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Happy birthday to Abby for yesterday. that sounds like my girls with the cleaning things if only they would use them and clean the house for me lol.

Not good about Claire maybe it was all the people making her unsettled, hopefully she is better today for you.

Chris was really unsettled last night wanting to feed from about 9.30pm until midnight (on and off) but then he slept through until 8am today so that was good. pity the girls woke up at 7am I could have done with the extra hr sleep. Although usually the girls wake at 6am so I guess
I did get a sleep in.

DH is at work today sad He is working tuesdays and thursdays until July then going babck full time. So it's good to have a hand around the house. Thursdays I get just me and Chris because the girls go to childcare

I can't believe Chris is 2 weeks old today it has gone so quickly.

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Hi Ladies....

I've been reading this thread but didn't get a chance to write.....

How are all the bubs and mums doing???

My lil one is doing well.... We had the home visit today from the community health nurse.... Everything is looking good with bub.... She's sleeping alright too, getting up only 2 or 3 times during the night.....

Karina, like little Claire our bub is still in 00000 and 0000. Can't believe how tiny they are!!!!!!

My hubby goes back to work tomorrow..... Hopefully all will be ok!!!!!!

TC everyone....

DD1 7/11/04, DD2 27/5/08

It's official. I have the reincarnated poltergeist for a kid. What the??? We have had a rough day today, she won't keep her feeds down so she screams the house down in the meantime. First bad day so far. I have been running on 3 hours sleep today and she may just be starting to settle down enough to have a bottle fully and go to bed. oohhhhhh. I am so looking forward to bed.
We had the home visit today as well. Some weird english bloke (yes that's right, a bloke). Macey has grown 4 cm and has already gained a pound. Little fatty, lol. She is a really good feeder though (except today of course). She is technically drinking double than what she should be.

Hope we are all well though, I will come back on tomorrow and fill you in more and catch up, but for now it's adios amigos, I'm going to bed. Kisses to everyone. Goodnight!!

Alice, Claire has been rather unsettled today too, lots of wind, poos and chucks, maybe it's all the Friday the 13th vibes going around?? I reckon Claire will be the same when I get her weighed on Tuesday close to a pound gained in 3 weeks - lil piglet..

I gave Claire an a bottle of EBM last night of 60mls and she slept for 6 hrs - woot woo. So I tried to give her a bottle again tonight but she only drank 40ml after an hour (and countless burp breaks to which she didn't burp and a nappy change) so I'll be curious to see how long she sleeps tonight. I kind of have had enough of the feeding thing by the end of the day and I can get 100ml+ from one breast expressing now which I'm pretty excited about. I was impressed when I expressed 1.5ml all those weeks ago smile

hey do you reckon i could store the EBM in snap lock bags in 50 ml increments?? I have many many bottles but they take up a lot of room in the freezer.. My MIL has been cooking for the past 2 weeks so I don't have to do so much when Steven goes back to work on Monday so there isn't much room..

Hi Ladies i tried to submit a post the other day but was bombed off and lost it, then Kye woke and i couldn't be bothered SORRY.

Kye is just starting to get use to the nappy change but still hates the bath and getting changed.

I had the clinic nurse come visit on Friday and to no surprise Kye weighs 4025g so she was happy that he is doing well and feeding like a man (especially on the boob)

I am amazed how well i feel i don't feel like i had a baby almost 3 weeks ago. Only when i look at him do i believe it.After a horrid 3rd delivery it is good to feel so good. I hope you are all doing well too.

Ps Karen are you in Perth? If so where i am sor.


It looks like the boys have out numbered the girls 2 to 1. Do we know what the other ladies are having maybe a few more girls?
[Edited on 19/06/2008]

Hi Everyone

How are you little ones going?

I had Chris weighed yesterday and he is now 4.21kg so in 3 weeks he has put on 700g so I am happy with that at least I know he is definatly getting enough milk.

Is anyone else bub irregular with feeding. Some days Chris will feed every 2 hrs and the next it will be 4-5 hrly

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Macey is the same with feeds. Yesterday she wanted feeds every 4.5 hours today it's every 2 hours. Same amount, just more often. And if she won't settle, I have to give her a little bit of milk, and she goes right off to sleep.
How are our DPs handling things? Jay can't stand Macey crying now so I have to be there 24/7. I didn't get to have a shower or get dressed even until 2pm today. So pissed off, He was up from 9am with me. No help whatsoever. It's so frustrating!!
How long are we all planning to have off work? I have to go back on Monday. Dammit, I don't wanna (*really whiney voice*) At least it's not shift work. I start at 8 and finish at 3, Monday to Friday. Fits in with Macey perfectly. The only reason I'm going back so early is that we need the money. Pure and simple. Cos Jay still hasn't gone back to work (broken wrist) we are really behind with everything, let alone pay for food and fuel. How expensive is it these days? My god.
Well someone is screaming out for another feed (no names......Macey!) Keep well everyone and keep in touch. xx

Claire is pretty irractic with her feeds, especially in the evening it's hard trying to get the 2 girls to sleep, lucky there's 2 of us.. She wakes generally between 2.5-3hrly during the day but sometimes will go 4 hrs if I'm not paying attention, nights are 3-4hrly. I'm kinda getting sick of the CHN saying she still looks yellow, I read on a website today that it can up to 6 mths for the jaundice to really leave their system.. I don't think she looks too bad, anyone noticing the little fat rolls starting on the wrists and thighs?? Claire's got a def double chin now at the grand total weight of 3.190kgs (or 7pd) - she's still smaller than most of your of babies when they were born but she's a guts.. Also what are you meant to do with newborns when they aren't asleep?? Claire is not fussed the bouncer, swing and the toys kinda scare her...

