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Oh Goodie then, she's on the right track. They put so much pressure on our kids these days don't they. Zoe starts prep in 2011. Hey a mob called Kids in Care bought our day care centre too so soon down will come Mr Bear, kinda sad, but glad that someone bought it and it doesn't have to be shut down.

Will has 3 top teeth now and his 2 bottom, he is also coping so much better with his food now, I find I am able to give him chunks of fruit and just have to mash his veges and chop his meat finely. He also took two steps too. So soon will be chasing after Zoe.

He is sleeping so much better too, and Zoe seems to be sleeping in longer now that its cooling down too.

Today we met with our celebrant again to sign all the papers today and she left us some books/examples of readings etc for our ceremony.

So how is everyone, its been so quiet this week.

I went to the Dr's and she gave me another script for my pill, and also one for my acne. So hopefully these headaches will disappear, if not she will investigate further. She said prob a combination of the pill, stress, lack of sleep and my work sitting in front of a computer, doesn't help either.

Ok take care

Hi All,
Hope u all had a great easter..... We had a great holiday in Perth..... Still haven't started unpacking and i don't even know where to start!!!!! The weather was really hot which was great for me but made it a bit hard to walk around.

Kerry, sorry i wasn't able to catch up with u.... The last few days were quite hectic and how is lil Kye now???? I read that he has red spots on his body. Hope he's all better now. When i saw it i thought u probably have ur hands full with all the children and then kept postponing calling u and then finally ran out of time. Perth is a lovely place..... Have to come again to do Albany etc.

Akeesha managed to stand up on her own for the first time yest. and today she seems to have mastered it!!!!!!! She's now holding on to the cot rails with one hand!!!!! hehehehehehe!!!!!

How are all the lil bubbies going????? Hope all are well...

Anyway, that's all frm me for now....

DD1 7/11/04, DD2 27/5/08

Hi Everyone

I'm hardly getting time to come on here at the moment. I feel so flat out all the time.

Mel thats good that someone brought the centre at least now it will stay open. The girls are at a different centre at the moment while Daniel is away still ABC but not a closing one. But the defence ones have been taken over by a different mob and we are hoping to get them back in there once Daniel is back as I like that centre much better.

Yay for Will taking some steps. Chris has sort of slowed on the steps he is still doing it every now and then but he's had a few bumps so i think that put him off a bit

I can't believe it's been 5 weeks since Daniel left. The kids have settled down but i'm worried how unsettled they are going to be when he gets home, especially Steph she gets so worked up with change

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

just another quick one from me.

I just found out on facebook this morning that my SIL (DH's brothers wife) has lost her baby she was due a month after me and was their first.
I left her a mesage on facebook but do you think I should call or sms her or something or just leave it up to her to call me?
I'm thinking of leaving it for now we are pretty good friends but I dont want her to feel worse because I am still pregnant KWIM. But I also dont want her to think I dont care. If Daniel was here than he would call his brother but with him away i'm not sure what to do and I wont be able to talk to Daniel until atleast tonight as it's middle of the night there

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Erin, yeh i would call her at least she knows u r thinking of her. It's not your fault your bub is doing ok so don't feel you have to avoid them because of it.

Kye is doing well now spots nearly all gone. He too stood no hands yesterday only for about 2 seconds but it was a first. He also took steps walking around drawing table while holding on for a first time. I think he has 2 more teeth coming on the bottom too as he is drooling big time and fowl nappies.

Prasangi great to here you enjoyed it here we love it. Today it is cool and been wet so you were lucky. Love to catch up next time.

Take care

Thanks Kerry I didn't end up calling yesterday but Daniel called here last night and when i told him what happened he wanted to call them and did last night.
I sent them both an email this morning letting them know i'm thinking of them and have been chatting to her via email(i think it's easier for her that way at the moment).

I'm getting her a Russ Shining Star bear you get the bear and the rights to name a star, so she can name it after her little one. I decided to let her know I am doing it and she really loves the idea to help her remember bubs.

Yay for Kye standing and walking around holding things it's such an exciting age when they are learning all these new things. Glad his spots are going down

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Did you find out what those spots where that Kye had???

Sorry to hear about your SIL Erin. How are you doing, I hope all is going well with your pregnancy.

I love this age too. Will is so much fun learning new things everyday. He is so good with his eating now too.
Hey those that are bottle feeding are you still giving them formula in their bottles. When do we change to milk???
Will has milk in his cereals.

Hey I bought a exercise bike earlier this week, as I am keen to lose weight, been doing it twice a day for 20mins each then afterwards some tummy exercises as well. I really want to loose weight in my bust area and my tummy. I don't have to work again this Sat, yay, nice to have a weekend again.

Ok that's it from me for now.

No Mel have no idea what the spots were but thank goodness they are gone. He was a ratty little bub when they first came.

I sold all my maternity clothes yesterday and all Caleigh's size 3-6 clothes. Kye now has more room in his room and the lounge is looking more like a lounge. Was going to give them to good sam's if no luck selling but lucky for me all gone in a week and got good price.

Erin, dh's best mate got Kye one of the shining stars when he was born. His is a racoon and gorgeous.

Better go pay some bills have a good weekend

************** bump*****************

Where is everyone?

Hi ladies, Claire pulled herself up on my friend's couch on thursday and I missed it due to running after Abby Grrrr she hasn't done it since but we don't really have much at that height for her to pull herself up on (no coffee tables and toys are bit unstable) and then yesterday at another friend's house she was holding onto a ledge and her DS kicked her hand off and she just stood, by herself for like a second and didn't fall on her butt just fell forward to the ledge again smile Hopefully she'll be walking soon, she wants to, just a matter of putting all the pieces together smile

Still no teeth, all the lumps are there like all individual lumps for where the teeth should be, they're just not breaking through yet.. Maybe she's waiting until we've stopped b/f and then they all come down at once LOL She's also starting daycare next week on Friday for 1 day. By July she'll be going 4 days and I'm not sure whether to put Abby in all 5 days or keep her out 1 day as well.. She's driving me a bit bonkers atm with tantrums and questions and constant incoherant chatter!! I got my TAFE timetable and it's going to be pretty grueling but it will prep the girls for when I return to full time work in January then they will be in care from 7-6, 5 days a week anyway (give or take) Gah will be looking forward to my next lot of maternity leave me thinks wink

just a quickie cause I'm supposed to hanging out the wash and eating breakfast

Its been a quiet week on here again...

How is everyone.

Will are Zoe are doing great. Will still only takes 1-2 steps and then just stands there. He can walk pretty good when I hold him with one hand and he walks beside me. Oh well he will get there soon I guess. Zoe is a miss chatterbox and is starting to ask some intersting questions.

I am so feeling clucky at the moment.

We decided to have Wills b'day at home on the Sun after and with both sides of the family just brining a plate of food, and I buy the meat, we are having a bbq.

For Zoe's b'day in Sept we decided to go Bowling. That will be fun.

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