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traumatic labour

I had a very traumatic labour with my first born- the labour was almost 2 days and was a nightmare ..I still sometimes cry and get very emotional if I sit down and think about the whole thing. I feel like I can not give birth again and get very bad anxiety when i think that in 4 months I must go through it again. I really neeed help. What advice can you give.

Answer: Hi, You really need to talk to someone about your experience. You can go to your local GP for support and they may suggest that you contaact the hospital where you gave birth so that you can find out more about what happened and the reason behind the problems that you encountered. This is a very useful way to work through the trauma that you have experienced. It is very common for women to feel this way when things go wrong. There may also be a mother's group in your area that could provide some support. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 04 Aug 2010