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have a great weekend alll

yeh for af Mel.

Booked Will in today for his 1 year needles, Not looking forward to that.
Zoe has to have her 4 year ones too this Sept and apparently some new health and fitness thing, they ask her heaps of questions about what she likes to eat for dinner, whats her fav fruit/vege, wheteher she likes to play inside or outside and a whole lotta other stuff.

Its raining its pouring the dams are filling up YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will climbs on everything NOW GRRRRR Zoe's toybox, his table, stands on chairs, god dammit..... He also opens every single cupboard and shuts himself behind every single door...

Gave Will some boiled egg last night and also made a Zucchini Slice and he had that on Mon, so egg obviously agrees with him...

Kye is also into cupboards but we have put up a gate to keep him out of the kitchen and hopefully keep him safe.

He has started sleeping thru the night again Yah! He has also started having up to 2 hours at a time in the day. (He still has 3 sleeps a day most days).

I ordered ballons for next Thursday today can't wait to see them inflated as the #1 is 81cm tall. It will be fun in the car. I think Kye will love it but also be overwhelmed.

Exactly a week to go now how scary, the time has gone so fast.

OMG 3 day sleeps, Will only has one for about 2-2.5 hours, What time does Kye go to bed and wake up in the morning,

Will goes to bed around 7-730 and wakes up about 630-7am.

I gave Chris egg the other night made up a Quiche and decided stuff it i will see how he goes and he was fine with it.

Chris doesnt get into cupboards (yet) just tries to get in the bloody bin all the time. But Daniel send over some magnetic letters and since i put them on the fridge that has distracted him a bit.
It's really annoying I cant put a gate up to block just the kitchen as there is an angle and no wall on 1 side I could put 1 in the hall way but that will also stop Jess from getting to the toilet.

Chris is starting to walk more now I can see he is getting braver he sort of looks where he wats to go and then starts taking steps although a lot of the time he falls on his bum before geting there lol.

I'm so annoyed Daniel is going to have to stay over in the middle east up to a month longer and wont be getting back until August some time instead of July. I so dont know how i'm going to do this for another 3 months 2 months more was bad enough and i'm going to be so big by then i'm going to be like 34 weeks when he gets back

Wow 3 day sleeps I'm having trouble getting Chris to have 1 he just wants to play all day lol although he does go down he kicks up a stink about it.

Steph decided today that she wants to start toilet training i'm so not ready for it. I have enough to do and Jess has been really bad the last week she has been having accidents ALL the time for no reason, so i really dont want to start her yet but she wants to so i guess i have no choice lol

well i have just written a novel sorry

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

oh no Erin I can't believe DH is going to miss pretty much your whole pregnancy sad when he gets back I'm sure he's going to allow you to just put your feet up and look after the kids.. You must be getting big now??

There are heaps of ppl preggers at the moment around me at the moment, makes me all clucky.. My best mate just found out she's 15wks pregnant .. it's so funny since she's missed all the first trimester she's just starting to pop and gets to find out what she's having in mid June, no waiting around, mind you she doesn't find it as funny, it wasn't planned and she's only got like 5 mths to prepare but I still like to giggle at her smile

Claire still has 2-3 sleeps a day if we are home. She'll get up around bout 6-7am, then back to sleep around 9, up for lunch and down again bout 1 and if I'm lucky she might have another sleep in the arvo but it all depends on how long she sleeps. If we are out she won't sleep.. she's been waking at night 1-3 times it's driving me up the wall a bit.. we've had total breast refusal for a little while so start to try and give her some milk, tried soy, lactose free and normal to see what she likes and drinks them all the same. I was trying to give her sippy cups but when she wasn't feeding and she wasn't drinking very well from the cups I tried her on a straw cup and she's been drinking like a trooper smile No-one told me she was a straw cup baby, these kids really need to come with a manual smile She's been feeding a little bit more this week but I think I will just keep going till the milk dries up, if she keeps only having a little bit here and there in the early morning and night it shouldn't take long, she only feeds from the left so we'll see.

Otherwise I've been letting her start to feed herself and she shovels her weetbix in every morning with her hands.. Eats arrowroot biscuits by the packet but I'm having trouble to try and think of finger foods that I can give her considering she still has NO TEETH!! The lumps are there, I got so excited last week cause I saw a hole where I thought a tooth was cutting through but a week on no progress sad if her nappies and sleeping is anything to go by they're in there and growing but just not cutting through.. She's also getting pretty good at pulling herself up but we don't have any tables or shelves and the couch is too high for her to pull herself up on so she's getting more brave and exploring trying to find something to use. We're going to go pick up a wooden table and chairs tomorrow for the girls that hopefully she'll be able to use. Also started her 1 day a week at daycare 2 weeks ago and she's been ok. There was a child there that just cried non-stop all day which really aggitated all the other kids so he's been changed to another day so hopefully tomorrow will be will be a little more calm.

For the girls birthdays we are doing a party at the playground on the 7th. I have to try and figure out how to make 2 cakes and it's time to start organising stuff since it's only 2 weeks away. We all be struck down by gastro this week so slowly recovering .. On the plus side it's made abby more aware of what she's doing toilet wise so we are having semi success but alas still a frustrating excercise..

Might end it there, everyone still awake?? I really need to come in more often to post but sometimes forget .. Hope you are all busy preparing for your little ones first birthdays, I really can't believe it's been a year since we were all going "over it, want this baby out, sore sore sore, can't wait for birth" wow what a year grin

Oh Erin, thats not good, I hope the next few weeks fly for you. Will gets into the bin too, must be a boy thing. LOL He also has been screaming like a girl for the last two days or so, he doesn't all day long and its driving me mad LOL.....

Will doesn't feed himself, he's Lazy LOL....
I am going to work on Thurs from Sept so Will goes to daycare 1 day a week from then. Not looking forward to that.

Kazza you will be amazed at what they can eat with no teeth. Try yoghurt and cook up some carrot or sweet potato or other veges into sticks and then cook them and give that, or how about toast or bread soliders with spread.

Heeeeyyyyyy!! Miss me?!? Probably not. Lol. How are you all? I am so sorry I haven't been on here in ages, it's been so super busy here (will elaborate later) and everytime I "try" to write a post, Huggies gives me those stupid crying babies and then my post is gone. Usually it took me about 15 mins to write and then it'd disappear. sad I'd give up. Lol, sorry. I don't have much patience lately. The girls have taken to fighting. It starts out playing but then Mace starts getting a bit angry and starts biting Kaili and then it's an all out war. Lol.
Kaili is now in playgroup at the kindy, getting ready for pre entry Kindy next term. Eeeek!! It's gone too quick. Speaking of too quick. This time last year I was holding a tiny little bundle who came into the world at 4am. sad Where has it all gone???? Happy Birthday to my little princess.
I'll keep this one short (hopefully be back on later on today) so maybe it will go through and actually stay. Lol.
xx Al.

Happy Birthday to Macey.

Kye is like Claire with his sleeps. Up about 6.30am when dh up back in bed at 9 when we get back from school usually 1.5 hours and back in bed again at 12 or 1 depending what we are doing for about 1-1.5 hours and most days back to bed about 4-4.30 for about 40 mins. He then goes to bed between 7-8. He has woken again last 2 nights once for a feed but then sleeps thru till 6.30.
He obviously needs his sleep as he can only survive being up for 2-3 hours max. Very grumpy otherwise.

Dropped ds off at camp this am and back tomorrow arvo. Dh is in Melbourne for the football so having quietish w/end with the other 3. Getting organised for the parties.

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