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Hey Mel, good idea about the bbq.

We are having an arvo tea on sunday 31st for family and friends but i am doing morning tea on his bday for a few friends that have babies in Kye's school year. 2 smaller parties to enjoy not that he will care. It's all about us LOL.

Is anyone still bf? I am and had teething troubles last week but luckily settled this week.

Back later when i'm not nursing a lump.

It has been quiet here huh?????

Can't believe in a couple of week, our little ones will be turning 1. Where has the year gone??????

Seems like all the parties are going to be on the 31st so far. We're having Akeesha's on the 31st too. It's gonna be a lunch for family and friends. Have to get invitations out by next mon..... been busy doing that.

Akeesha still isn't walking. She can hold on to things and walk but not steps yet on her own.

Karen, yeah I'm still bf. I haven't had the prob with teething yet cos she only has 2 teeth on the bottom so she can't bite as such. I'll wean her over to cows milk as soon as she's 1 so not long now.

TC all...

DD1 7/11/04, DD2 27/5/08

Ladies neeed your opinions on our wedding vowes what do you think:

Christians Vowes

I call upon the people here present to witness that I Christian take you Melissa to be my lawful wedded wife.
Today I am marrying my best friend.
The one I laugh with, dream with, love.
From this day forward you shall not walk alone.
My heart will be your shelter and
My arms will be your home.
I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you and our children Zoe & Will.

Melissa’s Vowes
I call upon the people here present to witness that I Melissa take you Christian to be my lawful wedded husband.
I promise to encourage and inspire you, to laugh with you
And comfort you in times of sorrow and struggle.
I promise to love you in good times and in bad,
When life seems easy and when it seems hard,
When our love is simple, and when it is an effort.
I promise to always hold you in highest regard.
I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you & our children Zoe & Will.

I have replaced Wills lunch bottle with goat milk and the other two he is still on formula.

Happy Mothers Day for tomorra all

what did you all ask for??? I asked for a v slicer and some 2kg dumb bells and a some electronic scales. Hopefully I get brekky in bed too.............

DO you like my siggy i finally worked out how to do it.......

Zoe made me something from Kindy too so it will be interesting to see what it is...

Hey there

My mother's day has been pretty disappointing

Claire is standing and pulling herself up heaps now and letting go to stand so hopefully will be off walking very very soon

Mel if you don't get your v-slicer I've got one you can get off me I don't use it at all, just sitting here gathering dust :s

HI All,

Sorry to hear about that Kazza.
& thanks but they got me a V Slicer. & my scales not happy with what they say I weigh, but I'm working on that.

We had a great day out yesterday, we went to the lake, kids fed the ducks then rode their scooters around, kicked ball and played tennis, we had sangers, chook, and mum got some yummy sausage rolls from the bakery yummo.
I got yummy toast in bed from Zoe oh and she made me this lovely photo frame out of paddle pop sticks and decorated it with lovely glitter and ribbons and they put a photo of her in there. That was the best present.

I haven't had a period in over six weeks, I don't think i'm preggers, as I have no symptoms, I think my body is a little out of wack after going off the pill mid cycle. I did get a period a week later but have had nothing since. I am normally so regular though. Oh well wait and see I guess.
Sent out Wills invites last week, and today went to the meat shop to start buying rissoles and snags etc.

Hi everyone

Gee I havn't been on in a while been so busy, i started to write a post the other day but got pulled away half way through.

Kazza sorry to hear your mother day wan't good. Mel glad you got what you wanted. I got a present each from the girls from pre school Jess was a photo in a handmade frame and Steph a little photo book of her day at pre school. Also Daniel is sending something over it just hasn't arrived yet.

I found out last week we are having another boy so that works out really well 2 girls then 2 boys. I cant believe i'm already 19 weeks it has gone so quickly.

I'm holding off on a party for Chris until Daniel is home

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Wow Erin, you have reached the hump and are on the down hill now. I can't believe its gone so quick, and congrats on another boy, how perfect. The homemade pressies are the best aren't they. smile

congrats Erin you may be able to use some of Chris's clothes. You now have 2 pigeon pairs LOL.

Mothers Day was average here too. I got breaky in bed and a digital photo frame( very impressed with the pressie) and then we cleaned dh work and then went to mums for arvo tea. Really just another day.

Kye still isn't walking apart from around furniture so happy bout that. I sent out invites today finally now just have to think about what to make.

Trouble is destroying the lounge back tomorrow hopefully.

PS hope no baby Mel at least not b4 the wedding would it screw up the plans too much if it was? Goodluck

Congrats Erin on finding out that u'll be having another baby boy. It'll be great for u having the pairs and they are all so close in age it'll be a blast for them.

Mothers Day was good here as well. I knew I wouldn't get anything cos I got my pressie 2 weeks early (a dress to wear on my b'day which was last week) but Maneesha made me a bag at pre-school which is sooooo special cos it's the first thing she has done like that cos it's her first yr at pre-school or day care. And the fact that she held off giving it to me early which is usually impossible for her.

I also finally managed to get the invitations out today. I have to organise the food now and that'll be it cos I've already ordered the cake and on the w'end have to shop around for a birthday dress for Akeesha.

Akeesha's still only walking around holding on to things too. She lets goes and falls and she's loving it cos we all giggle and she thinks it's funny!!!!!!

Mel-are u planning a 3rd?????

DD1 7/11/04, DD2 27/5/08

No Not planning a 3rd, we are using condoms since I had to go off the pill. But they still are full proof are they???? Anyway still no period, I have never wanted it so bad before LOL... It would be a real shock if I am and wouldn't be perfect timing but I still would be happy.

I have never ever had a period late before they are normally 27-29 days. I haven't had one since beginning of April.


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