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Avatar Rachu...
do we need to gain 10 or 12 kg weight during pregnancy?

hi i am 31 weeks pregnant and right now i have gained 6kg. But one of my friend told me that that is not a healthy weight. I have got Gestational diabetes and i am controlling the intake of food not using any medication other than iron and vitamin c tablet. I heard that there will be an increase in blood sugar in the last one week then we might have to do C-section is that true? Do i need to worry about the weight my baby is active during day time and sometimes not too much but its more than 15 times when i checked

Answer: Hi, Your weight gain seems to be great at 31 weeks. It also seems that you are closely monitoring what you eat and checking your sugar levels. If your levels do increase a caesarean will not be planned. However, if this does occur you may need insulin to correct your levels. THe size of the baby will also be monitored so that it does not get too big which can sometimes happen. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 25 Jul 2012