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Avatar Kiri6
C section and bleeding

I am 7weeks post op, wound healed well and bleeding stopped around 4weeks. It then resumed around 6weeks but only light, on and off and old looking, with wound being tender underneath. I am no on 1 more day of antibiotics. I resumed walking yesterday and found very light old blood this morning. Is this normal? Is my walking aggravating the issue? I am almost 1month into my mini pill, could that effect it????

Answer: Hi, THere may be an infection that is causing a problem. However, when you start the minipill you can have breakthrough bleeding for a few months. The blood loss is usually not heavy and a dark colour. Continue tot ake the full cours of antibiotics and this should clear up any possible infection. If the bleeding continues occasionally and it is not heavy it may well be from the minipill and will settle in a few months. Best wishes, Alex.
Answered: 05 May 2011