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Kye has had part 1 of the flu needle go back in a month for the other part. Luckily he had no temp so was able to have it.
He loves his spacer for the ventolin he chews on it but at least he is geting the ventolin as he breathes in. He gets angry when I put it away.

Yesterday rang to get dh results for his post vasectomy semen count and he is at 0 so no more surprises confirmed for us unless it all rejoins. This happened to friends he knew after 10 years she fell pregnant. Dna tests were carried out to confirm parentage although the wife knew it was her dh baby.

Erin are you napping during the day when you can? Take care.

Hi Everyone,

We are meeting with our celebrant next week. She sounds really nice. Not to pushy. I can't wait. Then later next month we are meeting with a few photographers. Once all that is sorted I can start shopping for a dress. Can't wait for that.

Hey Erin, how far along are you now?

Kerry, Good to hear Kye got to have his flu shot. I've been thinking about getting the kids done not sure yet.

Oh thats a shame about the vasectomy working and no more kids.

I'm 12 weeks now yay. I have my scan next thursday so can't wait for that. I dont really get the nap through the day Jess doesn't have a nap anymore so sometimes I get one when they are at childcare.

Had my first hossy appointment today

How much are your bubs sleeping through the day yesterday and sunday Chris refused to have an afternoon nap and went form about 10.30am until 5.30pm when he went to bed early and was grumpy by the end.
He has about 1.5 hrs in the monrning.
He slept this arvo because we were at the hospital in the morning so only slept a little. I'm hoping it's only a phase i'm liking having 2 sleeping in the arvo lol

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Hey girls,

Will sometimes has 2 sleeps during the day, but mostly just one. At around 11am to 130pm. If he is still tired early in the morning or if I'm at the shops pushing him in the pram then he'll sleep around 9amish only for like 45min though, then he will go back down around 130-3pm. I just like it when he has the one sleep though, as Zoe is asleep at midday too so gives me 1.5hr to organise dinner, etc.

Hey girls after your opinion, I found this really lovely wedding dress and enquired about it at the shops and its $1445. Anyway the last few weeks I have been looking and their is a company online that makes them. They are in the same state as me and delivery is $55. I sent them the dress and they said they can make for $580. Obviously the beading detail won't be excact, but they will do their best to match it as close as poss, and due to copyright too. You just sent them your measurements and they custome make.

Anyway just wondering your advice, as I'm just a little worried that I'll get it and it won't fit.

Would you do it???

Hi Ladies,

Haven't been on for a while..... The whole family is down with the flu so feeling pretty rotten these days..... Maneesha started it, must've got it from pre-school and now me and Akeesha have it.... Akeesha has the runny nose and cough, prob the same as what Chris has Erin. We also got a ltter in th mail about this whooping cough which is going around so it's pretty scary..... Akeesha and Maneesha are both on antibiotics.

So Erin, how's it going with ur hubby being away????? It mush be tough with 3 lil ones????? And ur 12 weeks now??? That's great!!!!! Are u going to Westmead again this time?????

Akeesha finally got her first tooth last week..... no sign of no2 yet..... and she's sitting on her own and trying desperately to stand on her own..... She's soooo small in size..... what size clothes are all the other bubs in.... mine's in 00 and 000.

Mel - Congrats on setting a wedding day.... must be a very exciting time for u!!!!!!

Well, nothing more from me for now.

DD1 7/11/04, DD2 27/5/08

Thanks - I'm excited and can't wait...

OMG WIll is in size 0 nearing on to a 1. I had him weighed last week when he was sick and he is 9.5KG.

Today we went to the shops and I treated Zoe and I to a Doghnut and of course WIll was throwing himself out of the trolley wanting some too, so I gave him some and he eats half of it. However at home he will not eat bread/toast for me no matter what I put on it, he gives me this awful sour look. Go figure. He loves his munching on his Oranges though. And today gave him a milk arrowroot bikkie and he had fun with that. Starting to also give him a little afternoon snack as he gets a little whingy around 3pm.

The whooping cough is going around here too at a local school. Not good hey.

Akeesha and Claire sound like they are pretty much developing at the same rate, I got her weighed yesterday and she's 6.94kg I was so hoping she'd be 7kg. Wears mostly 00's, 0 bonds wondersuits and 000 bonds shirts sad CHN is not worried though, she's grown 5cm in 6 wks and is gaining weight slowly, developmentally alert, feeding herself now, still drag crawling but trying to push herself up onto knees, babbling away so she's just a petite little thing. Still no teeth *sigh* I guess she's now the last to be waiting on teeth. I'm gonna turn her seat around on friday now she's 70.5cm long, if I wait until 9kg she's gonna be like 15mths!! She's waking at about 5.30/6 for a feed then going back to sleep until 8-9am which is great cause it gives me time to get steven's lunch ready and abby ready for daycare when she goes. She's up for an hour and half no matter what time she gets up and then has another sleep which could be anywhere between 45mins-2hrs. Wakes for lunch, has a play then has another sleep which again can vary between 45mins-2hrs and then is awake until 6-7pm. I'm trying to push out her bedtime to 7pm now cause giving her that last feed later is allowing her to sleep through the night. She just eats and eats but, 3 meals plus 2 snacks plus dessert now and absolutely loves arrowroot biscuits. She's sticking her fingers in her mouth everytime I put a spoon of food in and I got so sick of her getting covered the other day I just gave her her weetbix container and the spoon and she had a great time shoving fists full of weetbix in her mouth. Abby never really did the finger food thing so I'm a little lost.. given she still has no teeth I'm a bit limited it but like soft fruit now too. I've started giving her a little soy milk in a cup to start the weening process really really slowly. I'm hoping by 12mths I can either take her off the breast or at least just keep the first morning and last at night feeds up until she weans herself, she's such a distracted feeder trying to feed her anywhere but in her room in her chair just before a sleep is a bit of nightmare. Hopefully we can just go from breast to cup, so far things are looking good smile

