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Happy belated birthday to Claire, Chris and Akeesha sorry if i missed anyone. Hope you all had great days.

We had friends call over for morning tea this morn and family tonight and then the party for everyone else on Sunday too. Seems to be the day for parties. Suppose to be wet here but I pray for a fine day like the rest of this week.

Kye slept well last night from 7-1.30 and then till 5.50am, but I guess I was excited for him as I woke at 5.30 and couldn't go back to sleep.

Kye also took 2 steps on Tuesday then fell on his bum he isn't yet confident to take any more. The time will come when he wont stop so I will enjoy it now.

By the way love the dresses Mel and the colour is gorgeous.

Hey Ladies, I checked back at Zoe's measures when she was 1 and she was 8kg and 74cm so I wouldn't worry to much. She is now right on average line for everything and eats and eats.

Hi Ladies

Mel those dresses are beautiful.

I havn't got Chris' 12 month needles yet but will be going tomorrow. had so many things on havn't had time yet
I will have to get him weighed and measured too it's been a little while and he is definatly getting big now and he never stops eating.

Chris is getting really good a walking now althougnh still stacks it a bit but walks all around the house now and can stand up without using anything to help him oh he is growing up to fast lol

better go feed the kids before they start screaming lol

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Thanks Erin, What did you do for Chris's b'day and what did he get, I'm still madly planning Wills got all the stuff for the kids party bags today, next week get cake and the rest of the drinks/meat for bbq.

I thought I would just popped into the shoe shop today and what do you know 50% off bargain, now I have my wedding shoes.. I obviously was meant to go in there LOL... They are great, perfect for me as I hate too high heels or too thin.

Hi How is everyone?
How's you week been?

Its starting to get chilly in the mornings Winter is here..

Will walks everywhere now, he is so cute

A freind of the family had their first on Mon, 18 days early, omg its a girl too and she has red hair, so cute...
They had so much trouble trying to conceive over 4 years

Hi its been a while but life here is hectic.

Kye has croup, a cold and another tooth coming thru.
He has taken 6 steps at one time so far but is pushing things and walking around furniture all the time.

Kye has just started crying when DH leaves the house. It has just clicked in that mummy isn't the only person that loves him. DH loves it he nows feels special.

Going to try change my signature finally. Wish me luck.

Yah. I only had to redo it twice and it worked. I have an up to date signature.

Just remembered Kye was weighed and measured last week
Weight is 11.4kg lost a bit since he has been moving around.
Length is 80cm.

He is my biggest bub at the same age.
[Edited on 10/06/2009]


Happy Birthday Will!!!

He shares his birthday with Daniel lol pity he isnt here with us to celebrate it.

Mel we didnt do much for Chris' birthday my parents came down and we had lunch and a cake and of course presents lol

I'm thinking about doing a triple party for all the kids this year Daniel is getting back in mid to late august (hopefully) and Steph's birthday is early september and Jess late september so i might just combine it all trogether.

I think Chris is getting another tooth he is dribbling heaps and been stirring a lot through the night and i can see it just under the gum

Girls have their pre school photos on monday i cant wait to get them hopefully they will both co operate. the only problem is they dont go on mondays so i have to take them in for the photo and then leave and i'm betting they will want to hang around and play lol

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Hey ladies

It's been a mad couple of weeks but we've got through.. Had the party last sunday it was a pretty good success, kids got spoilt rotten and it was a lovely day. Not sure if I'm like 3's anymore then I like terrible 2's with Abby but I'm hoping she's going to settle down soon.

We've had many more bugs going round, Claire got sick last saturday so was miserable for the party and has been the whole week. Took Abby to the docs yesterday, normally I avoid docs like the plague but she was complaining of a sore body, had a tempt and was so lethagic.. turns out she has a cold, toncilitis and an upper respitory infection. So after a day of antibiotics she's already on the mend. I myself have been sick again. I'm so sick of being sick, but not much I can do I suppose.

I've been trying to hammer Claire hard with fattening her up, we have 5 weeks before we are due to go back to the docs for her evalutation so pumping milk, yoghurt and custard, butter in the veges plus avocado and just tried cheese since daycare have been giving it too her I thought it would be too hard.. nope my garbage disposal unit proved me wrong! I think she's getting bigger but I'm not getting my hopes up since every time I think she's grown she hasn't sad

On a happier note, she's trying to move between things now and is getting adventurous. I can't wait for her to be well again because I reckon she really will take off then. She's doing well at daycare, settling in now which is a relief. I have finally been able to enrol full time for next semester at TAFE, I just wish I could concentrate enough to finish my last assignment to finalise this semester.. sometimes there's just too much going on to concentrate..

Claire is also weaned now, she's had 1 good feed this week and the other "attempts" have ended in tears (sometimes mine due to biting) and is now drinking a cup of soy milk each day. It's taken awhile for her to figure it out but likes it now. I've tried cow's milk but she just won't have a bar of it, so Soy milk it is to drink. I'm really looking forward to getting my boobs back, specially because it's turned bitterly cold here now, relief to keep them under wraps smile and I always said once I stopped I would go and get properly measured and spend a bit of money on buying some real pretty bras since wearing daggy maternities for nearly 2 years it's time to feel sexy again smile

Anyway, that's about it for now, bye!!!!

Happy belated birthday to Will.

Kazza how did you do it? I have been debating to stop bf but the convenience works for me, and I don't think Kye will give it up to easily.
It would be nice to wear a nice bra again tho can't wait for it. Mine have holes in now but no point getting a new one for a few more months.

Had a bad morning today been up with Kye since 4 am. He is over the croup he had last week but has a new tooth and maybe more on the way (he usually cuts 1 a week after the first).

Hoping to get a good night sleep tonight. He slept for 2 3/4 hours this morning and sleeping now but only till we go to school.

Take care everyone.

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