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Oh yay, hooray for Chris and Macey, how exciting. I don't want Will to start walking yet, I want him to slow down. Although I don't think it will be long for him, he walks so fast pushing his bike and Zoe's trolley, he was standing against the furniture the other day and let go of me, and gave me this grin, like haha mum look what I can do.

I have decided to have his party on the Sun, we bought him a coupe car, he's always pushing Zoe's and she rides with him in hers. I also bought him a few little things.

We aren't going away over easter, I will be visiting a few friends, catching up and we are having Sun at our house, big easter hunt and everyone brings plate of food.

Last weekend I went to Toyworld as they were having layby till xmas eve, so I put the kids xmas presents, all of Chris's nephews, nieces, my nephews toys on layby.

Quite a few hundred dollars later mind you, but I don't care. Now I've got to xmas eve to pay it off and everyone is done. I don't have to worry about it. Especially with this wedding planning going on.

Wow, I can't believe your bubbas are walking already.. Claire is still just trying to work out how to get onto her knees to crawl.. She gives up after landing sprawled a few times and then just continues to crawl her way.. She still looks very much like a baby with no teeth or hair but does like to stand if we hold onto her hands, pulls herself up too, not so keen on holding onto the furniture though.. I think once she's figured out how to crawl on her hands and knees she'll work out how to pull herself up on her own.

Claire's talking, started saying bub-bub-bub awhile ago then yea-yea-yea, Abby is a-a-a and now mum-mum-mum DH is trying desparately to get her to say dad-dad-dad but it just hasn't happened yet smile

I'm having few probs feeding her now as she's so distracted and just pulls on and off constantly.. Her teeth could be coming (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE) but still eats like a trooper. She loves grabbing chunks of fruit and devouring them now..

We are going to have a joint party for the girls birthday either the 6th or 7th of june but it depends on what my SIL's have arranged for my FIL's birthday which is on the 4th.. We might end up having it on the 30th of May it all depends.. One of my SIL's is getting married next year on the 12th June which means we will be competing the week before with the wedding preperations and costs. I don't know when we can have the party next year because May/June is really busy for the whole family, DH's b'day is 21st, we go to Esk for the show the same weekend, then claire's b'day, FIL's b'day, Abby's b'day so I guess this is just another event to squeeze in, better start saving..

We aren't going away for easter, we're actually have some family over next week for a little morning tea thing as no-one could really be bothered doing anything and SIL and family are going away anyway. We decided we're over the family politics of holiday season and we're going to plan a week away at christmas and have our first true family christmas smile Thinking tasmainia since it will be very far away and won't be 40 C and the Cabury chocolate factory is there woot whoo what more could you want? smile

Anyway, I'd better go, I'm trying to figure out how to wrap MIL's gift, the bag I was going to use isn't big enough so I might just have to keep it in the ugly carboard box it came in and wrap it in pretty paper, abby has made a card - I don't buy cards anymore I get abby to make them smile

Ciao Girls smile
[Edited on 04/04/2009]

I gave Will a quarter of his banana today chopped into pieces. He seemed to cope well with it, then I mashed the rest with some raspberries and some yoghurt and he scoffed it down. YUM YUM...

I also made some more dinners for him, a bolognaise, but I chopped the carrot, pasta and other veges really small, and then just blended the mince a little, I also made a cheese sauce with pasta and veges, and then just some mashed veges with gravy and chicken chopped finely.

We decided the have a butterfly theme at our wedding. We will be releasing butterflies at the end of the ceremony and then have our reception decorated with butterfly stuff.

We have booked our celebrant, she's the one that gave us the idea of the butterflies, she is really nice.

Will has been sleeping really good the last week.
I stopped taking my contraceptive pill last Tues as it was giving my really bad headaches and some miagraines. I had only just started the month again, think it was like day four and yesterday started bleeding again. I couldn't wait to see the DR as she is booked out until the 16th I have appoint in the arvo, so I just decided myself I couldn't go on as nurofen and panadol just werent working.

So hopefully she can put me on a diff pill, the reason I was on it as it was helping my acne, now I will just have to try diff acne medication I guess. Better find something to clear it up before the wedding I tell ya.

Wills favourite word this week is MUM MUM.... oh I love it I love it....


