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Low lying placenta

I was diagnosed with an anterior low lying placenta at 20 weeks. My doctor said it would probably move up by 32 weeks and everything o have read suggests that it would move by this point if it was going to. I am now 35 weeks and it has still not moved up fully. I really don't mind wether I have a natural birth or a c-section but my doctor is still assuring me it will move up. In your knowledge do they move up this late I'm finding it really hard not knowing what method of birth to prepare my mind for and feel stuck in a limbo. I know my doctor is trying to do what is best for bubs and me but I just wondering what my chances are of a natural birth.

Answer: Hi, It does tend to rely on how far from the os your placenta is lying. During labour your cervix will open so the placenta will move up further. So if it is a few centimetres from the os at this stage more than likely it will move a bit further away and a natural birth will be planned. It may be best to plan for labour and a natural birth and still maintain an open mind as there can be complications in any birth that requires intervention. Best wishes, Alex.
Answered: 08 Jun 2011