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Avatar Karra...
really high cervix? pre pregnancy symptom or ovulation

hey, im ttc and my cervix is pretty high i can only just touch it. I still cant tell if its open or not but it feels like it has an opening. Is this an indicator of anything? I have no idea when I ovulated because I have irregular periods but I'm only on CD 21 with af lasting 11 days.

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, Some women can feel their cervix and others can't, this is not a sign of fertility or ease of conception, it's just a unique and individual situation for each and every woman. Unless you've had a baby before then your cervix is likely to be very tight and you are unlikely to be able to feel the size of its opening. But if you've been having periods then the blood flow will have been coming out through your (open) cervix so that's proof that there is an opening. Sperm are microscopic and biologically designed to swim upwards and through the very narrow cervical opening. Have you checked the Huggies site for information on trying to conceive? There's lots of very comprehensive articles and advice on this. The current recommendation from health professionals for couples who are TTC is that if they have not conceived within 12 months then it's worthwhile for them to have a check by a reproductive specialist. Speak with your GP about a referral if you are near this time frame. I'm sorry but I don't know what CD 21 is. Best Jane
Answered: 20 Jul 2015