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Kerry - It has been quiet on here.

Sorry to hear AF came and it looks like you wont be having any more bubbas
Poor Kye, Chris is the same with getting heaps at once.

Things have been so crazy here Daniel leaves next tuesday/wednesday for the 4 months I dont think it's really hit me yet and probabaly wont until he is gone. I know it's going to help us out so much financially. The payment he gets pays off most of our debts, but i'm so scared something will happen to him over there. He is going to the Middle East with the RAAF.

Well we have just moved the girls back into the same room. Didn't have to but they like eachothers company and I'm hoping it will help while Daniel is gone. Jess even jumped into Stephs bed and fell asleep together last night.
It also means for now we will have a spare room until this bub gets here. So the girls would of had to share again anyway.

I'm so sick of this place being on the market and i'm hoping someone will buy it soon there is someone that seems really interested coming to look this arvo. I'm so hoping it sells before Daniel leave next week so i dont have to do any more open houses lol but probabaly wishfull thinking

Well I have blabbered on long enough. Hope everyone is well

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

I feel the same, sad that we aren't gonig to have anymore. I see newborns at the shops and its like ahhhhhhh.

Erin I hope the time flies. Have you thought of any names or anything yet. That's nice about the girls sharing a room. I kinda sometimes wish ZOe had a sister but nevermind. She adores Will, and she's more into boyish things anyway LOL...

OH guess what I have some news.....................
We are getting married next year in August. HORAY. I'm excited. can't wait.

DO you have any tips for planning a cheap wedding. We have a budget of $10K.

Thanks Mel

Mel - A the moment I like Charlotte and Oliver, I liked Charlotte when I was preg with Chis so i'm still happy with that might change on Oliver not sure yet lol.

Congrats on the wedding. We had a really cheap wedding as we had to move t forward when we had to move states. Had the wedding in a chinese garden along a river it was really nice.
Then had lunch at a nice cafe restaurant. Only had immidiate family and close friends to keep costs down. So was pretty small maybe 30 people but was so much easier especially since I was 8.5 months preg with Jess at the time.

Can I ask your opinions on something. Jessica's class at her new child care centre are going on a trip to fairfield city farm in a few weeks. Now I know she would really love it BUT Daniel and I are really big on car safety and Jess is stil in a Maxi Rider in a 5 point harness.
Now they are going on a mini bus (ABC childcare bus) and they will be using normal seat belts. We are going to go look at the bus tomorrow as it's housed at a different centre. But am I being to over protective in possibly not letting her go for that reason???
Also she only started there last week so is still getting to know the teachers and so am I, so do you think it's to early for her to go lol

I'm probably being totally over protective but she has only been away from us at an actual child care centre or at home with my parents so this is kinda new.

So would you let her go???

Ok well that was longer than expected sorry

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Thanks Erin, Jess is around Zoe's age and Zoe's still in her car seat too.

That's a tough one, cause I'd be worried about the safety too. I couldn't imagine Zoe in just a seat belt, she's short and very thin.

I would have thought too that they wouldn't be able to take them that age because of the car safety, aren't their new car seat rules now since Jan??? or does that apply to cars only. How far is the trip???

Honestly if it were me I'd be very hesitant. To me it would seem not safe for Zoe to be in one and I would prob say no, even though she would love to go.

Did anyone make their own invites/place cards etc for their wedding, do you think you'd save lots of money or is it too much work and stress.

Poor Will was up every hour last night, so took him to DR this morning and his ears are bright red. Poor bugga. He is always sick sad

Poor Will it's not good when they are sick. Hope he is feeling better soon

Well we decided not to send Jess on this excursion. So she will just have to spend the day in Steph's class.
The thing that really annoyed me is on the permission slip it stated the bus was fitted with "Child Safety Restraints". which to me indicates a car seat or similar not a normal seat with a lapsash belt.

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Mel congratulations on the wedding. Yes I did our invites we were married 3 months after our engagement due to both our sisters being in the same state as us and before them going os.

I bought some nice printer paper did one invite onto the computer and my mum photocopied them onto the paper. I think they looked good.

Our wedding was done for about 7000. I hired my dress and sis made simple but elegant bm dresses. My cousin was a makeup artist, sil was a hairdresser frind had a rolls royce so no cost for any of these services. Friend was a florist so made the bouquet at cost.

It all helps with who you know.

Good luck.

Erin I wouldn't send her either.

Thanks everyone, I can't wait, we got my rings on the weekend $399 from Goldmark.

Zoe has her Kindy photos on Thurs. Will is much better now, still no more teeth and not walking yet, he's getting there though.

He eats tins of sketti now, loves them.

Mel how exciting about the rings. We got ours when they were like 50% and 80% off with mid year sales. Daniels only ended up being $80 I think
I forgot to mention I did our invites for our wedding. Got all the stuff when it was originally going to be a bigger wedding so spent more than I had to but definatly cheaper.

I got fancy paper for the writing to be on and made it double layered with thicker paper on the bottom(lol great explaining there) then printed the writing on at home and stuck them together.

Chris also has tinned spaghetti and baked beans and he absolutly loves them. I also put mixed veg in there sometimes for something a little extra.

Well Daniel left today. Sent the girls off to childcare for the morning like normal for tuesdays so we could do shopping and all the running around quicker. Picked them up after lunch and he got to spend a few hours with them before going.
Poor Steph has taken it the worst, was screaming when he left poor thing. She is already in bed (really early) because she missed her arvo sleep.
Here's hoping the next 4 months go really quick. I hated hearing another soldier died over there today. Luckily Daniel will not be right in that area but I still hate him being over there

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Erin you poor thing having to deal with it all alone. You were prob emotional too being pregnant (I would be but then I cry at anything).

Kye has 3 new teeth on top so now at a total of 5 teeth, 6th nearly thru too. He has slept thru for the last 3 nights so feeling good again.

Kye is having flu needles on Friday if he is well enough. At the dr last week and trialling Kye with a ventolin inhaler as he is wheezing.

Hi All,

Its so quiet on here now. How are we all doing.
Will is feeling better now and is back sleeping through the night. Me I'm madly looking at wedding stuff, oh there is so much to organise, no wonder you need more than a year or so to do it all.

Erin, where abouts is your DP going to? Which country?

Nothing much else happening here, Zoe's currently in Wills cupboard and keeps opening the door going RAHHHHH to him and he is giggling and laughing so much. They are so funny.

Kerry thats not good the Kye has to have ventolin poor little thing.

Well Chris is sick at the moment has a runny nose and a cough. Thanks to the girls that picked it up from childcare.

Mel I cant say specifically where he is on here lol. He is in the Middle East but not specifically in Afganistan but another country near by lol
I got a call from him at 10 past midnight this morning letting me know he arrived safely. I was already up anyway as Chris woke every hour last night with his stuffy nose poor little thing.
I'm so tired today after getting up to Chris all nioght then the girls both came into my bed at 5am and Steph did not want to go back to sleep and wanted to play little bugger.

Oh Mel that sounds so cute Jess does things like that to Chris he loves when she plays peek a boo with him

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

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