Happy easter everyone smile

Still waiting on teeth, but Claire is starting to try and pull herself up, she's got such sweaty feet though they slide all over the place and her little ankles bend in icky ways but she doesn't seem to mind.. Still eating heaps, unbelievable, she must have hollow legs!!
[Edited on 12/04/2009]

Hope everyone had a good Easter and got lots of chocolate.

Our trip away was great Kye was v good and slept thru and in bed by 6.30pm shame it didn't last when we came home.

He was again at dr on Saturday as I thought he had chickenpox ( he was covered in spots and extremely grumpy) but the dr said it was a viral infection ( otherwise known as NO F*** IDEA) He has made our time back very miserable. Unable to put him down he is pushing dh away and not eating or sleeping. His day sleeps are for about 1/2 hour every 2 hours so he is exhausted and nights not much better. Although he is asleep atm and has been for nearly 1 1/2 hours hopefully he is back to his old ways.

He is pulling himself up to furniture but luckily that's all.

Gotta go I spoke to soon he just woke.

Too much chocolate for us. Will even had a taste. Yummo he said. He says NAN NAN now too. We had a great weekend, its gone to quick. They had a ball yesterday, and best of its it has been raining all day we have had nearly 100mm.
Will also is standing on his own now for about half a minute, he smiles and grins and I put out my hands or hold a toy hoping he'll take that first step, but oh so close and he falls back on his bum bum. Not long now.

Don't you just hate when they say "Viral Infection". SO have the spots cleared. Zoe had something as a baby she had a temp for about 4 days and kept taking her to the DR's and that's what they kept telling us the temp should go down withing 24-48 hrs but never did kept taking her back, then one morning woke up in spots took her back and it was Roseolla, the spots cleared in a couple of days. I hope he gets better soon.

Will had 2 good weeks of sleeping at night, now back at it again waking up lots, think some more teeth, well I sure hope so. Back to work tomorrow GRRR it was so nice having Saturday off, I haven't had a Saturday off in 4 years.

It really annoys me when they say it, as he also said it could be parvo or rosella too but wasn't sure.

Kye was much better yest and today but still not quite right. Yes he is still covered in spots from head to toe. He did sleep all night last night which was fab although I woke to pee at 4.30am. He is still only sleeping no more than an hour at a time today and that sounds like time is up just on an hour.

Take care

Hope he gets better for you soon.

Who here has toddlers around Zoe's age 3.5-4yo. Just wanted to see if DD is around the same if there are any areas in part I need to concentrate on before reaching Kindy next year. I'm not sure as to what they should be at this age in terms of their development, so that's why I'm asking. She will be going to Kindy next year so want to give her the best preparation.

Zoe is toilet trained both day and night. She recognises her name, and her brothers. She knows the basic colours/shapes. She is starting to draw on the dotted lines, we do shapes, her name and the basic abc 123. She can draw a square and shape without any help.

Her speech is very good. Talks constantly is long sentences and asking why and is really interesed in all situations everything around her. She can hop on one leg, kick a ball, dribble, shoot hoops, hit golf ball, tennis ball, and starting to learn to hop on one leg. She also runs pretty quick. She can count to 13 and do the abc (misses some letters), she knows all her fav nursery rymes and songs. Loves singing and dancing.

She also loves doing craft. And starting to teach her to cut. She is also starting to count things, ie if I have 4 apples so can recognise and count that there are 4. Forgot to add she can also dress and undress her self, put shoes and socks on. Oh and another thing can butter her own toast now.

I know everyone develops at their own age, but by the time they are at prep school they do have a standard which they have to be at, so that's why I'm asking what's your toddler at.

Thanks for your time. I posted this in the toddler section too.

Hi Everyone

Hoe are we all?: I havn't been on much latley i've been so buisy.

Poor Kye I hope he is feeling better soon. Chris is sick too has a snoggy nose and a cough. Poor thing keeps waking at night because he nose is all yucky.

Mel - Zoe sounds very similar to Jess. She is 3.5yold and knows basic colours/shapes, talking is coming along really well now but still a few things to work on.
She can count to 11 and is learning the abc's at the moment.

She is really good with physical things like throwing, kicking, running that sort of thing
She knows the words (well most of them) to a few of her fav songs

She does the counting if i am doing anything she likes to count how many things i have

She can also dres and undress herself

I'm not sure what they are expected to do but they sound very similar. Although depending what state we are in next year if we are still in NSW Jess wont be going to school until 2011 so has a bit longer

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

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