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I just saw your other replies that snuck in just before mine was posted..

Claire was sleeping through, think we had 4 nights in a row and now she's back to waking once during the night and will not settle without a feed. I wanted to wean at 12mths but I don't see how that will happen because if she wakes during the night she will not settle with a feed and the same goes during the day she has feeds before sleep. I have tried to settle without but she just screams hysterically which when abby is asleep not something you can keep up for long. Also CHN is to wean straight to a cup rather then bottle, would I be making more work for myself by using a bottle first?? She's not so keen drinking water from a cup (no matter which one I try), how are the others babies doing with cups atm??

I understand where you are coming from Mel, some days I really don't cope with the 2 kids here, I'm so frazzeled by the end of the day I really wish for work. DH always asks at the end of the day "are you sure you don't want to put Abby in another day at daycare?" which really doesn't help. I'm really looking forward to starting study in July when I can start doing something just for me, I think Claire is starting to become very aware that there are other kids out there, other places to play and is getting bored at home. I will be starting her in daycare soon, I'm hoping after easter and I will start to wean her onto cow's milk so there's not so much pressure on me to express and just keep booby feeds for morning and night.

When I said that I didn't want to go back to work before I had Claire everyone I told was shocked and simply said I couldn't afford not to go back (my MIL telling me that a family with 2 kids and mortgage HAD to work simply to stay ahead) but now that I am going back in January everyone I tell is shocked once again but for the opposite reason. I do admire those who stay at home with their kids for every single moment but in my individual case I really need more. It's been nice to see how the other half live but it feels like I'm nearly getting back to reality now. I feel very isolated at home since all my friends and family work. I hope that helps Mel, I do understand.

Thanks Kazza for understanding, I took mum and the kids out to the pool today to get her out of the house, as dad said she was just sitting around. Did her good she said she felt nice and refreshed. Kids had a ball too.

Will was sleeping through until about 6 months when he started teething. He generally wakes up at lest twice a night. now Not for a bottle though, we just settle him put dummy back in or teething gel or when its really bad and he won't settle then some nurofen. He won't settle with panadol, don't know why.

When he had that croop thing on and off for the month he was waking a lot like every hour, generally its now around 930ish and then 1130ish and then most times he will be right for the rest of the night. I don't know if its his teeth or the fact that he's stuck in the corner of the cot or what.

This morning I added milk into his brekkie too. He only has 3 bottles a day now and 4 solids. He is loving the cheese I'm giving him, not to fussed on toast though. I have also started mashing his fruit and not pureeing it. Will has water from a sippy cup, wasn't fussed on it in a bottle.
I also justed boil some water now in the mornings and put in his bottles then just add the formula as I need one. Much easier then heating up and having him wait for it as lately when he wants his bottle HE WANTS HIS BOTTLE NOW.

I'm so happy Zoe is out of naps at night, I just hope she doesn't go backwards in a few months or so as thats what people warned me about, they reckon if you train to early then they have a higher chance of weeing the bed down the track.

Erin, your poor thing. When hubby comes back you will be almost due hey. I hope the kids are good for you, and your right she's prob wetting the bed because dad's not there. & having to keep the house clean OMG, don't you just love it though when the kids are in the mood for MESS, some days ZOe goes from one room to the next just pulling everything out plays with it for 5 mins then goes gets something else ARRRGG. Some days all your feel like you do all day is clean up their mess hey......

OK I've raved on enough. I hope you are all having a good weekend and its not too hot where you are.....
The countdown to easter is on, I've started to buy some eggs, they have some good stuff out this year here.

I also went out the other day to put some winter clothes on layby for the kids and I even treated myself to some stuff. I felt good. Haven't bough myself new clothes in ages.

Maybe if I return to work full time too and Chris is at home we might save some more money as I won't have time to get to the shops LOL.... I LOVE SHopping.

I've gotta get this out or I think my head to going to explode.. AF is running a little late, usually a 31 day girl but up to 35 days now (didn't really realise until this morning) so went and got a HPT to just make sure and well the faintess, faintess line came up.. then I noticed the expiry date on the box was Jan 09 so took it back to the chemist for a refund.. Here was me thinking I'll just discreetly buy the box with the babies panadol and duck out, well that didn't work.

So got my money back got some forelife ones that I used with Claire and again the faintess, faintess line has come up - HOLY CRAPPERS!!! This was not in my 3 year plan.. I'm going to test again on Wednesday if AF hasn't showed but won't tell DH until something more concrete shows up.. I don't have my usual preg symptoms though, usually unbelievable hungry, tired, pee alot, had sore boobs within like a week with claire but I'm the opposite, not hungry at all, was up until 3.30am this morning and got up at 5.30am no probs.. just when I went to put on my pants on this morning I noticed my tummy was a little rounder then the normal flabby apron (sorry from my c-sects smile which sounds like such a little thing but that's what made the brain start ticking..

Feeling a little freaked, might just all be for nothing but had to get it out of my head..

Oh Kazza, I hope for your sake it's not a positive. You have everything planned and I hope thats not going to have to be re arranged.

Let us know what happens when you re-test

Well Daniel left again today for the week, he is back on Friday then had just over a week at home with us and then leaves for the big 4 monther.

Jess has been better since thursday last week has only had 1 toilet accident but that was because she didn't quite sit on the toilet on time. But i'm worried since Daniel left again it might start happening more but hopefully not.

Mel - I forgot to mention in my last post if you working full time will bring in more money and Chris is happy to stay at home with the kids then I say go for it, if it suits your family then it's the right thing to do.

Chris is being such a bitey boy and i'm not sure what to do about it. I raise my voice and say NO or uh uh no biting and he stops for a second then goes back to biting me again, or if i move him away he just crawls back and starts again.

