to fix it! Looks like my bikini modelling days are over, haha!

Anyway I had better get back to it.
Chat later

Hi everyone. Well it has been a good three weeks apart from the last couple of nights. Tay has thrush and colic and reflux. So with all that combined she has been very unsettled the last couple of night. We got about an hour sleep Tuesday night, and a bit more last night. She is getting her next checkup for the formula study she's on next Thursday so it'll be good to see how much she's grown. That's about the best bit of this study - that they check on her constantly. Hope everyone else is doing well.

I forgot to mention that Tay and I co-sleep. I did it with Milly till I moved in with Andrew, so she would've been 3 1/2. I just love the feeling of knowing they are right there. I am a very light sleeper when the kids are in the bed. You can just sense that you need to be. During the day she does sleep on her own in a prota cot, her cot, bouncer or beanbag so pretty much anything and anywhere.

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