I have been following the news on here just don't come into huggies really at all anymore so I always forget to come and post. Congrats to Erin for getting to 12wks and can't wait to hear about your scan next week, congrats to Mel for getting engaged - I would take your measurements very very accurately and send them off to the cheaper maker, $900 is nothing to be sneezed at and the dress will get worn for one day.. Mine was second hand - a $2500 dress for $875 you wouldn't have known it though.

I've gotta go finish cleaning up as I'm having a tupperware party tomorrow. The last of 3 because none of my friends would have one for me so I had them all myself. I haven't done too badly, probably about $350 worth of free tupperware from it but I have spent alot too.. Think I'm getting a cold too, I've been fighting it off for over a week think my body just gave up. I joined a gym with my best friend and she really wanted to do Aqua Aerobics even though it's getting a bit cold now think that's where I got it from..

Can't believe our babies are nearing 10mths, where have the last few months gone?? Soon we'll be planning parties - how exciting smile

I know Kazza.... Our bubs are petite ones.... My dr seems to think Akeesha is small because I'm still bf her.... Don't knw how true it is though but then i just noticed u r still bf Claire too????? Oh well, as long as they are having their meals and having their feeds they should be ok.... We were thinking of changing the car seat soon too cos it'll be a long wait until she's 9kg.... I haven't weighed her in a while.... not sure if she's over 7kg yet.....

Akeesha is sleeping thru the night.... she goes down at 7pm and wakes up at about 9:30-10pm for a quick feed and a cuddle and then sleeps till about 6am.... She doesn't cry etc when she wakes up, she just plays and babbles in the cot till i get her.... During the day she has a 45 minute nap around 10:30am and then after lunch she sleeps from about 1-3pm. Sleepwise I think she's ok.... Of course, the past few days have been a bit weird with her being sick and all....

Mel-when exactly is ur wedding???? If it's not very soon, ur measurements may change so u might want to hold off for a while before u start to get the dress made. Speaking frm experience, I lost 2 inches off my waist in the space of a week before the wedding with all the stress and all and everything was made to custom fit so the lady who came to dress me couldn't understand why my clothes were soo big!!!! hehehehehe!!!! Oh and about invitations, I got mine made overseas as my wedding was overseas but my sis-in-law made her invitations here and i don't think it cost her heaps.... i think she gets all her stuff from spotlight and lincraft. I can find out for u if u like!!!!!

Akeesha will me 10 months tomorrow. I've already started planning her b'day... can't believe how fast it has all gone....

Going away to Perth for 2 weeks in less than 2 weeks for a much deserved break... Looking forward to it..... It'll be the first time the girls will be going on a plane!!!!!

Well, that's all for now....
TC all...

DD1 7/11/04, DD2 27/5/08

Mel it sounds like a good saving. I would just make sure you have someone else measure you and double check it before sending it off so it is accurate.

Prasangi - It's getting better with him not being here got through the first week already. Yeah the 3 kids are being a bit demanding especially now the girls keep coming into me bed every night severa times.
We actually moved out to Glenmore Park end of last year so i'm going to Nepean this time.

Chris is also in size 0 but tope he is definatly heading into 1's pants he will be in 0's a bit longer. Mel we must have the big chubbers lol. I was going to get Chris weighed todayt at the shops then forgot oops.

Mel Chris is the same if we are out and have something to eat he squeals like a little pig and tries to get what it is. I gave in and gave him a chip the other day because he was so worked up.

OMG i just realied Chris is 10 months tomorrow too Wow that has gone so quickly.

Have fun on your holiday Prasangi. We are going to go on one when Daniel gets back as he has about 3 weeks off then woo hoo

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Maybe its just a boy thing Erin, My sisters 3 boys were all chubbers as well. But reading the posts about the girls, that's excactly how Zoe was, very tiny, very petit, she's 4 this year and still in size 2 pants and just going on to size 3 tops. At December last year she weighed 13kg. I think at Wills age she too was in 000 and 00 clothes still. I still have her cute tiny little dresses and outfits. I'm never going to part with them.

Prasangi - MIL reckons Claire is so small cause I'm b/f - are you fully feeding or comp feeding??? CHN reckons she wouldn't be any bigger even if she was on formula since she eats like a horse and the food isn't making her grow any bigger any faster. I just don't understand why she keeps hinting to put her onto to formula though, after 10mths does she really think I'm just gonna give in and say you know what I think you're right??.. Anyway LOL.. Abby was like 10kg by now but stayed 10kg until well after 1 - maybe 13/14mths and then slowly has gained over the last 18mths or so up to 16kg.. hehe she is a tomboy though wink

I'm exhausted after my tupperware party today, 2 ppl pulled out, 2 didn't show up and 3 did but i'm happy, getting quite a bit free but I'm not having another one, too stressful trying to round ppl up, keep a clean house, keep an eye on kids, I forget other ppl's kids aren't my kids and will do stuff my kids just don't think about..

Damn it, Abby's just gone down and claire's now awake, no rest for me sad

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