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and in other news (for us) CLAIRE HAS A TOOTH, CLAIRE HAS A TOOTH, must've popped through yesterday and has been super cranky tonight so might be another tomorrow or in the next few days..

Just thought I would share a quick note hehe smile

Yay for Claire

Happy B'day to Macey

We've decided on a lilac/lavender theme for our wedding, bridemaid has chosen her dress and I finally have chosen mine too, we are both getting ours made as its heaps cheaper.

Also booked our DJ last week too, and meeting with photograpehr this week to finalise our package. I have also decided on silk flowers as they are heaps cheaper too.

[Image Removed]

its not working goddammit

[Edited on 28/05/2009]

[Edited on 28/05/2009]

one day it will work

haha mel

here! you forgot the /

beautiful dresses by the way!
Thanks so much Denae smile smile

Thanks to Denae, you can now see my wedding dress and my bridesmaid dress.....

beeeeeee-au-tiful smile

Claire had her 12mth needles on Tuesday and went off to the CHN for her measurements....


she's gained 40g in the last month and has totally plateau'd at 7.11kg .. sad but in saying that she's been more active the last 3 mths which might have kept her weight constant.. CHN is starting to get worried because she's pretty much dropped off the weight chart (but all other measurements are normal and her development is normal) but the doc said not to worry and come back in 3 mths or so to get weighed and see where she's at.. it's so confusing, she seems happy and healthy, just petite until she gets on theose scales and my heart just sinks... there's not much more I can do though, she eats constantly, now drinking milk from a cup during the day as well as feeds, they suggested piling butter on everything which I can do but I don't want to kill the flavour of everything by adding butter.. she's just had peanut butter for the first time and seems to like so that's more fatty then vegemite ..

Party next sunday, so underprepared for this but should be going shopping tomorrow to get some stuff..

Happy birthday to all the bubbas grin
[Edited on 28/05/2009]

Mel, the dresses are really pretty!!!!!! Good choice!!!!!

Happy b'day to all the bubs too!!!!!!

Akeesha went to paed yesterday too and had all the measurements done!!!!! Like lil Claire, she's really tiny too.... weight was 7.4kg and height was only 70cm. Our doc prescribed this powder thing that we can put into Akeesha's diet which will help put on some extra calories!!!!!! can't remember the name though!!!!! And he also suggested that we put her onto cows milk and put butter into everything too..... We have to take her back in 6 months to see how she's going!!!!! hopefully she's be bigger then!!!!!!

Anyways, that's all frm our end atm. Getting organised for the party on Sun!!!!!!!


DD1 7/11/04, DD2 27/5/08

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