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Here's a list of top 100 girls names

Top 100 baby girls names

Looking for the top baby girl names in Australia? Get the feeling your new baby might be a little girl? Well, Huggies have put together a list of the top 100 baby girl’s names to get you started.

Search and browse the list in any way that suits you – by name popularity, letter, or origin – and find out the source of all the top girls names, as well as what they mean in each country or culture.

Find popular baby girls names, like Ava and Charlotte, and see how they have ranked in previous years. Or why not take a look at similar, but not so common, names like Evie and Charlize to learn about their origins and meanings.

And if you want to have a look at what the boys in Australia are being named as well, why not have a look at our complete top 100 baby names list?

weekly most popular baby names

Gender Name List Origin Add
girl Remi French add
girl Aria Latin add
girl Evie Hebrew add
girl Charlize French add
girl Edmonda English add
girl Adeline English add
girl Blayre Scottish add
girl Annata French add
girl Julieta Spanish add
girl Clady Danish add
girl Avryl English add
girl Dervilia Irish add
girl Jamia Scottish add
girl Anu Celtic add
girl Bonny English add
girl Kia African add
girl Vanya Hebrew, Russian add
girl Havily American add
girl Marissa Latin add
girl Lexie English add
girl Thea Greek add
girl Jariah African American add
girl Accalia Greek add
girl Eily Irish add
girl Aila Scottish, Finnish add