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Avatar Hmbaron
Prolapse after 1st baby

Hi, after having a traumatic birth with my first baby i now have a prolapse and have been referred to a gyno. I was pushing for 2 hours and had 8 pulls with the venthouse and two 3rd degree lacerations. I really dont want my prolapse to get any worse as i'm already suffering from it so should i have an elective caeserian for my my next and subsequent babies? Also my daughter is now 5months and still has 2 cephal haematomas on her head from the birth, and i would hate for my next baby to have this problem aswell the poor wee thing has an odd shaped head and doesnt seem to be healing have been referred to paeds.

Answer: Hi, It does seem that you have had a very rough time with the birth of your first baby. The good news is that more than likley if you opt for a vaginal birth again you will not experience this again. THe pushing phase is much faster as the muscles have already been stretched and the birth is far easier. You do need to be assessed by a specialist as to the amount of damage that may be still there and needs to be treated. It is best that you attend to this before your next pregnancy as this will put stress on this area again. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 08 May 2012