I'm thinking that Claire doesn't like the bassinett either, she is always so unsettled at night when I put her to bed and sleeps fine in the portcot during the day. We are going to set up the cot on the weekend to see if it makes a difference otherwise it's just her unsettled time which just happens to be at 8pm when we are trying to get dinner together and Abby to sleep.

How are the siblings going?? We have well and truly hit the "terrible twos" with Abby. Any tips from those who have been there done that?? I had my first incident with her this arvo when I had just got claire on to feed and Abby starts saying "toilet toilet" which is her latest thing, she's still in nappies but loves to sit on it and do nothing - what am i meant to do?? I'm not looking forward to proper toilet training in the coming weeks.

My little one is also a little weird with the feeds as she can want a feed every 2-3 hours sometimes and then may go for over 4 hours without a feed..... The hardest time is getting her to sleep at night cos she sometimes wants a feed every hour.... Luckily once she does fall asleep, she goes for 3-4hours so I getting some decent sleep too!!!!!

Karina - with the jaundice, my elder girl had it and when we went to the paed for the 6 wk check-up, he suggested we increase her intake of liquids to clear out the jaundice.... we were told to give her a tiny amount of juice (the baby heinz one) with water... about 45 mls at a time..... but only do this if the CHN nurse or a doc tells you to....

Bub is weighing 3.1kg so she's on the small side of the scale too....

When bub isn't asleep and isn't being annoyed by the older sis, I put her under the play gym.... not that she plays with it but she looks at all the toys etc.....

My older one has also become a baby herself although there's no jealousy.... Before bub no2 came along, Maneesha was fine with dressing herself etc but now mummy has to do everything!!!!! Funny how kids are!!!!!

That's all for me for now...
Take care all!!!!!

DD1 7/11/04, DD2 27/5/08

Hi All,

How is everyone going, I cannot believe Will is over a week old now. Sorry I haven't been on here, been adjusting to the new routine and my body has been a little sore.
We are doing well now. I can't believe how quick the 4 hours go between feeds too.
We had his 1 week check up yesterday and he now weighs 3.4 so has put one his 100g that he lost in the first few days plus another 100g.
He is a little upset in the afternoons, GP said that's a little colic, so to just keep him comfortable with massage or baths basically what I've been doing. Sleeps about 6 hours at night which is good and DP and I have been taking it in turns to feed him at night.
Zoe absolutely adores him, when he cries when you are changing his nappy she says "its alright Will", its so cute, and she's patting and cuddling him, I think she is adjusting really well. She's still asking though can he come to the park to play on the swings lol.... I think if the weather is good this week we will take him for a walk in the pram with Zoe on her Scooter to the park, as I have been promising for about the last 6 months to her.

I hope everyone else is doing ok.
Chat to you all again soon.

I have the night off tonight and I am drunk for the first time in god knows how long, about 11 months (dh and some of our friends ar playing xbox so I thought I'd come on here for a quick chat). This is one of the nights I'm glad I didn't breastfeed cos I can let the inlaws have the kids for the night and let me have a bit of fun without worrying a bout them. It's surprisingly nice. I'm getting practice in for next weekend. Yay 22 on Saturday. We are having an Op-Shop Formal party up the pub then going paintballing the next day. I can't wait. I can actually get out of the house for once. Lol.
Ok enough of my drunk rambling, back off to have a jager bomb. Hope you are all well, talk later. xx Alice

Last night was the first time I had considered having a drink but it soon passed, seems only when I'm cooking that I think about having a drink. I'm not much of a drinker at all anymore so 1 drink just isn't worth 24hrs of expressing milk down the sink, not to mention my pump decided to die last week so I called NUK and they're gonna have a look at it and hopefully send a replacement. I didn't tell them that I actually bought it 2 years go but it's brand new cause I never even took it out of the box when I had Abby.

I think I'm getting a cold, I feel even more groggier then usual this morning, how cold was it this morning??

I can't believe that Claire is now 4 wks old (as of 2 mins ago). It's quite funny, Steven really misses my belly bump, he goes to rub my tummy and disappointedly says "there's nothing there anymore is there" you'd think after 9 mths of complaining of morning sickness, backaches, colds/coughs and flus and not being able to diddly squat he would be happy to not have pregnant wife but apparently not smile now I just have get him to help out more around the house without having to nag and no.3 will become a consideration (though I've already figured it all out for next year wink

Anyone else amazed at how much washing these littlies produce?? A 2nd child certainly increases it 10 fold!! Kerry how do you cope with 4??!!

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