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Avatar Paige...
when can i take castor oli i got 6 weeks left

Castor oil

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, There are no current recommendations from health care professionals regarding pregnant mothers taking castor oil. As an old wives tale, it used to be a recommendation for initiating labour when a mother was overdue. But unless you've been advised to take it by your health care professional (which I really hope you haven't), then you would be very wise to not take it at all. It can cause pretty violent diarrhoea and potentially, premature labour. If you have six weeks to go before you are due to have your baby it would be very risky for you to take castor oil, now or at any time. If you are keen for the fatty acid/omega nutritional benefits then consider eating some fish or seafood products, butter or margarine on bread etc. Check with your midwife if you've got any other concerns. Cheers Jane
Answered: 11 May 2012