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Here's a list of names starting with n.

Baby names starting with n

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Gender Name List Origin
boy Naveen Celtic
boy Nawat Native American
boy Nay Arabic
boy Nayef Arabic
girl Nayoko Japanese
girl Naysa Hebrew
girl Nea Greek
girl Neala Celtic, Irish Gaelic
unisex Neale Celtic, Irish Gaelic
boy Neason Irish
girl Neave Old English
boy Nechemya Hebrew
boy Nechten Anglo Saxon
girl Neci Latin, Hungarian
boy Neco Hebrew
boy Ned English
girl Neda English, Slavic
girl Nedda English
girl Nediva Hebrew
girl Nedra English
girl Neelie English
unisex Neely Celtic, English
girl Neerja Hindu
girl Neeta Spanish, Hebrew, Hindu
boy Nehemiah Hebrew
girl Neila English
girl Neilina Celtic, Irish Gaelic
boy Neka Native American
unisex Nel Greek, English
girl Nelda Irish, English
girl Neli Greek, Celtic, English
girl Nelida Spanish
unisex Nell Greek, Celtic, English
girl Nella English
girl Nelle English, Dutch
girl Nellee Greek, Celtic, English
girl Nelleke Dutch
girl Nelley Greek, Celtic, English
girl Nelli Greek, Celtic, English
girl Nellie Greek, Celtic, English
girl Nellwin English
girl Nellwyn English
girl Nelly English
boy Nels English
boy Nelson English
girl Nelwin English
girl Nelwyna English
girl Nely Greek, Celtic, English
boy Nemausus Celtic
boy Nemesio Spanish
boy Nen Arabic
boy Nentres Arthurian Legend
girl Neoma Greek, Hebrew
girl Neria Spanish, Hebrew
girl Nerin Greek
girl Nerissa Latin
girl Nerita Greek
girl Neroli Italian
girl Nerthus Anglo Saxon
girl Nesa Russian, Old Norse
boy Ness Scottish
boy Nessan Irish
boy Nestor Spanish, Greek
girl Neta Spanish, Hebrew
girl Netanya Hebrew
boy Nethanel Hebrew
girl Netta Hebrew
boy Neuveville French
girl Neva Latin, Spanish
unisex Nevada Latin, Spanish
boy Nevan Irish, Celtic
girl Neve Spanish
boy Neville French
boy Newell English
boy Newland English
boy Newlin Celtic
boy Newlyn Celtic
boy Newton English
girl Ngaire Maori
girl Nhu Vietnamese
girl Nica Hebrew
girl Nicanora Spanish
girl Nichol French
girl Nichola English
girl Nichole Greek, French
girl Nicholina English
girl Nicia Greek, French
girl Nicki English
girl Nickie English
girl Nickita French
girl Nicola French
girl Nicole English
girl Nicolette English
girl Nicolina English
girl Nicoline English
unisex Nida Latin, Native American
girl Nidra Hindu
boy Niel Hebrew
girl Nieve Spanish
boy Niewheall English