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Hi there!

Ive noticed no-one has been in this thread for quite some time, anyways. I have a little girl that was born on the 2nd of june 08(shes now 21months). she was 7pd 4oz at birth. she is now just under 10kg, and shes a very smart well mannered girl. shes toilet training at the moment and its proving to be alot easier than i thought it would be.
she speaks in sentences and generally is able to tell me what she wants.

My Fiance, daughter and I live on the NSW central coast, have only been here for 2 months.

hope everyones bubs are doing well, aswel as all mummies.

Hi Ladies,
How is everyone??
How has the last year been for everyone and their beautiful babes?
I have been soo caught up with moving house that I completely forgot about Huggies. sad
Well DH and I are trying for our 4th and final bub, soo excited but absolutely petrified too. I don't want another repeat of Rileys speedy birth.
Well I hope everyone is well and it would be soo nice to catch up with all you ladies and bubs.

Wow it has been a while since i been in here. Things have been crazy here with Kye having his 2nd Birthday on Friday and lots of renos at home.

Lots of babies happening for everyone with Prasangi having a little girl last week and more pregnancies popping up.

Congrats and good luck to you all.

Kye has just woken so I will come back later and post some more.


Wow, I haven't been on here in ages.... didn't think it was still active......

How is everyone doing???? and all the bubs?????

Yeah, I had baby no 3 almost 2 weeks ago and just settling into life with 3 children. Poor Akeesha is finding the change quite hard.... she loves the lil sis but has gotten very clingy to me and gets upset for the littlest things.... poor girl....

Nothing else is new at my end.....

Hope u all are doing well...

DD1 7/11/04, DD2 27/5/08

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