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

It's only been a few days but lots is happening on here.

Today is dd 7 birthday can't believe it's been that long I still remember it all like yesterday. She had 2 friends for a sleep over on Friday night all went well.

Kazza how exciting (maybe) bugger the plans if you are. Keep us informed.

Mel if you are ok with going back to work do it. I couldn't as I love being at home but that's me. Good luck with your decision.( I am prob a bit lazy so prefer home)

AF is due today but not expecting it until next week as it hasn't been the usual 28 days since Kye was born.

Kye still only has 2 teeth but yesterday was trying to bite anything in site. My leg, the rug, his big bro so am thinking the teeth may be coming asap ( I hope) He sits from his commando crawl but thank goodness not pulling himself up yet. He like most of our babies is waking at night twice for a feed. He slept thru until 6 months. One good thing is that the weight is coming off am now 7 kg lighter than when i fell pregnant. I can afford to lose another 10 easily.

Good luck everyone with your decisions.

Hi all,

Hey Erin, Will is biting too, he blows raspberries on your leg or arm and then bites, I say to him NO, and usually he goes back and does it again, so I've then just been walking away from him. He also continually stands up in the bath, its so annoying trying to bath him now, again I say NO in a loud voice but he keeps doing it so I say you kept standing up so now he hop out of the bath. Oh and another thing trying to dress him is a pain too as he rolls over and whinges, never sits still.

Am still contemplating going back to work, thanks for your replies, I'm just so not a risk taker if you know what I mean, I keep thinking what if "I loose my job or they sack me" then we both are out of work, whereas now at least we have me to fall back on... I don't know will keep pondering on it........

Mel - i'm hearing you on the dressing Chris is so hard to keep still while changing clothes and nappies. He also stands up in the bath. He is also obsessed with the shower lol If I forget to close the shower in the ensuite and go in there for something he shoots straight in there and sits waiting for the water to turn on

Kazza - did you test again today????????
How did it go? let us know I hope everything works out for you

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

I just realised I hadn't posted yet, I did test and it came up BFN but still no sign of AF or PMS (since claire my PMS has been horrible, I seriously feel like I'm going to lose it the day before AF each month but this month nothing!! I'm suprisingly calm)

So now I guess I will test again on Friday and see and if still neg and still no AF I'll go to the docs next week.. AGH I just wanna know either way GRRRRR

Claire is a nightmare to change too, rolls over, tries to crawl away, grabs at the clean nappy and/or dirty nappy, and she's just discovered she's got pink bits she can pull on, Abby had no interested in her bits until way after 2..

So far so good Kazza for your sake I hope you get the same result on Friday.

Dh sh** himself last night as he realised I didn't have mine yet, but I reasured him that I don't expect it until some time b4 now and next Tuesday. He calmed down then.

Kye is doing the same as all the bubs when being changed he tries to roll but I distract him with tubes of cream or anything handy. He found his bits a few weeks ago and tries to grab them if the nappy is off long enough. He has also been arching his back when I try to put him in the car seat I guess I should turn him around as he is still rearward facing.

This morning I have been sorting out the clothes he has grown out off ready to sell but will wait till next week to advertise in case I need them lol. Although the seasons are different if it was to be.

Hey girls, well AF showed up this afternoon as all is good smile but you know that little feeling of disappointment is still there, god I hate being an emotional woman LOL Glad my hormones stayed in check this month though, that's promising to me, telling me finally I might be getting a hold on this parenting thing smile Going back on the mini pill now, winging it for 2 months is just not worth it, hopefully it doesn't play havoc like last time..

On another great note Abby has been using the toilet finally over the potty and keep fairly dry at daycare, I've started sending real undies instead of trainers to see how she goes and we're kinda venturing into trainers at home but still prefer pulls ups in case I'm busy with claire or doing something else since she now likes to sit/lie in my recliner and won't go unless prompted.

Also in other exciting news (yes it's been a big day so far) DH got offered a great job opportunity this morning from a company that he currently does support work for, it may mean more money but more then that will allow him to expand his skills, learn some new ones and revisit some old ones as well as given him the opportunity to travel possibly around Australia and even o/s. It would mean that he's away from home for 2 weeks out of the month (allowing to come home on weekends if possible) and then have 4 days off during the month and then 2 weeks based here in Brisbane doing 8.30-5. If he went somewhere interstate for an extended period we would consider going with him too for mini holidays through the year. We toyed with a similar job prospect a little while ago from the same company (might have been different work but no travelling just way out west and in brisbane) and decided against it but I think it might be finally time to take the plunge, he sounded so excited when he called this morning, it's infectious.

So there's been my morning, I now have an absolute mt everest of washing to fold because I have been lazy and while both girls are asleep I should really make a go of it.

Talk soon

THat's great news about your DH job offer, and about your not being preggers, I would be the same too, relieved but still a little disappointed.

Been a hectic week here, busy at work and doing a lot of cleaning at home, more trying to free up some space, sick of all the clutter around.

Will and Zoe are doing great, shes been in a pretty good mood the last few days, sharing and helping out. No news on Will, still only 2 teeth, he is constantly walking along furniture and using his walker ride on thing.

HOpe you all have a great weekend.

It's very quiet on here.

Af showed up on Friday so 3rd month now the snip has obviously worked. I still feel disappointed that there aren't going to be any more babies for me.
Thanks to Mr Rudd he has kindly donated 12k to us this financial year from baby bonus to hand outs.

Kye is not only getting 2 teeth but up to 4 on the top as the whites are just breaking thru. Explains the joy we are having with him.
Yesterday he waved for the first time too.

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