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coping with c section after wanting to have a natural birth

it was my first pregnancy and i had my heart set on trying a natural birth but was having contractions for three days and was already one week and three days overdue i am still having trouble dealing with the fact that i had to have a c section as most of my friends who dont look after themselves during pregnancy had been able to have a natural birth i feel inadequate and feel as though everyone is rubbing it in that they got to try a natural birth and i didnt.
we are going to try for a second one in a few months and want to try and have a natural birth this time is this advisable

Answer: Hi, Try not to be too hard on yourself it is not your fault. At least 15% of all pregnancies need intervention and a surgical birth. You need to talk to your health care professional to discuss what happened during the labour and birth and if there may be a problem with your pelvis or if there was a problem with the baby getting distressed. Then you can work out if it is possible to try for a natural birth next time. Best wishes, Alex.
Answered: 09 Feb 2011