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Kye has slept thru the last 3 nights from 7.10-5.50. YAH! Hopefully he will continue this trend for sometime.

Where is everyone these days? It's so quiet in here.

Hi All,

Will had his needles this week and has been pretty good. His b'day party was a hit, I was surprised all the kid behaved. Will can now stand him self up and walk as opposed to he used to crawl to something he could stand up on and then walk from there. He is also eating like there is now tomorrow oh and he weighed 10.5kg fatty LOL...

Hey Erin how are you going, how is everthing with the pregnancy. I hope the kids are being good for you.

I bought a slow cooker this week, so I am going to have fun over the weekend cooking.

Ok gotta go get the kids organised for bed.
Cheers Mel

Hi ladies

Mel - I'm not so good thinkgs are hard at the moment and i still have 2 months left.

Chris is getting through at least 3 of his first molars plus i think 2 of his canines are about the come through too and he is turning into a total nigthmare. he has decided he does not want his dummy since they started coming through but he just screams as soon as i put him in bed even though he is tired.

like just now he fell asleep on me and i moved him into his cot as soon as i put him down he started screaming the house down. he has been doing this every sleep time and i'm having to try controlled crying on him but he is very stubborn.
he is so clingy ALL the time i cant go anywhere or do anything wothout him sceaming and wanting to be picked up

he is lucky to be getting 30 mins sleep through the day and thats making he even crankier.
I just dont know what to do anymore.I'm so tired i get hardly any sleep with the girls coming in to my bed still how can little people take up so much room

anyway better go get Chris he doesnt seem to be calming down so he only got about 10 mins sleep and probabaly wont sleep this arvo now

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Erin, sorry to hear things aren't going well, what if you try putting him in the pram/stroller and get one of the girls to push him around the house, I used to get Zoe to do that and he would fall asleep in there and I would just leave him.
Don't worry Will is doing the same, being very clingy to me during the day, always coming up to me crying, he is not normally a dummy boy either and I have been giving it to him during the day to keep him quiet, and his day sleep is now only 1 hour at the max, he just wakes up screaming and yawning but won't go back to sleep not even with his milk. I think he is getting some big teeth too.

Sorry Erin I'm not much help, that's all I can suggest.

How are you going with Jess, I know Zoe has been a real terror these past few weeks, she is just not listening at all and talking back, terrorising Will. I sure hope she grows out of it soon, she never really went throught the terrible twos so I guess she is making up for it now. She has even been in trouble at Kindy.

I hope Chris settles down soon, and you get some much needed sleep.

Feel free to chat to me if you need to..
Mel smile

thanks Mel you actually helped a lot it's good to know other people are having the same problems.

i wish chris would take his dummy he use to only have it at sleep time but just rips it straight out and throws it now

Jess and Zoe sound very similar Jess didnt go through the terrible 2's either but is the same now never listens and talks back, she mostly terrorises Steph so Chris is lucky there. but she is definatly a hand full at the moment and Steph is going through the terrible 2's and chucking mega tantrums over nothing all the time so it's like living in a mad house here at the moment and being pregnant and Daniel being away is definatly not helping either

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

It must be the age or teeth. Kye is doing the same with sleep time too. He is sleeping about an hour max but usually twice a day. I spoke to soon with him sleeping thru the night. He was up and down between 11 and 12 last night then slept till 4 feed and then up at 6.45. So much for a sleep in.

I am still feeding him to sleep (I know that's bad) if I don't he screams. He can't self settle anymore. Control crying doesn't work either. The stubborn thing just keeps crying. I usually give in after 1/2 hour, pick him up and he goes straight to sleep.

Erin hope things do get easier for you. R the family close enough to help out?

Take care.
PS Kye's having his needles tomorrow.

Hi ladies,

hope everyone is doing well.....

Sorry to hear Erin that you are having a hard time...... it's not easy on ur own with 3 kids and one on the way.... do u have any family close by????? I'm having a hard enough time with the girls during the day, i really feel for u!!!!!

Akeesha still only has the 2 bottom teeth and still only holding on to things to walk. She's babbling a lot more though and doing certain things when we ask her to ie blinking etc......

I haven't been on for a while..... just been busy with the kids and I'm also in the process of doing some studies so been busy with assignments/reading etc.


DD1 7/11/04, DD2 27/5/08

Kye had his needles this morning and he gave a little whimper poor thing it must have hurt. He is sleeping it off atm but will be woken up in 20 mins if he is still asleep as kids have an edu dance concert at school.

Catch up soon

Hope Kye is feeling much better.... poor thing..... 3 needles in 1 day is too much.... Akeesha had hers a few weeks back and when the Dr did the 1st needle, she must hit a vain cos a heap of blood poured out and it frightened me soooo much and the little one cried non-stop for all 3 and then when she got a lollypop, she was all ok!!!!! kids!!!!!

DD1 7/11/04, DD2 27/5/08


Where is everyone these days?

Erin you must be about to pop how are your family and yourself doing?

Congrats Erin on the arrival of Oliver Shane this morning. Wishing you all a wonderful life with another son and brother to love.

I can't believe you delivered and came home almost straight away. I hung around for a few days to adapt and bond with my boy and get waited on too.

Hope it all goes smoothly for you.

Hi Girls smile

Hope everyone is doing well, and bubs are all healthy! I've never been on a forum before, so I just thought I'd introduce myself and my bub! Zaeden Bailee, gorgeous little man, he was born on the 18th of June at 10:11am by planned c-section, weighing 10lb 10oz! (yes thats right... big boy!)

I was due on the 24th of June.. as I had really high blood pressure and huge swollen feet, the dr sent me for a check up ultrasound on June 1st. Finding out then, that Zae was 9lb 13oz approx, so they planned a c section for the 18th! (not exactly sure why they waited so long but anyway) lol.

He's a beautiful baby, starting sleep 11-12hrs a night from around 3weeks old (formula fed - mastitis and no milk). Still sleeps that long, except last night. I think he's going through another growth spurt, and I have a feeling teething is starting... but have to expect it smile He's full of smiles, laughs and personality!! Couldnt be happier!!

Look forward to talking to everyone soon! smile

Thanks ladies,
Candice! xx
[Edited on 16/10/2009]
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